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Will mean nothing if we don’t have a blue Senate w McConnell still in charge and Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies he will hold that seat open for four years so button up baby and get realistic #MoscowMitch

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But how can laws change with #MoscowMitch ?

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@MarshaBlackburn This is a lie. You took down the SAFE Act. #MoscowMitch and GOP minions WANT election interference bc it will benefit R’s. FFS, tRump blew a gasket bc intelligence community gave intelligence to Congress as mandated by law! #RussianElectionInterference

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@bombaderon My point was that if @HillaryClinton had served her rightful office, #MoscowMitch could have hid out 4 more years throwing stink bombs, and defying his duty while taking rubles secretly. His battered wives would have thrown their tantrums as usual but we would not know the truth.

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@TheRickyDavila He's working for Russia, too & probably blackmailed by them via Trump. #MoscowMitch

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@Bill_Maxwell_ @senatemajldr #MoscowMitch got the extra $20M from #Putin. That’s why he keeps bending over for Russia.

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@charliekirk11 Dude. It’s not that hard to do legit research, an elementary school kid can do it
It was a Canadian mine of uranium. The US simply had rights to it that the gvment OKd to give to Russia
And #MoscowMitch was told about collusion and ignored it
#TraitorTrump ain’t clean either stfu

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@american2084 @Empnew That's right! If anyone (@realDonaldTrump) thinks Bernie is being helped by the Kremlin just blame #MoscowMitch McConnell. Bernie & all Dems would have voted for election security.

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@AuthorKimberley @politi_geek @kathylslaughter We have to win the senate too, otherwise it’s #MoscowMitch all over again.

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@Cnan24 @rayleengale Tired of his empty campaign promises! He has been repeating these same lines for years! If #MoscowMitch isn’t replaced, nothing will happen! Next, this artificially inflated economy we have now is going to sink; it will be years before these β€œfree” things will even be discussed..

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@GeezPea @508gloryFelix @SurvivingMyWay @alachnit1 #MoscowMitch is due, right? Susan Collins too. Gotta flip the senate to blue. All ideas die in the senate.

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@MarkRuffalo Centrists are Republicans masquerading as moderate Democrats. So No chance, voters gave centrist a chance with @BarackObama & we got #MoscowMitch & @SenateGOP NOW is our turn to undo centrists mistakes of last 10 years #BernieWinsNevada #BernieWinsNevada

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@Bill_Maxwell_ @MichaelZemanek1 @senatemajldr LOOK TO RUSSIA and CHINA folks where Mitch is concerned... #CocaineMitch


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Ditch #MoscowMitch @AmyMcGrathKY Vote Blue!
Senate candidate Amy McGrath hits Mitch McConnell with blistering ad running in home state

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I can’t wait to see #MoscowMitch get defeated by @AmyMcGrathKY!!!

I have faith #Kentucky will get it right this year!!!

#BBN can have a dual meaning!

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@TheStagmania @Politidope How 'bout we get rid of the filibuster AND #MoscowMitch!

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πŸ”Š Something to Believe In (Live) by The Steve Miller Band #MoscowMitch #GOPCoverup #SOS

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@ElephantWatcher @MarkRuffalo Unfortunately it's the reality we live in until we get rid of #MoscowMitch So arguing over policy is pretty ridiculous at this point

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@GimmeObama Putin’s Mitch

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@AuthorKimberley While we're on the subject of the courts, let's jettison #MoscowMitch from his cushy perch in the Senate.


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Justice Sonia Sotomayor has a ❀️ and the legal chops to go with it.
This is the whole reason #MoscowMitch refused to let Obama appoint a Justice to the USSupreme Court.
His plan to rule the country by stacking the court w/ extreme conservatives.

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@Mdart15 @RBReich Don't lose faith, keep up our good works.
We can change the balance of power with just flipping #MoscowMitch out of his rut,and even if Bernie,or better, can't take the WH, OUR W H!, we will lock up the downward spiral. WE MUST WIN THE SENATE!

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@SRuhle I almost think they are a bigger priority than removing trump. Without a senate majority he is much less powerful. And then there are the judges... we will be cleaning up this mess for decades and #MoscowMitch started it LONG before @realDonaldTrump lost the popular vote...

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@Bill_Maxwell_ @e391615r @senatemajldr The Russians have been generous to #MoscowMitch

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πŸ”Š Mansion on the Hill by Neil Young & Crazy Horse #MoscowMitch #GOPCoverup #SOS

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I remember and honor the courage of Sophie Scholl and her brother, Hans, who were both executed on this day in 1943 for distributing Anti-Nazi leaflets. Sophie was 21 years old.

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Trump has been president for three years.

He's already appointed four times more lobbyists to government jobs than Obama had six years into office.

It's one lobbyist for every 14 political appointees. An ethics watchdog called it "staggering."

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Remember the hysteria when Obama let one person with Ebola into the country so they could get the best treatment? Where are the Trumpsters screaming about this?

They don't care about these things. They just use them as an excuse for their votes.

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I am tearing up just thinking about what it would mean to Americans everywhere--and to the world--to have @BernieSanders as President, fighting for US. I am so ready for that.

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Looks like I'm going to have to register as a Democrat to vote for @ewarren in Louisiana's primary. I've been an independent for a long time.

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The justice warned that her colleagues are favoring the Trump administration over everyone else.

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Kentucky? VOTE!!! Senate candidate Amy McGrath hits Mitch McConnell with a blistering ad running in home state

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After Watergate, Congress passed reforms to safeguard the rule of law and root out corruption.

We are working on new reforms now, because the threat Trump and his enablers pose to our democracy is more grave than anything Nixon did:

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