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I emailed Univ of Delaware and my request for my records was denied. What if many people emailed amd contacted the Univ of Delaware to unseal the files?

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@cindy81098826 @cnnbrk lmao.... you are a dummy. #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@KJIRISH33 @ChrisCuomo You dumb libs are just losing it! lmfao #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@Alyssa_Milano Biden Sniffs women!! #timesupBiden

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@bowlegs69 @YinYang18175500 @SouthernUc @CNN No, just pictures of him sniffing children. #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@Sana3120 @SouthernUc @CNN Ugh... she is such a hag. #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@Michellion @SouthernUc @CNN Nothing.... but they will keep ignoring the true PEDOs and keep trying to get Trump out of office. It's not going to work. Been trying for almost 4 years. #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@CNN So what? This is OLD NEWS. Everyone tries to "Gotcha" Trump but you can't... because it's everywhere. Try diggin on Biden for once, considering he's running and CNN hasn't done ANYTHING to present his past. #TIMESUPBIDEN

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@JoeBiden The most patriotic, and decent thing you can do is DROP OUT. #CancelBiden #ReplaceBiden #TimesUpBiden

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All the money in the world will not erase what happened in 1993,
unless we let it.

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@hibbs_kathy @TheView @mcuban Thats because he's smart enough to know that Dems will KILL the economy. #TimesupBiden

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@nprpolitics He's 100% right. If ANYONE is stupid enough to buy into this shit, then you deserve to be bitch slapped. #Timesupbiden

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@keidekay Why would anyone want to subject her to @joebiden? I'm not excited for her, I'm worried for her and all of us. #TimesUpBiden #MeToo

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Joe Biden has been accused of sexually assaulting 8 women.

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If you want to know about what happened to me in 1993.
Listen to the Katie Halper podcast interview
And listen to the
Megyn Kelly interview of me.

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@RagebreakG @jaketapper @GOP They offered it up for Dems to amend it.... And Schumer and the rest said nope. So thats 100% on them. Democraps DO NOT care about their own party. Just pushing more voters to @realDonaldTrump #Timesupbiden

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@jaketapper The Democrats are FULL OF SHIT. Now they are just flaunting it for the whole country to see. How stupid can they get?? This is just going to push more Trump voters to the polls. #Timesupbiden

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