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“I think I wrote an article about the Defense Authorization Act.......
Wrong date
Wrong Act
Wrong candidate
@Alyssa_Milano #sleazyjoe

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@FoxNews Joe Biden? 😂?! If he calls make sure he’s alert and oriented x3. Tell him who he is, where he is and Year it is. It might also helped if someone reminds him where he is calling and turn off that dam& record player! 😂
#Trump2020 #Sleepyjoe #Creepyjoe #Sleazyjoe

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@JoeBiden It’s a National disgrace that the MSM is in the cover up business.
Tara Reade tried to talk. The media wouldn’t have it.
#SleazyJoe #ReleaseJFKDocs #WalkAwayFromDemocrats2020

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In case you forgot

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Is it really beneficial for the democrats to put crazy joe on television? Probably not! 🤔 What’s the game plan for the debates? How can they pull that off? He couldn’t have a conversation with a kindergartner, and they think he can debate the leader of the free world? 🤷🏻‍♂️ #not

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the allegations, this is Tara Reade:

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Flashback: Former @JoeBiden Secret Service Agent: “We Had to Protect Women From Him, ‘Weinstein Level’ Stuff!”
#CreepyJoe #SleazyJoe
#DemocratsAreADisgrace #WalkAway #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

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#SleazyJoe doesn't get it, never did, he is gone anyway. Someone that has inflicted so much tragedy for so many ppl, if Jill has him campaign #CorruptJoeBiden is capable to stand trial as well

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The #SleazyJoe Exterminator…

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“We’re gonna have an opportunity, I believe in the next round here, to use the — my green economy — my Green Deal to be able to generate both economic ground and consistent with the kind of infusion of money as we need into the system to keep it going.”

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@JoeBiden So you'll hide in the den where your handlers can limit the damage?

#SleepyJoe #SenileJoe #SleazyJoe

#CreepyJoe #CorruptJoe #CurmudgeonJoe

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@bourgeoisalien @StevenDBT @BethLynch2020 @RealTimBlack @BadJohnBrown @CarlaRK3 @jvgraz @briebriejoy @UvKLvr47 @ninaturner @RedBeretsM4All For me to do it right, it'sl take time but I thought maybe you'd enjoy my first go...Biden part is a little too fast 😁

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“...on the campaign trail, there’s no clear path for what to do when a powerful man crosses the line. In politics, you shrug it off, smile for the cameras, and get back to the task of trying to win your race.” #SleazyJoe #SleepyJoe

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Dems fixation w/ joe f'ing biden is the weirdest thing. Ever. Outside of his dementia, I've seen this man tell his female aides to "shush" in public on more than 1 occasion & no one bats an eye. No one cares. Now he's accused of rape? Not even surprised. #IBelieveTara #SleazyJoe

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It's been years since you even knew where you were #SleazyJoe

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It has been a month since this tweet.

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@DickMorrisTweet Mr. Morris, you don't think it would be #KamalaGotDestroyed?

or that idiot who's whining voter suppression because GA was watching the polls for early and often voting buses driven by reverends?

Really thinking that's the deal #SleazyJoe cut with #ShadyJimClyburn in SC?

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Sleazy Joe, raising money off a pandemic 

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People call him #CreepyJoe #SleepyJoe #UncleJoe #SnifferJoe
#SleazyJoe etc., etc.

But I think he’s a sorryAss #LazyJoe➖he couldn’t run our country ‘even’ if he were younger!

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To see what a sleazy liar @JoeNBC is, compare the tweet below -- where he claims only "Trumpists" & "useful idiots for Russia" raise concerns about Biden's cognitive decline -- to the video below, where @JoeNBC months ago raised those concerns himself:

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@PhillyTalk It did not work with Joe, and it won't in this case, either. The only Joe that will be destroyed is the #sleazyJoe Biden and his crime family.

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@HowardR99293037 @thehill @realDonaldTrump Truth is, @Potus doesn't need to debate #SleazyJoe, Joe will ramble into one of his twilight gaffes if he's got the mic longer than five minutes...

Or worse, #CreepyJoe will make a move...

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@Coast__Coast If #SleazyJoe gets the nomination, he will not be able to hide from his corruption and that of his son.

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@marklevinshow It is funny they continue to question the mental faculties of Trump while ignoring the clear evidence of real mental deterioration of #SleazyJoe .... :D

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@ddwiese Seriously, #SleazyJoe spouts a return to decency?! Didn't his son Beau leave his wife for his brothers widow, then have an affair, and father a child that he refuses to support?🤔

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I’m tired of @JoeBiden saying HE would bring a “return to decency.”

Indecency came in the form of frame-ups, dirty dossiers, hoaxes, and false sexual accusations by the DEMOCRATS.

Democrats are a lot of things.
The guardians of “decency” isn’t
one of them.

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@JoeBiden Obamacare was a fraud from day one, even attested to by its architect, and no doubt known by #SleazyJoe.
Let’s evolve past such scum as #bidenthemattresssalesman

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@sarahforbernie @nypost Here's #SleazyJoe representing the average American by hosting a reception where the MINIMUM attendee fee is $500. Fuck this guy

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Although I believe you & I disagree on most issues, this one I support your assessment 💯%! #SleazyJoe is the poster child for all that is wrong with politicians. He has not evolved in his opinions, he has moved them to stay in office. Spineless and corrupt should be his mantra

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#IDoNotLikeJoeBiden because I actually, you know, want to win this time.

You win with a movement like Obama, Bernie or Trump. Not empty rallies & no youth support. It never works & having clear mental decline is going to make it impossible

Don't be stupid Dems. He's a disaster

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I'm proud to endorse @JoeBiden for President.

Here he is comforting me on 1/4/17 just after my mother passed away. There is no one kinder, more empathetic and caring than @joebiden. He will lead America with the same deep compassion and decency.

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@JoeBiden #SleepyJoe #QuidProQuoJoe @joebiden didn't even have the decency to stay in NH long enough to thank the 1000s of volunteers who worked hard for him. #SleazyJoe

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$1 Box 4 Horse #Trifecta for #NHprimary: #BernieSanders2020 will win, #MayorPete is your Show Horse, #Pocahontas - #Klobuchar2020 pick'em.

#SleazyJoe / #CreepyJoe / #SleepyJoe finishes way out the money.


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Job Creation Under Hussein ...
CREATE A DISTRICT that DOESN'T EXIST and report jobs created... Genius, no? NO! #CorruptObama
WHERE DID ALL THE💲💲💲 GO?? Who was in charge of monitoring the 💰??
Whaddya know man... None other than #SleazyJoe

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@dbongino Why is Biden constantly touching minor girls? Perhaps he should see a professional, and get back to civilian life.

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@Breaking911 #SleazyJoe with 15.6% !! 😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣😂😅

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@realDonaldTrump ⚜️WATCH & LISTEN to @SteveScalise 2009
Joe Biden & Hussein allocating stimulus money
to districts in Louisiana that 🚨DON'T EXIST🚨
Rep. Scalise calls the WhiteHouse to investigate
@realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @parscale

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