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@OurRevolution Honest thoughts? It's trash. These tasks forces were designed to be used against progressives who are #NeverBiden. "Most progressive platform ever!"

Resistance lanyards will promote this as some wonderful compromise with the left, and will harass anyone who believes otherwise.

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@matt_melada @CNNPolitics But to answer your question, is it super necessary and both the morally and ethical thing to incorporate in any platform... 1000%...BUT do I expect Biden to implement any of that, of course not #NeverBiden

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@Mcphie00 @DclareDiane Once in power , it will take a civil war to get our country back THAT WOULD BE A HUGE MISTAKE do not let them TAKE OUR COUNTRY #NeverBiden

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@laurenboebert Biden is off the rails. Americans will not vote for mobs and less security. #NeverBiden

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@TheBernReport @JoeBiden Good grief! It is going from the sublime to the ridiculous (Thomas Paine 1794 - The Age Of Reason) They robbed us of Bernie and his platform for this nincompoop. #NeverBiden

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@Analilia_Mejia Yeah, sorry, but it's foolish to take crumbs from the @DNC and pretend that their platform represents any real progress. It's foolish to continue supporting a party that alienates progressives, while catering to disgruntled Republicans...and pushing their legislation. #NeverBiden

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What Is Corrupt & Dementia Riddled Joe Biden Hiding? —> University Refuses Daily Caller FOIA Request for Joe Biden Docs #NeverBiden #JoeBidenHasDementia #JoeBidenIsCorrupt #BidenCrimeFamily #2020Election #WalkAway #Biden2020 #JoeBiden2020

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Unscientific research shows that systemic racism exists in . #Democrat governed cities, and the only solution is to elect Democrats in 2020 because all these problems in those cities are @realDonaldTrump's fault. #MSM parrots this nonsense and many people believe it. #NeverBiden

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@NYTNational Whoever trusts those metrics is going to be REALLY surprised in November. Short of his picking Nina Turner for VP and retiring before January, there is no way I'll be voting for that racist authoritarian piece of shit. #NeverBiden

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With a cheap plastic veneer of civility, @JoeBiden will keep all of Trump's failed economic & foreign policies in place, w/ some minor modification so he can claim he did something.



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I am sorry but Biden has become the enemy of the state. The moment he got his son a job with Burisma. Then let the president get ambushed because he was trying to cover it up. We know JOE. We know. #NEVERBIDEN

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#PedoIsland #Epstein #NeverDemocrat #NeverBiden Check the flight logs to Epstein's island. That's more important than Trump's taxes. Justice for the kids.

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@YAForJoeBiden @krystalball Nope. He called it a gateway drug just months ago.

Keep lying to yourself, but the rest of us don't want to hear it.


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Howie Hawkins of the Green Party will do better than this.

#NeverBiden #DemExit

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@Of_the_People7 Hey @DNC, just letting you know that I'm #NeverBiden

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@HoarseWisperer The ‘Lincoln project’ is effectively a proxy for the “boys club” of the Bush admin; a ticket to get back in the game. And, if they dump Trump - they’ll replace him w/ something just as bad. The VP to Nobel peace prize recipient Obama (killed 1 million innocent Iraqis) #NeverBiden

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This is garbage. This is just killing the planet and us along with it. I'm so pissed at this performative "unity" task force that had the sole purpose of sheep herding actual progressives. #FuckObama

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@Fishbones2017 Sorry @DNC, I'm #NeverBiden

pass it on

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@JuddLegum And a reminder that Obama didn't fight for #M4All and interfered in the Primaries in 2020, when Bernie showed signs of running away with it.


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@jsolomonReports Iran is waiting and praying to Allah that Joe Biden wins...then they won’t have a need for a negotiating table because they’ll use the back of Biden’s head as he’s bowing down to them. #NeverBiden #CrookedJoe #DementiaJoe

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@RudyGiuliani Yes, because they will have complete control of #DementiaJoe #NeverBiden

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@Matdredalia @ProudSocialist @JoeBiden If you support Biden, you aren't a leftist. Leftists have principles and they vote only on policy. So by definition, your a liberal if you vote for Biden. #NeverBiden

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Sorry, Bernie, the DNC rigged it against you, but now that Biden is running as a Centrist Dem for president, he's on his own.

#NeverBiden #DemExit

Voting for Howie Hawkins Green Party 2020

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But arming jihadists in Syria and Neo-Nazi in Ukraine - so the old wars never stop and the new one are manufactured - will be my priority #1.
And, did I mentioned escalating confrontation with China and stop talking to North Korea?
#VoteBiden or #YouAintBlack #NeverBiden

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@smokeynj123 @OurRevolution There is no disputing that. I don't think anyone should support @JoeBiden . He does not deserve to win.

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@JoeBiden @BernieSanders Aww look, he thanked Bernie.🥰 but won’t implement a single thing we demand.
I’m still #NeverBiden

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@Elsie_Mandel @SamKaneWriter @EricTrump TRUMP 2020!! Dems are a joke and fought every measure to stop the spread of covid #NeverBiden

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@Sdptsue18 @ProudSocialist @JoeBiden When Obama and Biden were elected we were in conflict in two countries.

Those two countries shortly became seven, and we toppled Libya, the most prosperous state in Africa.

History does not support your fantasy that he won't start a war.


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@cgrapski Let's piss them off and get #NeverBiden trending.

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#NeverBiden #RefundBernie

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Joe Biden says police have “become the ENEMY.”

How disgusting & sad!

Meanwhile, “64% are concerned that the growing criticism of America’s police will lead to a shortage of police officers & reduce public safety” (Rasmussen)

Unacceptable words from Joe!

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Here is your medal- it’s a symbol of rape and torture of children 🤢🤮

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If Joe Biden promised to support Medicare for All, would you vote for him?

RT for a larger sample

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I'll save you the trouble of reading all 110 pages of Bernie/Biden's Taskforce report: there's no Medicare For All or Green New Deal in there.

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While @JoeBiden and I, and our supporters, have strong disagreements about some of the most important issues facing our country, we also understand that we must come together in order to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history. 1/3

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