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@Bob83543842 @leslie_balanay @HumanistReport @BernieSanders You can do so much more. He’s 78. He told us #NotMeUs

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This is what happens when you let a grifter run a party without an Ethics Committee: voter turnout in the double digits.

That's only 0.41% of registered voters! 🤯

#AndreaWassermanSchultz #HowieClinton #HowieGate #CleanTheGreens🌻 #NotMeUs #DemExit #GreenEnter #VoteGreen2020

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I wonder how many votes will get thrown out because people couldn’t wait to switch their party affiliation?
Send the #DNCDeathCult an organised message.
#DemExit just before the Convention, not before your state has results.
#NotMeUs #PoliticalRevolution

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@Fennicillin @briebriejoy Exactly. My oldest son is about to graduate college with no debt. I own my home. I own my car. I have been lucky in life so far. Too many haven’t, so I fight for them more than for myself. The younger generations deserve better than what we have given them. #NotMeUs

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@patrickcook28 Sadly you are correct & that pisses me off that I honestly believe they would set them all on #NotMeUs to keep us as their #SerfsAndPeasant !

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Many Democrats are as well. This election We The People can Vote Out Fascist Trump & All Complicit Polliticians & Vote In Candidates that Represent Citizens Not a Party or Corporation. We The People Deserve Better. Stop the Racism, Stop the Hate! #NotMeUs

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What is going to happen when #NotMeUs stop running away from the #KillerCops & start running at them .
Most cops are fuckin punks when confronted one on one thats a fact . The only strength they have is their numbers & weapons & we already out number them so what is left to do ?

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@KimberlyforIowa All love to you. THANK YOU. You inspire me 💙 #NotMeUs XOXOXOX

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@ProudSocialist We already have a horrific demented President, we don’t need another one. It’s not too late for the DNC to put forth Bernie or another qualified candidate this coming election. We still have primaries and a convention. This country deserves better than Trump or Biden! #NotMeUs

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Wow episode 7 of Solar Opposites on Hulu is unbelievably and surprisingly relevant to what’s happening now and with the #NotMeUs movement. Everyone should watch it. It’s pretty much a standalone episode so you don’t need to watch the others first.

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Welcome #Republicans! We’re thrilled to have you on board! #Biden2020 @JoeBiden

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@SenSanders Please, unsuspen. You aún your team are key to the solution. #NotMeUs

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I would love to hear from @ninaturner @BernieSanders #NotMeUs Love Unity Justice pass it on.

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There’s no doubt in my mind- if @BernieSanders were still running he would WIN. WE NEED A PRESIDENT WHO STANDS WITH THE PEOPLE. A POLITICAL REVOLUTION. PLEASE- vote by mail for Bernie. He might still be on the ballot in some states or if he’s not, write him in. #NOTMEUS #BLM

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@bernadette_tara @leilacleigh @briebriejoy @BernieSanders Bidens gonna lose and don't come crying to #NotMeUs for another 4 years. Rapists ,neither one, deserve any support but the PARTY voters don't get it

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Cornel West: The future of America depends on how we respond #WeAreTheRevolution #WeAreOne #NotMeUs

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@CrackerJackism It did feel good, you’ll see. #NotMeUs

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They need to continue to rise up until the government is overthrown and becomes more representative of what's best for the people #NotMeUs

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Thank you for running!! #Solidarity from TN! #NotMeUs 💕

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@ZerlinaMaxwell Many of Us plan to do just that if Biden loses/wins- I sure hope you will join Us? #Nina2024 #NotMeUs🌹

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@Armitage2020WA Did you see this? Whoot hoot! Can’t wait to read it. Let me know when they contact you. #WeAreAllInThisTogether #MedicareForAll #NotMeUs

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Hi friends! Kimberly here. With 1,226 of 1,379 precincts reporting, it's clear we did not win tonight. As I've said before, this is not about one race. This is a movement for many kinds of justice. We have only begun. Thank you for your support, from my heart. KEEP GOING! kg

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@realDonaldTrump you should be ashamed of yourself for acting in such a self-righteous manner. You have no respect for others. Its no wonder your ratings are dropping so low. #DumpTrump2020 #TrumpOut2020 #nycprotests #blackoutday #2020election #AmericaFirst #Bernie2020 #NotMeUs

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Thank you #iowa It starts at the #locallevel 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 •

#allies #freedomofspeech #justice #justiceforgeorge #notmeus #riseup #solidarity #standunited #vote2020 #votevotevote #hypocrites #unitedwestand

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ATTENTION!! @BernieSanders there is ABSOLUTELY NO BETTER TIME to get back into this race and give this country and fairytale ending it so, so desperately NEEDS right now. #please #tiobernie #feelthebern #BlackLivesMattter #uniteUS #NotMeUs #getbacktowork #pleasedropoutjoe #hope

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Republicans are to blame for everything he does. And I mean everything.

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@PeteButtjuice @DilaFolay @jolluxhart @HowieHawkins @AngelaNWalker Only 49 people out of 12,000 voted in Colorado. The same state that @HowieHawkins campaign manager is the co-chair of. They think Hawkins can unite the left when he can’t even unite the @GreenPartyUS. This will be his 25th loss.

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Asked who they’re with, these guys say only that they’re with “The Department of Justice.”

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NEW: A decision had been made late Sunday night/early Monday to extend perimeter around Lafayette Square. It was supposed to happen Monday afternoon. But when AG Barr showed up at that time, it wasn't done. He told police to do it.

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The Humanist Report officially recognizes @BernieSanders as interim president. Hopefully governments around the world will follow our lead. ;)

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