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@UROCKlive1 The Republicans KNOW what's up. They too are interfering in our election with their leader. They were most likely ordered to vote against it. #RemoveTrumpNow #TrumpIsATraitor
#GOPBetrayedAmerica #RemoveBarrNow

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Fascist #BillBarr is 1 of the #GOPComplicitTraitors who is #UnfitForOffice & a THREAT to the USA who is pushing us towards an authoritarian regime.
#ImpeachBarr & #RemoveBarrNOW!

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Maddow: Time for warnings is past as Trump openly abuses power. Worth a 2nd look if you saw it. 12:38 via @msnbc

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Barr corrupting justice.

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‘A travesty and a disgrace’: Trump quietly issues memo that could abolish union rights for 750,000 federal workers -

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“Current and former Justice officials describe an attorney general who doesn't readily take advice and is prone to right wing conspiracies that he reads in fringe conservative sites on the Internet.”

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@carlottaclarice #DisbarBarr #RemoveBarrNow

What is wrong with our Bar Association when they see all this corruption right under their nose?
@BarAssociation 👀

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We are now in a full-blown national security crisis. By trying to prevent the flow of intelligence to Congress, Trump is abetting a Russian covert operation to keep him in office for Moscow’s interests, not America’s.

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Roger stone is convicted to 40 month in jail and $20000 penalty.

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The Stone case has been a massive embarrassment - and worse- for William Barr. He publicly undercut his own prosecutors; Trump laughed at his claim of independence; now his prosecutors revolt in court and the judge calls him out.

Barr earned all of this. He’s unfit.

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@glennkirschner2 The Rule of Law is under dangerous attack and more than half of America sees it! We will not be silenced! #RemoveTrumpNow #RemoveBarrNow

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👇👇👇 He needs to be shown the door. #RemoveBarrNow

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Sadly, a potted plant would make a better president than
Putin's little bonehead puppet foisted on US


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I really don’t know how else to say it: any one of these six candidates would make a better president than Donald Trump

#ndlb2020 #BeatTrump #DemDebate #DemocraticDebate #DemDebate2020

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Y'all need a little relief from the debate bloodbath? Read my latest for @thedailybeast on Bill Fucking Barr's little performance art act.

Bill Barr Is Not Quitting—He’s Doing Some Weapons-Grade Gaslighting of America via @thedailybeast

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@TonyRomm Here we go! This is why it is critical we call for Barr’s resignation! Add your voice to the 1,100 former DOJ officials calling to #RemoveBarrNow

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That should start with the Barr Association and the Supreme Court Judges!!! #DisbarBarr #standupfortheruleoflaw #RemoveBarrNow #RemoveTrumpNow

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With this rate the traitor Trump & Barr breaking rule of laws in US and GOP complicity silent , we must rename America as territory of Russia !!

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@beckyfs22 Wow 😲I shouldn’t be surprised... #RemoveTrump #RemoveBarrNow

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Exactly why we need to make sure this vote counts.

#DonTheCon #RemoveTrump #RemoveBarrNow

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Barr is nothing but a puppet for Trump. Time to cut the strings!
#ImpeachBarrNow #RemoveBarrNow

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Bill Barr’s threat to resign has already compromised his credibility to do his job: Ex-FBI official – Raw Story
#NoConfidenceInBarr #RemoveBarrNow #ScummyBarr #Sleazebagbarr

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"If ever there were a time for the American legal profession to put down its yellow pads and stand up for the rule of law, it’s today, en masse, and without waiting for someone, more senior, somewhere, to lead the way."

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Pres. Donald Trump fired off several retweets that seemed to support calls from conservative allies that Barr should “clean house” at the DOJ.

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@kscancion @robreiner Trump’s scraping the bottom now. That’s why we see some of his former “staffers” returning. Barr is THE most devious and corrupt of the lot. He must go! #RemoveBarrNow

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Think the ImpeachedOne still has that tp from his shoe?

#RemoveBarrNow #RemoveTyrant45

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Trump offered Julian Assange a pardon if he would say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic party emails, a court in London has been told.

Uhm... isn’t this kinda a big deal? Or am I missing something?

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Another PATRIOT forced to resign by the #impeached4life man who would be king and his servants the #GOPTraitors



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Many migrant children have suffered unimaginable trauma.

We have a duty to care for them.

Instead, the Trump Administration is using their therapy sessions as a weapon against them in court.

This is a truly monstrous abuse of patient privacy and basic decency.

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A reminder (not that we need it): the @GOP confirmed the very corrupt sycophant William Barr as AG. #RemoveBarrNow

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John Rood resignation letter to President Trump “It’s my understanding from Secretary Esper that you requested my resignation...”

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