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Akshaj celebrated #NationalDonorDay by meeting his #bonemarrowdonor, Dr. Ganesa. The two learned they live just miles apart and Dr. Ganesa has a son the same age as Akshaj. By donating bone marrow, she told Akshaj this bond means they'll be friends forever! @BeTheMatch

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For #NationalDonorDay (Feb. 14th), @COREDonateLife created this awesome #EveryoneCanGive campaign to spread awareness for eye and organ donation. We especially like this video about cornea donation! #RestoreSight
Register at:

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#NationalDonorDay was last Friday. But #ICYMI, today is still a good day to #Register for #organdononation, even on a #ThrowbackThursday:

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In honor of #NationalDonorDay, West Virginia lawmakers delivered a proclamation of the state’s support of organ, tissue and cornea donation Friday morning in the Capitol. #DonateLife

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Valentine’s Day was also #NationalDonorDay. Hear one Western Slope Woman’s story which begins with tragedy, but now inspires and educates others on organ donation.

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Erin died unexpectedly last year. Her father, Joe, and fiancé, Jacob, met Erin's liver recipient for the first time on #NationalDonorDay
Register as an organ donor at
#DonorDay #DonateLife

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Happy #NationalDonorDay to everyone, hope everyone have a great day and 4 day weekend and President’s Day.

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Today is #ValentinesDay AND #NationalDonorDay. A chance to share the love & recognize those who have given & received the gift of life through #organdonation + learn about these lifesaving gifts: @DonateLife #TeamSutter

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Today is #ValentinesDay AND #NationalDonorDay. A chance to share the love & recognize those who have given & received the gift of life through #organdonation + learn about these lifesaving gifts: @DonateLife #TeamSutter

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What an awesome #MyDonorStory video tribute for #NationalDonorDay!

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Many thanks to @Baruah_DRC_CEO for sharing your personal #MyDonorStory in honor of #NationalDonorDay! 💙💚

Learn more about how you can #DonateLife at .

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In sickness, in health: First Coast couple says 'I do' after defeating a medical battle
#NationalDonorDay #MayoClinicFL

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The liver is pink.
Pre-reperfusion kidneys are blue.
In 24 hours we transplanted one kidney,
And livers: we did two! 💙💚

Still celebrating #NationalDonorDay here @MGHSurgery. Thankful for the donors & families who gave life to our 3 patients. #MGHTransplant is the dream team!

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@RepDMP "Spread the love by giving the gift of life

This #NationalDonorDay learn how you can become an organ donor here: "

Another way to give the gift of life is to make a solemn and irreversible commitment to never ever kill an unborn baby.

Give life !!

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Altruism at its highest form... #nationaldonorday definitely deserves more than just ONE day of recognition. #nationaldonorweek #change

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Valentine’s Day was also #NationalDonorDay so used the opportunity to duet this cute video and raise awareness about organ transplantation on @tiktok_us 💞

💕 @AmerTransplant @DonateLife #OrganDonation #Transplant #medtwitter

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Thank you to everyone that joined us for @DonorDudes Friday uphill to celebrate #nationaldonorday together @aspensnowmass @j3butch @mecayman #cliffhousebuttermilk @cityofaspen #livelifegivelife #donatelife @…

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Friday was #NationalDonorDay. It was also just over 5 months since @BelAirHigh senior Rene Moreno Jr. died suddenly of a brain tumor at age 18.

His vital organs saved 6 lives in TX. His heart went to a 30-year-old recipient and a lung to a 70-year-old.

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@LLVIII40 My organ donor gave me a new heart ♥️! #NationalDonorDay #DonateLife #Yankees

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day but more importantly it was #NationalDonorDay. Did you know well OVER 100,000 people are on the National Transplant List? One donor can save many lives! I urge you to PLEASE consider. #DonateLife

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Nice work @TomFoxPhoto, as always! Valentine’s day love in room as bone marrow recipient Akshaj Nagilla meets donor Dr. Prasanthi Ganesa for first time at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. Story by @davetarrantnews,

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Michael and Viola Hale, transplant recipients and #AdvocatesForLife, shared their story full of love, life and gratitude w/ @KKTV11News, @JennaMiddaugh in honor of #NationalDonorDay!
"They’re our heroes,” Michael said. “They saved both of our lives.

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The Subshine Skyway Bridge was lit up in blue and green last nightfor #NationalDonorDay! Thank you to the staff at @BayCare - St. Joseph’s Hospital, for spearheading this effort and making this a possibility. 💚💙
📷: Alicia Manautou

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On average, 5 lakh Indians die every year because of the shortage of organs. Organ donation is a life-giving process and a decision to donate organs can change someone’s life. Yashoda urges people to participate in the act of organ donation #NationalDonorDay #YashodaCares #NOTTO

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#RT @nkf: Happy #NationalDonorDay! Give a kidney donor in your life a little extra love today. #ValentinesDay

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It’s #NationalDonorDay.❤️ It’s estimated that up to 60% of all people with #lupus will develop #lupusnephritis many times leading to the need of a #kidneytransplant. Registering to be an #organdonor is easy at or living donor 💜 💜

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Today is #NationalDonorDay, a chance to raise awareness about organ donation and the lives that can be saved.

Hoy es el #DíaNacionalDelDonante, una oportunidad para crear conciencia sobre la donación de órganos y las vidas que se pueden salvar.

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¿Sabías que hoy es el #DíaNacionalDelDonante? Esta es una oportunidad para aumentar la conciencia sobre las vidas que se pueden salvar.

Did you know today is #NationalDonorDay? This is an opportunity to increase awareness about organ donation and the lives that can be saved.

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#Repost natdaycal
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With many great ways to make a lasting difference in the lives of others, #NationalDonorDay reminds us of one of the…

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Today is National Donor Day to raise awareness for organ, eye, tissue, marrow, platelet and blood donation. You can make a difference and save a life! #awarenessrose #DonateLife #NationalDonorDay

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National Marine Fisheries Service: Stop the importation of Wild Dolphins into Aquariums! - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange


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#NationalDonorDay - I didn't know! A blood transfusion saved my life. Please donate.

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#HappyValentinesDay and #NationalDonorDay Celebrate Valentine's Day by giving life force to another. Visit your local non-profit health organization to give blood or marrow, and to sign up as an organ/tissue donor. (And download one of our cute cards to pass along.)

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Bone marrow recipient Akshaj Nagilla met his donor, Dr. Prasanthi Ganesa, for the first time today, Valentine's Day, at Children’s Medical Center Dallas. For the heart warming story by @davetarrantnews , read here.

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Did you know that #ValentinesDay is also #NationalDonorDay? #BeThe Gift and spread awareness by sharing a Big Red Bow like we are at @WKRN! ❤️🎁💜🎀 @EricaOnAir

Register to be an organ donor at:

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National Donor Day is a time dedicated to spreading awareness and education about organ, eye and tissue donation. Find the right organization to support, here:

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It’s National Donor Day (and also Valentines Day)! Happy to share a bit of my organ transplant story. #GiftOfLifeMich #MyDonorStory

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NYSSPA recognizes #NationalDonorDay, celebrating those who give the gift of life by enrolling as organ, eye and tissue donors. You can join the New York State Donate Life Registry today at …

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Happy #NationalDonorDay! Share the love & register your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor at or in your #iPhone Health App. Thank you to all donors, registered donors, donor families, and living donors for your generosity. 💙💚❤️ #DonateLife

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In honor of #nationaldonorday on February 14, my mom made this video to say thanks for her heart!

I love you mom!

#mydonorstory #giftoflifemich #donatelife

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