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@EcoSocYogi @TulsiGabbard yes @TulsiGabbard now would B an ideal time 2 denounce #PredatorBiden & switch endorsement to #Bernie2020 please do it (Yang should do it too)

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@karenamyatt @GregoryBerry216 @Zebop Are supporting the man that has rape allegations out against him and who creepy kisses and touches woman. #PredatorBiden

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Why has Biden refused to drop out? #PredatorBiden can't represent the Democratic Party. He can drive a generation away for good, though. We're not ok with a party that is ok with this man as nominee.

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Joe Bidenโ€™s mixed legacy on sexual misconduct via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Joe Biden Denies Acting Inappropriately With Women | All In | MSNBC via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Watch Joe Biden give an endless hug to Hillary Clinton via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Rising exclusive: Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade speaks out via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Joe Biden Addresses Allegations of Inappropriate Touching via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Trump takes aim at Biden after women accuse him of unwanted touching via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Joe Biden acknowledges some of his behavior made women uncomfortable via @YouTube

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#IBelieveTara about #PredatorBiden
Joe Biden jokes about having child's permission to touch him via @YouTube

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@BernieWon2016 @JoeBiden the #PredatorBiden supporters are reporting all #TaraReade posts as spam etc & reporting tara herself, trying to get us all banned & our tweets deleted. this might be why so many of our tweets get deleted.

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@MrMusicSoftware @DavidAgStone bernie is making his own arguments very well right now, & it is our job to support tara, since it's awkward for bernie himself to address it, although arguably he should. #ListenToTara #PredatorBiden

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@DavidAgStone @JoeBiden yes & now the fact he is the stop-bernie guy gives him 1000 times more power. even repugs need biden to win.

#ListenToTara #PredatorBiden

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It's shocking - truly - that not a single cable news host who has interviewed Biden has even dared ask him about these sexual assault allegations - disappearing Tara Reade - which is why I'm always grateful for the integrity and independence of @democracynow:

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#PredatorBiden Joe is scaring the SHIT OUT OF both these girls &he tries to kiss one &she's turning away creaming inside SOMEONE HELP ME he drags the second girl 2him &look at his hand on her middle in the photo at the end via @YouTube

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Thereโ€™s nothing you can say against this. Any attempt to is just you being obtuse. Read it again & again until you can admit your mistake. Then you need to make sure that @BernieSanders is on the ticket to defeat Trump in November.
#Bernie2020 #BidenDropOut #PredatorBiden

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Got to take the lesser evil, @noamchomskyT is more wise than i and basically we can fight to keep from losing progress under Trump and fight to expand progress under #predatorbiden

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Iโ€™m a @BernieSanders surrogate. You all know that.

But anyone tweeting #NeverBiden is getting played.

Thatโ€™s a Pro-Trump troll tweet.

Fight for @BernieSanders with all your heart.
Every moment.
Every day.

But if he doesnโ€™t win - #OfCourseBiden.

Duh. #NeverTrump

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@charliekirk11 Where is good ol' grandpa @JoeBiden ? Still hiding? Man up Joe thought you were a tough guy. Oh yeah he's busy downplaying a sexual assault allegation.

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@USA_Polling The ratio is likely 50/50, WaPo applied their phone correction factorโ—

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@ElizabethJMars @GMcCarthyWriter @mehdirhasan That the msm, establishment, and corporations have a massive propaganda machine that they levy to keep people uneducated enough to support whoever they tell them to.

#BernieBlackout #IBelieveTara #PredatorBiden

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#Bernie has to treat #PredatorBiden in public like he would treat #Trump in debate. Does America need #Medicare or #ProfitCare? The time has come for #MedicareForAll and #NotBidenProfitCare.. maybe with you as VP the black vote would elect #BernieOrBust #covid19BioWeapon

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