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High five to Sweet Briar College alumna Monika Kaiser‘82. This is PARKLAND! Marjorie Stoneham Douglas High School. February 14 the two year anniversary of 17 tragic deaths. Our thoughts with you all. Lives Matter. Education Matters. #msdstrong @MFOLParkland @SweetBriaredu

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Shabbat Shalom ~ May there be Abundant Peace flowing with ease on this gracious day of rest!

Photo from the Peace & Love Unveiling in memory of the brutal school murders on Valentines Day. #MSDStrong #Poweroa #CoralSprings #bloombergphilanthropies #weremember #getitdone

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@GreaterGoodSC brings us #gratitude featuring Kai Koerber, @ReformSocietal founder. Saw Kai & #MSDStrong students @TheSSWAA national conference last year. So powerful! Give this a listen. #SchoolMentalHealth #SchoolSocialWork
Episode 59: Who Is Your Rock?

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Watching the first 2 minutes into “After Parkland” and I’m honestly at a loss for words.

I always imagined what the kids felt, the parents, the police and etc... BUT this shit is just... wow, super fucking heavy.


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#MayorPete has spoken about it as well- did so in the NV Town Hall- he is passionate about it as is #JoeBiden #msdstrong

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@TODAYshow @joefryer Why are we asking our children to be more courageous than our elected officials when it comes to gun violence? #MSDStrong #MomsDemandAction #BeSMART

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@msdhoni enjoying song mere mehboob kayamat hogi in bathroom 😇
@viralbhayani77 @CSKteamFC @CSKFansOfficial @msdfansofficial @MSDhonifansclub @TheDhoniEra @imDhoni_fc @DHONIism @dhoniraina_team 👫👫👫❤😘💞😍 @ImRaina
#msdstrong #MSDhoni 🙏🙏
Love you sir
Msd is my favorite

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@GiffordsCourage Thankfully @JoeBiden and @PeteButtigieg mentioned gun violence in their closing statements. It's disgraceful and disrespectful to all victims of gun violence and their families that not one single question was asked. #LasVegasStrong #MSDStrong #EndGunViolence #BanAssaultWeapons

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.@JoeBiden IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT TALKED ABOUT GUN VIOLENCE. As a 17 year old student in BROWARD COUNTY, FLORIDA, it’s clear to me who really cares about us, kids. That’s JOE BIDEN.

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@AMarch4OurLives I can't believe they have discussed the gun violence epidemic. It is not only disgraceful, but disrespectful to everyone in #Parkland. 5 days ago was two years since the horrific tragedy when 17 innocent lives were taken due to senseless gun violence. #MSDStrong #EndGunViolence

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It's been 2 years and what has changed?

I remember the #MSDStrong

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Halfway through the debate and not a single question about gun violence prevention. 1,200 Americans have been shot and killed since the last #DemocraticDebate on February 7th. Silence is not an option when 21 kids are shot every day. #DemDebate

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Having personal ties to the Parkland community, I couldn’t not post this. You are loved dearest 👼🏻s! You are missed! ❤️💔 #ParklandStrong #MSDStrong #MSD #Parkland #marchforourlives #momsdemandaction #changetheref #spreadlovenohate #noh8

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Peace & Love Art sign Coral Springs, I took this after leaving the garden on Friday, I didn’t feel like touching it until today. #msdstrong @coralspringsfl rrstudiosmiami @coralspringsmoa #simpsonsphoto @ Coral…

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.@SweetBriaredu #Alumna + #AdmissionsAmbassador @MonikaKaiser '82 will be representing #SweetBriar at @MSDHighSchool #CollegeFair THURSDAY 2/20, 6-8pm.

Help recruit Sweet Briar's next class! Volunteer as an Admissions Ambassador TODAY!! #SweetBriarFIERCE

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As a father, I quietly think too often of those kids victims of nonsense gun violence and prejudice. Often, I create in my mind the pain that comes with the lost of a child in such conditions. The pain is strong but my hope for a change is stronger. #msdstrong #GunControlNow

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@MicheleGay_ thank you for sharing your story and your unwavering commitment to make our kids safe at school. I am professionally committed with you! #NeverAgain #MSDStrong

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How to curtail gun violence.

