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@Pelicanlady @donwinslow You need psychological help! Lord's work by attempting to elect #sleazyjoe #braindeadbiden ??

:D :D :D

I doubt that, unless this is to be the second coming.

#Trump2020Landslide will show you otherwise.

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@FAIRImmigration @BreitbartNews @JxhnBinder Why do Dims always use titles that are a complete antithesis of the intention?!

#BrainlessBiden #SleazyJoe #parasite #senileoldcoot

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@OwreyKris @tedwheeler Do you know #SleazyJoe wants to eliminate suburbs?

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#VotoRojo Latino support for @realDonaldTrump at RECORD highs They will win him the 2020 election over Sleepy Joe #DACA Path to citizenship #BackTheBlue #JOBS jobs JOBS @CecyTelemundo @Jorge_Telemundo #SleazyJoe #VOteRED @ABCnews @GMA @CBSPolitics #BuyGoyaFoods

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Joe Scarborough: Masks for thee, but not for me

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Religious Conservatives Notch Victories At Supreme Court On Birth Control Mandate, Bias Suits #Winning Elect more @GOP in NOV and get more elect DEMoRATS get Anarchy from BLM and #SleazyJoe #Walkaway @Blaw

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YET ANOTHER HOAX: Oregon County Commissioner Candidate Charged With Faking Racist Letter, Filing False Police Report

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@Chicago1Ray @FoxNews @60Mins I’ve been following this case.... went down the rabbit hole 12+ hrs ended up in darrrkkk pedo world! As #SleazyJoe would say “I’m awaken!”😢😢😢😞

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#Biden Defends Undying Allegiance To #ForProfitHealthcare To Dying #AdyBarkan

As the cruel absurdity of #CommodityHealthcare intensifies— #SleazyJoe looked #Barkan in the eye & glibly opposed the only compassionate & efficient solution— #MedicareForAll

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seek help soon UR an IDIOT #Snowflake liberal nonsense #SleazyJOE #tcot #VoteRED in NOV send Communists crying in street AGAIN

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No surprise Katie Miller is a soulless bigot. Her husband, Stephen Miller, created the immigration policy that the courts deemed illegal and cruel. Good choice for a spokesperson @VP !👍🏻

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Seven ANTIFA Militants Facing Federal Charges for Attack on Portland Courthouse

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Later, he goes after @SenDuckworth and all Democrats. (2/3)

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Joe Biden Does Nothing As Violent Crime in Democrat-Run Cities Soars

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Markets soar, even as coronavirus cases explode #JOBS jobs JOBS #VoteRED or be unemployed under #SleazyJOE @GOP @TMZ @USAtoday @Blaw @FinancialTimes @YahooNews

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@Feisty_FL You can bet many people will defend Mount Rushmore from the #loonylefties ....

If Biden wins, the VP would become #POTUS shortly after #SleazyJoe is removed using #25A to declare him incompetent. One way for a #socialist to become POTUS without voter consent!

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@CBSThisMorning how about instead of plotting the bars & restaurants reopening BLM George Floyd unmased mass protest beginning #FACT #AntifaTerrorists #VoteRED #SleazyJoe #BidenISa80sRACIST @OANN @NPR @MajorCBS @BretBaier @marklevinshow @DollyParton @GenFlynn @WSJ @addthis

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@GaryKaltbaum For #SleazyJoe, any question is tough. :D

They should ask him what is the first thing he will do if he wins a Senate seat. :D

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Here is NASCAR's complete explanation of the Bubba Wallace noose case at Talladega REAL reason: He needs pub cant finish better than 20th at any race @NASCAR @NBA @RedState @ESPNStreak @dorisburke666 @SorryImTexan #SleazyJoe #VoteRED

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@AGood783 @AngelaLSmith5 No don’t let Biden anywhere near your wife kid aunt or grandma but the Left always over look the Facts cause they always deflect srry this is the TRUTH!!

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@JoeBiden Let the people see you
For many years you say bad things
Hello #QuidProQuoJoe
#metoo Joe
Somethings never change

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@realDonaldTrump Not “sleepy” Joe but— #SleazyJoe.

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RT again
RT again
This shows the real Joe Biden, a blatant liar, plagarist, not smart (near the bottom of his graduating class)...

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@SaraCarterDC @SpeakerPelosi @ABC @BarackObama well, then let's ask Pelosi what she had on the #NYTimes that they are hushing up her families ties.
anonymous sources tell that she is a crook and #everyone knows now that #Barry (aka @BarackObama) is a #Thug from #Chicago and #SleazyJoe (aka @JoeBiden) is a waste!

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A few take aways from this 2 part video. MUST WATCH!

-Memory failed him
-He has a terminal condition
-A great imitator
-A plagiarist
-Too dumb to have the job of PRESIDENT
-I’ve been DUMB (Joe’s own words)

Ladies & Gentlemen there you have it.

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@realDonaldTrump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ Go away #SleepyJoe #SleazyJoe

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Can anyone tell this idiot that that’s what dad do and this is inappropriate and it’s of course #SleazyJoe at his best Are All leftist this Naïve ????!

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120 million Dead from coronavirus in the USA
Who said that?????

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#Cognitivedecline just ask @DrJillStein VOTE RED or GREEN or INDEP or Liberatarian BUT NOT #SleazyJoe #BackTheBlue #AntifaTerrorists

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This guy has no idea what’s going on. It’s really ridiculous at this point.

It would be sad if it wasn’t so scary that he could possibly be president.

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This is so fucking funny. Worth watching the whole thing but even just the first segment is devastating.

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