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@TheBaxterBean @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton when your done talking about don the con let’s talk about u and your husband and brother and all the atrocities committed in #haiti #shutupbecause your not #shit either

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@RepMarkMeadows @realDonaldTrump I would call you a tool but they are useful #shutupbecause

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Another Hillary like jilted ex politician. #shutupbecause

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This is beyond ridiculous. Looks like she’s advertising for group sex..... “since I’m no longer in Congress, I might be a little more ‘unfiltered’..?

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If the @GOP ask why Hunter got paid $50k for a job he did not have experience, @DNC should ask why @POTUS is in office he does not have experience in 🤷🏻‍♂️ #shutupbecause

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@jayfoley2131 ,that’s their source of livelihood. For some, that’s the best they can ever have. We all tryna survive on this big fat Titanic bruh.

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Hey sometimes thats the mood i’m in. Like now! Lol 😀 #lifelessons #coffee #shutupbecause

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Will everything be okay or does a major disaster have to occur to wake us up? #ShutUpBecause #panicattack

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I am a Hindu and I want a masjid and only Masjid. I am ashamed and sorry that my fellow Hindus have demolished a place of worship and instead of punishment they got rewarded with the whole land. I am sad and ashamed what future we are building for our future.

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@RepSwalwell @RepMarkMeadows What part of shut up do you not understand?
#ShutUpBecause you are obstructing legitimate inquiry.

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🎶Shut up, feat. Jeremy Corbyn🎶

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😅 I #ShutUpBecause The cop'' said ''You no need to talk 😅

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This is why he calls you the #FakeNewsMedia bc you're suggesting there's a quid pro quo w/ Sissi! You're a piece of work woman!
#ShutUpBecause you're #TheEnemyOfThePeople

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He's not wrong. Look at how you're protecting a non-whistleblower, a WH C_A plant with ties to Brennan, Schiff & his staffers. #ShutUpBecause

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Just like that,the baby boomer's won the sensitive pansy awards,I agree that the millenial generation is a bit soft but to make the term Boomer like the n word just proves BOOMERS are on a whole different level.
#ShutUpBecause #boomers #smh

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#ShutUpBecause ...mom always gets her way.

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@RepSwalwell is a little piece of shit and pretty as a girl 👧. I would have loved to seen his face when @RepMarkMeadows told him to #ShutUpBecause

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Say what? 😳

The honorable @RepMarkMeadows told you to #Shutup??

Holy moly...

What the heck took so long! 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you, Mr. Meadows, for adulting the infantile.

#ShutUpSwalwell just #ShutUpBecause!
#MAGA #Trump2020 #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

Kudos for blasting it, Eric 😉👍

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EPIC! Mark Meadows Tells Democrat Loser Eric Swalwell to "Shut Up" During Impeachment Hearing


via @gatewaypundit

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Dear weirdos-some day history books & documentaries are going to use your dumbass nonsense to show how horrible our country used to be & of course with you also being #ClimateChange deniers we got about 10 years left but still #FridayFeeling #ClimateChangeIsReal #ShutUpBecause

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Funny this is.

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Kanye’s newest protégé

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Here is @RepMarkMeadows saying “shut up” as we try and stop him from outing the whistleblower. We are protecting this whistleblower and any future person who comes forward.

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And he begins by calling us the fake news.

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The term "boomer" is being used by Millenials and stupid little kids as an ageist slur against older, mature people. Considering this is an equivalent of the n-word, should it be banned on Facebook?

If no, explain:

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Responding to Egyptian Pres request to mediate on the Nile Dam, Trump had FMs of #Egypt, #Ethiopia, #Sudan in the @WhiteHouse. Event was not listed on @POTUS public schedule. @stevenmnuchin1 is leading talks this pm. Curious to what Pres. Sisi has offered Trump in return.

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