1. Mike does not need NRA money to win.
2. Mike can beat Trump, and get universal background checks passed.

#Parkland #LasVegasShooting
#ElPasoShooting #MSDStrong

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@Don_Jr_SUCKS @DamianDunlay1 @fred_guttenberg @KaitMarieox @ohiou Semi-automatic #2a
Deflecting ? ...

She is not a student #OhioUniversity and it could be " harrassment " #KaitlinBennet #msdstrong

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@DamianDunlay1 @fred_guttenberg @KaitMarieox @ohiou No one is stripping anything away #2a from you gun ho manic

What is the fucking point parading a automatic machine gun AR-15 around a college campus #OhioUniversity filled with students who are most likely petrified #msdstrong #MarchForOurLives

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@DamianDunlay1 @fred_guttenberg @KaitMarieox @ohiou What is the point to bring in a army of people carrying AR-15 around Ohio University campus ?

#KaitlinBennet is a bully who likes negative attention #2A #msdstrong

Especially when about 99% of #OH students object #MarchForOurLives

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Did you catch the season premiere of @MilitaryMkover last week? We are changing lives one makeover at a time! Visit to watch the moving story behind this incredible family. #MilitaryMakeover #MSDStrong

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Mrs. Osias & the Lauderhill 6-12 Math Dept. honored MSD by making Kindness Rocks to spread love throughout Broward County...Thank You Lowe’s for the donations & Lauderhill Police Dept. for helping distribute the love!!! Awesome job by staff and students❤️ #MSDstrong 2.14.20

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#ValentinesDay #FridayThoughts #MSDStrong #KissPitch #powertrip #StrangerThings4 #Parkland #CheapFlights

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Powerful story about a strong young lady. We love you @jaackie44!! #MSDStrong


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Hello Everyone! It is Trivia Tuesday. Take a minute to read on one of the great community resources available for mental health. #MSDStrong #MentalHealth #2020MSD, #GetHelp #StrongerTogether

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Jackie McKenna sat locked in a closet for hours as Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people at her Florida high school.
18 months later, her best friend was murdered.
“It just felt like it was never gonna stop."
Now, the @HailStateSB sophomore is trying to move on.

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Jitne bhi logo ne meko itne dino unfollow kiya hai. mai unn sab se bolna chahti hu 👇👇👇👇
#MSDhoni #msdstrong #IPL2020 #IPL2020schedule @MSDhoniFan_ @MSDsuperfan
@HAIDARMSDIAN @ishumsd07

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todays my look like 😘😘😍😍Love my self and love you more mahi #msdhoni7781 #crieket #support #ms #msdhoni7 #msdhonitheuntoldstory #msdians #msdians #msdhoniuntoldstory #msdoni #msdstrong❤️🦅❤️ #love #lovequotes

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@Davelotz1 @ChangeTheRef @MomsDemand @debbi_hixon Sending love and support to your family. Chris is an American hero. He made the ultimate sacrifice protecting his students and saving lives. We will win this fight against gun violence. I love the @ChangeTheRef t-shirt. ♥️ #MSDStrong #EndGunViolence

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🚨Attn: @DSimmonsFL🚨

On Fri, Feb 14th, on the 2-year mark of the #Parkland shooting, a school in your district had a code red lockdown b/c a student brought a BB gun. We can't wait - we need to prevent gun violence NOW!

Pass SB 7028. #FlaPol #msdstrong

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@DaddyFiles @BernieSanders @fred_guttenberg Silence from everyone regarding #coffingate is alarming...

We must stand United and focused on the goal - change!


#IStandWithFred #msdstrong

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@DSimmonsFL Not a day goes by that we don't worry about sending our kids to school. Your inaction on #SB7028 puts them at more risk. Please be smarter than this - please do the right thing & fix #BackgroundChecks in FL. #ExpectUs #MSDStrong #LakeBrantley

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(1,5) Two years ago at approximately 7am, I sent my two children to school. I was so busy rushing them out the door so that they would not be late that my final words were not "I love you." Jesse came home that day. Jaime did not.

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