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Can we talk about how pumped I am that area librarians had time to collaborate at the #TLES19?! Love that we plan on keeping in touch and helping each other out! #BECohort1 @mdawsonco

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Rolled out my first @gimkit game today thanks to @jana_linehan and #TLES19! #OneWithThePack

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#TLES19 posters behind the speaker's podium, accidental learning

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Was able to present with one of my teacher Besties today! What a great day of learning! #TLES19 #onewiththepack

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📆Mark you calendars! You don't want to miss next week's #EduGladiators chat as we uncover the academic inequalities often masked behind “all students” concept!

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Check this out! Great day at #TLES19

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#TLES19 what an amazing day! I presented for the first time with my wonderful team! Listened to a great keynote speaker and enjoyed learning from others.

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Stone, Taney County teachers collaborate during education summit in Branson #TLES19

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@Joe_Sanfelippo had educators take their phones out today to thank someone for the work they do/have done. I was in the middle of texting my mentor teacher @CamerynLyons when I got this text from a colleague. Concise & to the point, but still a validating thing to read. #TLES19

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#TLES19 wouldn’t have happened without them!! #loveourtechkids

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Today, dedicated educators from 7 school districts in the Tri-Lakes area came together for a fabulous day of learning and collaboration. @joe_sanfelippo was inspiring. Don’t let people convince you that great things aren’t happening in our public schools. #TLES19

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My principals are better than your principals. #TLES19 @ Branson High

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Thank you @Joe_Sanfelippo for awesome message! We laughed, we cried, we are INSPIRED to share our stories. #TLES19

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@JaredHowerton Thanks Jared!!! Honored to be there!! #TLES19

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I love hearing kids share how they have worked to positively impact their peers and school culture. Way to go! Sounds like they have some pretty amazing teachers walking alongside them! You rock Rob Marshall and Sarah Tappmeyer! @ReedsSpringMS @RSWolves #TLES19

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@CoachLachnit Thanks Maddie!!! It was an honor to be there. What a group!!! #TLES19

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@TimCButler2 Thanks Tim! I was honored to be there! #TLES19

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@mrsjackson310 Thanks Kelsey!!!! What a group!!! #TLES19

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@mrbarbeead Thanks Adam!!!! I had so much fun!! #TLES19

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@tbaker1986 Thanks Tonya!!! What a crowd!!! So fun!!! #TLES19

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@SCriger Thanks Sara!!! I had a blast!!! #TLES19

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@CounselorCody Thanks Cody!!! Honored to be there! #TLES19

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@BarbeeGirl17 Thanks Amber!!! I had so much fun. What a group!!! #TLES19

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@glidewell_sarah @BuchananPirates Thanks Sarah!!! Best profession in the world. Good luck!!!! #TLES19

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@codyhirschi Thanks Cody!!!! I had a blast!! #TLES19

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@FunInGrade4 Yes. You. ARE!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!! #TLES19

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@AddieGaines What a group!!! So fun!!! Thanks!!! #TLES19

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@MrsTeders @mdawsonco Thanks!!!! I had a blast!!! #TLES19

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@LeechSandy What a group!!!! Thanks so much Sandy. You were amazing to work with!!! #TLES19

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Tech Practicum learners on standby during the #TLES19 were fun to see! Thanks Mr. Howard @BransonPirates for providing leadership & support opportunities for these young men!

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@Joe_Sanfelippo I enjoyed your keynote at #TLES19 today. One question: Which kid do we need to talk to about this?

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Wow! @Joe_Sanfelippo was amazing today at #TLES19. Thankful to be involved in a district where they value teachers and administration growing professionally. Can’t wait to see our kids again on Monday. Dr. Sanfelippo encouraged us with this quote⬇️⬇️⬇️ #wearebranson #bransonhope

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Lots of learning today! I feel refreshed and excited to apply these ideas in the classroom! #TLES19 #BEcohort1 @BransonCRI @mdawsonco

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Today was an amazing day of learning and presenting at #TLES19 with @CarriRosebrough @readinglifer @StaciRay19 @James_Larimore and Daralynn!!! I ❤️ our coaching team! #wearebranson #instructionalcoaches #bransonhope

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