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ADOPTATHON 2019, the happiest adoption camp is here!! Asia's biggest adoption camp 4 Indian breeds is returning this Dec where u cn meet & choose from over 180 healthy & super awesome puppies & kittens!! #Adoptathon #Adoptathon2019 #NationalMuttDay #AdoptDontShop #AdoptionDay

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☀️🗓It was #nationalmuttday earlier this week! This is our office canine friend, Chloe. Anyone else have a furry friend that keeps them on task at work I wanna see em! 🐕🐕 #dogsoftwitter #FridayMotivation #officedog #nationalmuttday

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Getting some Cuda snuggles in. #love this little dog. Sometimes she can be so #cute that you fall in love with her all over again. #miniaturehusky #nationalmuttday #DisneyPlus

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Hey... yesterday was National Mutt Day lol I didn’t even recognize my little dude Mambo, love my baby more than anything ❤️ #NationalMuttDay

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Last save of the day!! Just look at this adorable girl. A kill shelter is no place for a good girl like her. The next $250 we raise through our #GivingTuesday Campaign will go toward her rescue. Please donate,

#NationalMuttDay #GiveLocal #dogs #cats

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#UNselfie "I'm Cricket, a genteel Southern girl and proud City Dog rescued from Pickens County, South Carolina." Donate to help more mutts like Cricket on #NationalMuttDay - ⠀

#dogs #cats #givelocal #GivingTuesday

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“He’s a mutt. Half amazing, half terrific.” – Chris Traeger (Parks and Recreation) Tell us about your amazingly terrific mutt in the comments below for a chance to be featured on the HABRI page. Don’t forget to post their photo! 🐶 #NationalMuttDay

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I love you Collin ❤️🐶😊!!! #NationalMuttDay

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Happy National Mutt Day to my baby Collin! You came on my show looking for a family ... and you left with my heart . I love you baby boy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #NationalMuttDay #RescueDogs

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This is Pepper. She’s an adorable goober. #NationalMuttDay

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a day late for #NationalMuttDay but this is cute

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@Calendars @dog_feelings @dog_rates @dogfather This is Wesley. He’s a Rottweiler, Chihuahua, etc. mutt. He likes to lay his head in your hand to sleep.

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Yesterday was #nationalmuttday and I may have missed it, but here is one of ours-Clove. I must go back to snuggling her…

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Do you have a mixed breed dog? Find out its ancestry with a DNA test from #NationalMuttDay

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#Macron clearly has Trump’s number and is fed up with coddling him.


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Trump to Macron: "Would you like some nice ISIS fighters? I could give them to you."

Macron: "Let's be serious."

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I'm a day late but here is some love for my mutt, Tonka. You're a pain in the ass sometimes but I still love ya! 💙🐾 #NationalMuttDay #TonkaTheMegaMutt

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So today’s #NationalMuttDay, eh? Well, here are my two mutts.

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#NationalMuttDay?? I know one of those! Here, she busted me trying to take a picture of her sleeping with creepy, rolled back eyes

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Yesterday was the #NationalMuttDay We totally forgot but maybe because for us every day is a #HappyMuttDay <3

Do you have a #HappyMutt? You know us, we looooove photos :-)

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Happy #NationalMuttDay to our adorable mutt

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Yesterday was #nationalmuttday and I cannot go without posting pics of the best mutt ever! 🐶😊 We adopted Buddy formerly known as Max in 2014 and he has been hands down the BEST dog ever! We love our Buddy. ❤…

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Happy #NationalMuttDay! Our 15 yr old mixed breed, Vedder, is the king of our ❤️

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A standing ovation for @ava as she receives the Director’s Tribute award at the #gothamawards2019 , congratulations 🎉🎈🍾🎊

#AvaDuvernay #Director #Queen #GothamAwards

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For you on #NationalMuttDay here's a fan-sourced video of my song "I've Got a Dog", performed by the astonishing Dwight Yoakam. And thank you all for these superb photos of your superb puppydogs. @DwightYoakam

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