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💪🏼💪🏼 Felicidades por tu buena administración de tiempo y dedicación, mi amor! Te amo❤️ #proudofyou

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Contento y agradecido con la @fecaujedmx por haberme permitido compartir el conocimiento dentro de la MGP de la DEP. Un gusto colaborar con Ustedes @jrduartec @RosaMarthaOM @ClaudiaSalcidoM !!

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Great to see some St Kentigern pupils attending Maths supported after school today 🧠📚

#proudofyou #raisingattainment

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Fabulous attendance at our extra 2 hour supported study session tonight! Well done everyone! 👏Good luck to our S4 Nat 5 pupils who are sitting an end of course assessment on Monday! @StThomasAqSec

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@JoeBiden @AFTunion @rweingarten Bro way to promote what you stand for instead of condemning what you hate. #proudofyou #focusonwhatyoulove

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Congratulations to #UofSCHRSM alumna Lauren Martin (2018) on earning the Manager of the Year award for The @OmniHomestead Resort! #congratulations #hospitalitymanagement #hrsmfam #forevertothee #proudofyou #UofSC

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@KatieB98x @Sister_Nic @JoConnolly_ @LancsHospYV @LancsHospitals @BeckySm72009011 @JulesNethy @QLthtr Make sure it is on your personal statements and CV, this work is vital and you should be proud to say that you have been involved #proudofyou

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#Brava to 2 MIT seniors named 2020 Gates Cambridge Scholars: Lyndie Mitchell Zollinger, a @MITMechE major, will pursue a doctorate in #engineering at @UniCambridge. Like all @MIT undergrads, Lyndie also studied the #humanistic fields at MIT. #ProudOfYou!

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#Brava to 2 MIT seniors named 2020 Gates Cambridge Scholars. Double major Charlotte Minsky of @MIT_SHASS (History) & @eapsMIT (Science) plans on an MPhil at @UniCambridge before earning a PhD in planetary science in the U.S. #ProudOfYou, @extrasolarchar!

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Everyone can sleep well at night! Knowing that my Son and Cuz are on duty keeping us safe at night! #rumorsofwar #sleeptight #nofear #navy # #navidad #thankyouforyourservice #proudofyou @ Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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So proud of my little girl always achieving good things. #betterthanme #lovemylittlegirl #proudfather #proudofyou #honorroll #awards @ South Miami Heights, Florida

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Yessss @Irie_kalin!! 👏🏼❤️👏🏼 Give it up to get it back! Moving with the pass and relocating and that release is fasttt! 🔥 I see you! 👀 #LoveIt #ProudofYOU 🤩

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@Abhinav_Bindra @jenmcintosh_ @themos10 @MagsHendry1 Everyone has their own problems ...our @Abhinav_Bindra ji is So Brave & Real hero #Proudofyou #Respect 🤗🙏

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The first of many! #ProudOfYou

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@JonHeyman WOWWW, you actually do know how to tweet something other than the Astros! #proudofyou

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@Shehnazgill123 ...i wish i could become1% like u ...bold, beautiful, kind-hearted , funloving , child from heart, courage to be myslef in front of evryone.......n the list is endlist ....... #proudofyou

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@WYP_SallyB Can we all take a moment to appreciate Jane Kitchen from Nottinghamshire, who was the first ever woman to serve as a police officer in England in the year 1643. That's 377 years ago. She didnt care about being fit either ♡ #proudofyou!

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@wdnrsnt Iya kakak... nanti kakak yang lepaskan ya... #proudofyou

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A wee Friday shout out to this wee legend Chrissy Williams! Doing amazing things out side of school with her gymnastics and racking up 2 GOLD STARS for going above and beyond #proudofyou #monthefruin

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@Shehnazgill123 ....app kisi ke one sided lover ....hum shehnazzians apke one sided lovers #proudofyou

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In Rundle Mall 2 young woman with hand written signs ‘pro-choice’ standing silently next to a man loudly ranting about abortion being against god’s will, I salute you. I shook your hands, and as a woman too old to breed, I’m #proudofyou #thankyou #quietstregnth

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@Baby_Jake33 Look at you branching out from grilled cheese😊 #proudofyou

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@Saint_6969 @AmateurAllure Very Gorgeous and cute, Congratulations and happy one year #proudofyou

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@DaphneBarbeito Te vi orita en entrevista en TV. Gracias por ser esa voz tan necesaria y seria en estos asuntos tan importantes. #ProudOfYou 👏🏽💪🏽

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Area champs!!! 65-26 The Lady Hounds over the Lady Blues!! #proudofyou. ❤️❤️Lady Hounds #collectinggold 🏀

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S/o to M Ruder for a valiant performance at the Sectional 3pt Shootout tonight!! #Notbad4aSophomore #Youllbeback #Proudofyou #TigerPride

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Congratulations. #proudofyou

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@travispatten17 from @MustangFootball getting recognized for his performance at the blue-grey combine....


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Very blessed to be able to say that I have been offered my first opportunity to play at the Division 1 level for the University of North Texas! 🟢🦅⚪️ #meangreen

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As expected, and loaded with information, here's a scouting report for the #BlueGreyFootball All-American Combine (South Florida Regional).

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Absolutely cruuushed this @ellenriggins. #proudofyou

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@Thoff87 I’ve always been a black coffee drinker- 25 years. First Watch coffee is the best. I’ve recently started adding Almond Joy Creamer to my coffee and I’m addicted. But find a @FirstWatchatUCF - and get their coffee. You can thank me later. Welcome to adulthood buddy. #proudofyou

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Do not forget something:

Your exam is also my exam somehow. I am there with you.


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If you don’t win at shooting practice.... you pay for it. 😂🤗

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@RepMattGaetz You were great today!!! Thank you for being there representing Americans. #ProudOfYou 🇺🇸❤️💙

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Congratulations for hosting the 24th #LearningAwards @edmundmonk - professionally done as ever Ed! #ProudOfYou

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I haven’t told anyone else, but y’all are my ppl sooooo *drumroll* I GOT MY FIRST BRAND AMBASSADOR OFFER!!!!!

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