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Aye if y’all haven’t watched #TheLoveBirdsMovie on #Netfilx please watch that shit. Movie is funny AF had me weak AF at 3something this am!

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Find out why I hate the line "I hit him with my car" from #TheLovebirdsMovie in this episode!

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THE LOVEBIRDS has a pair of charismatic leads but a weak script, hindering its overall effectiveness.

While it’s not a terrible way to spend 88 minutes, there are better movies out there to hang with. My full review of #TheLovebirdsMovie for @ksdknews:

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Last night I watched #TheLovebirdsMovie and while it didn’t reinvent the wheel - it was an absolutely enjoyable move and I laughed the whole time - also 1h 27m. ALL MOVIES SHOULD HAVE THIS RUN TIME!

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really enjoyed #TheLovebirdsMovie @kumailn & @IssaRae were both hilarious and dope

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#TheLovebirdsMovie was funny but this was really a touching scene 😢💔

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A poor rehash of "Date Night" quipped with some political correctness quips in a half-baked plot. 5/10 #TheLovebirdsMovie

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#TheLovebirdsMovie is such a good movie!! @IssaRae

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These two need to stay together because they are so dumb! #TheLovebirdsMovie

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.@kumailn in #TheLovebirdsMovie is hilarious. Watch it on @netflix!

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Random frat dude - "You got blood on your face"
@kumailn - "Yes. I know it's a big disgrace." 😂😂😂. #TheLovebirds #TheLovebirdsMovie

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#TheLovebirdsMovie was entertaining! Congrats @IssaRae @kumailn 😄. #TheLovebirds

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Enormously talented #issarae & #kumailnanjiani but is this movie a kick? #thelovebirdsmovie  Our review at #paulsparks #annacamp #netflix

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#TheLovebirdsMovie i was worried about this movie but the first ten minutes of it sold me. The chemistry is so good!

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Watched #TheLovebirdsMovie on @netflix .... One Sentence Review: Date Night is MUCH better, BUT I love to see the diversity.

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O Casal é bom | UM CRIME PARA DOIS (The Lovebirds - 2020 - Netflix)


via @YouTube

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I’m loving this new @IssaRae movie on @Netflix. 💕💕💕 #TheLovebirdsMovie

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Me: *innocently* Typing a review
Issa: with your White women fingers!
Dang @IssaRae I can’t unhear it lol 😂. #LoveBirdsNetflix #TheLovebirdsMovie

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Seeing Dragon's Den in #TheLovebirdsMovie

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Just finished watching #TheLovebirdsMovie with @IssaRae and @kumailn. 🥰 Is it weird to want action figures with a selection of clothing? And more movies with POCs! Some of us are hilarious and super cute.

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I think this movie is hilarious!! Laughter made my day!! 😂


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I reviewed the latest Netflix film #TheLovebirds . Did this movie deserve its stars Kumail Nanjiana and Issa Rae?

What did you think of this film? Let me know down below in the comments. #TheLovebirdsMovie

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Seen “The Lovebirds” on Netflix yet? I have and had a good laugh 😂 Thanks @kumailn & @IssaRae 📺 @NetflixFilm @nicolawatkins #TheLovebirds #TheLovebirdsMovie

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Los tortolitos – The Lovebirds – Crítica – Una insustancial y desaprovechada comedia que ya hemos visto todos

#TheLovebirds #TheLovebirdsMovie #lostortolitos #Netflix @NetflixPelis @NetflixES @NetflixLAT @netflix #Felizsemana #Felizmartes #Buenmartes x

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Enormously talented #issarae & #kumailnanjiani but is this movie a kick? #thelovebirdsmovie Our review at #paulsparks #annacamp #netflix

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Get ready for the TEA🍵 on rom-coms! NEW EPISODE of #LittleTalePodcast out NOW!

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#TheLovebirds #TheLovebirdsMovie #Netflix #podcast #podcasters #podcasting

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#TheLovebirds . Yes, we, too, have seen Date Night. And Game Night. And the man other movies this one borrows from.

We haven't seen those movies with Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae before, though, which counts for something.

Our #TheLovebirdsMovie review:

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Watched #TheLovebirdsMovie.

Not gonna lie, I'm still laughing my ass off at it. Definitely worth the stream.

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The villian is forgettable. The Lovebirds Review is live.

Kumail Nanjiani Jibran issa Rae Leilani cop police interacial couple love rom com romantic comedy #TheLovebirds      #TheLovebirdsMovie      #TheLovebirdsNetflix      #TheLovebirdsFilm

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