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@LeaKThompson #lodge49! It is gorgeous and funny and weird and nourishes the soul— BTW, any suits reading this should definitely #SaveLodge49, as it makes both fiscal and artistic sense. @Lodge49

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Stone Temple Pilots -Down
I think they might be Lynx. I'm picking up on some Lodge connections. #Lodge49 #SaveLodge49

via @YouTube

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Episode 4 of the “well below average” podcast drops tomorrow w/ @Krystina_Ray of the @BenRogers & @SkinWade show and @sampuefua of @Lodge49

Remeber the first 3 episodes are on @ApplePodcasts @spotifypodcasts @OvercastFM and many other platforms!!!

#lynxforever #savelodge49

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#Lodge49 is the only place that addresses the struggles of the common man in late stage capitalism, the power of community, the delicate balance of personal relationships, and the trauma and hope that guide us, all with great humor and beauty. Please give it all the #Emmys #FYC

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This clip is how we felt going from the brilliance of Season 2 into cancellation. #Emmys #FYC #lodge49 #emmys2020 #peaktv #cancelledtosoon #savelodge49 @AMC_TV @hulu

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I miss Dud! #SaveLodge49 win-win #Emmys2020

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From Luminous Knight @darth_jeffR - Tonight at 7pmET / 4:15pmPT! Let's shake Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
Want some FYC images to post? Here ya go
#Lodge49 #longlivelodge49 #Lodge49Forever #WeareLodge49 #savelodge49

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We have been silent for a while, well because there is a lot going on! But its #Emmys nomination and voting season and its time to rev up the #SaveLodge49 energy! We have recently discovered a trove of Lodge secret #EmmyVoters videos and its time to start the campaign. Who is in!

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I know the #SaveLodge49 campaign last fall didn't work out but I still hold out hope we'll see the end of the story someday. I dont care if it's from a book, a comic, radioplay or one of these dumb streaming services coming to their senses. Just would be great to finish the story

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Every few years I know I’m gonna sit down and watch the two existing seasons of @Lodge49. And I will always wonder why why why why it wasn’t given more time. Perfect show.

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If I can get one to fit this mug, so can you... #WearAMask #WeAreInThisTogether

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@EricAllanKramer Is there any hope that you know of for a season 3 of the Lodge 49? #Savelodge49

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@Lodge49 @IndieWire @RollingStone @THR @TheAVClub But you canceled it tho? Isn't this all a little weird? #savelodge49

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You snooze, you lose.

Join the lodge of Lodge-loving critics, like @indiewire, @rollingstone, @THR and @theavclub. #FYC

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Just completed S2 on @Hulu and agree we need to #saveLodge49
Really want to see the complete story arc!

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@yaysusan I think it's time the show be saved!!! #savelodge49

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@jimatdeltaco @ItsCeliaAu @thomasdynamic @hulu Maybe it's time for another round of... #savelodge49!!! The CW saved a few shows from complete death... Maybe there might be new interest, as the show is a top 5 show!!!

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@GoatGirl6000 @abatois Better yet... Watch it again!!!

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@sampuefua I think we should try another attempt to revive this show #savelodge49

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@jimatdeltaco @thomasdynamic @hulu Well damnit man, let's get the band back together! #DrynxWithLynx #SaveLodge49

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@Lodge49 We made another list of excellent TELEVISION - Emmys 2020: Who should be nominated - maybe our little secret is finally getting out there #DrynxWithLynx #SaveLodge49

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Emmys 2020: Who should be nominated. Hey ⁦⁦@netflix@hulu@HBO⁩!! #Lodge49 was mentioned as a show that should be nominated by ⁦@TheEmmys⁩!! It’s still without a home and deserves another life! #savelodge49

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👀👀👀 #FYC

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@darth_jeffR AWESOME!!! Just ordered 2 shirts and a magnet! LOVE this! thanks Jeff! #lodge49forever #savelodge49 #blammo

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@theLILYS @jimatdeltaco YES! #EquanimityNow ... and MORE #Lodge49 NOW! Dud fell into the Hollow Earth and went through to the other side ... the gold has been made, time to turn it into at least 10 more episodes! THERE WERE FIRE-BREATHING DRAGONS ATTACKING THE LODGE, MAN! #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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Quand je pense que ça a été annulé et pas sauvé... #SaveLodge49

Ils me manquent...

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@jimatdeltaco @hulu I just found this show last week maybe? (Who can tell when time isn’t real in quarantine) I binged it and absolutely fell in love!
Thank you so much for not only the show you created but what you continue to provide for us fans!
#savelodge49 #lodge49forever

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@ThePaulGiamatti what we got going on for Lodge 49? #savelodge49

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