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@flashingbat Good to meet proactive and supportive local businesses that want to work collectively on the development of #Skegness, and hear from @thinkopenplan about how to achieve a #ConnectedCoast for the Midlands #TownsFund @midsengine @LincolnshireCC @EastLindseyDC #MyTown

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On the way back from a thought provoking #skegness place reference group meeting #townsfund @thinkopenplan @SteveKempOP

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Brilliant meeting with Kirsty Green of #EastMidlandsRailway - so many exciting projects that Boston has going on and very much looking forward to taking these forward with in partnership #levelup #teamboston #TownsFund

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"There is a real opportunity through the #TownsFund to focus on technical and vocational #education, boost productivity and ensure the country has the skilled workforce necessary to maintain economic success." - our Chief Executive @AoCDavidH.

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Excellent stakeholder workshop in #Ashfield this morning. Got the basis of some really good ideas to help improve employability prospects @ADCAshfield #TownsFund #econdev

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Libraries are a great way to boost town centre footfall. Especially when they are #makerspaces @Cumblibraries #townsfund

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Excellent. Rotherham’s proposed Future High Street Fund bid includes a new Central Library...

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Great to see #Lincolnshire towns leading the #MyTown ideas! Boston with 39 and Mablethorpe with 34! @mhclg #TownsFund

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Boston people are brilliant...we are top out of 100 towns for submitting their ideas for #levellingup the town...but we want more...so do get your ideas on #MyTown

Thank you Dean's Aerial Photography - beautiful photo of Boston ❤

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Success with new funding pots such as #FutureHighStreetFund & #TownsFund is great, but will amount to nothing if you can’t express what the place is trying to be, what is its potential?

Read our latest blog 👇🏽 #TownCentres #PlaceMarketing@mhclg

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Grateful for the opportunity for a useful discussion with @RobertJenrick about #TownsFund and application criteria, #KingsLynn #FairFunding #roughsleeping #housing.

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Delighted to meet with another group of great new @Conservatives MPs today in Parliament.

My department @mhclg will help them in supporting their local communities.

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Site visit along the Lincolnshire coast for the #townsfund bid with @SteveKempOP @thinkopenplan #placemaking

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It’s a field trip week for OpenPlan. Today it’s Skegness and Mablethorpe where @SteveKempOP and Rob @rtu_urbanism Thompson are working on the #TownsFund project with @RoseRegen @EastLindseyDC and the communities.

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My first Coastal Developers Forum today - great opportunity to talk to businesses, developers and stakeholders about the #TownsFund for #Mablethorpe and #Skegness #MyTown #ConnectedCoast @EastLindseyDC @LincolnshireCC

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MHCLG says it can't publish the full selection methodology used for the #TownsFund "because it includes information that relates to the formulation and development of government policy which is still live and ongoing." #FOI #publicspending #opengov

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Rochdale council lose another 9.67%. If you voted Tory in #Heywood&Middleton is this what you wanted? Beware ‘red wall’ voters will be duped by window dressing from #TownsFund. Small pots of cash whilst #localgov starved of money ⁦⁦@LGA_Labour

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MHCLG says the selection criteria for the #TownsFund relied on an ONS definition of "towns".

ONS definition

(This doesn't explain the launch in Wolverhampton. Surely Wolverhampton's Census 2011 population was higher than 225,000?)

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Have your say on how you'd like the government to invest in your town: #mytown #townsfund @mhclg

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Great to be back in #Erewash to show the SoS for @mhclg @RobertJenrick around Long Eaton and discuss the #TownsFund bid with Councillors and Officers from @ErewashBC

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It was an early meeting yesterday representing @newarkbc taking part in the intitial discussions around the #TownsFund #Regeneration #Connectivity #Skills #Culture

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💷 We’re already serving local communities and generating real change through our £3.6 billion Towns Fund


#Conservatives #TownsFund #Brighton #community #invest

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Great to be back home in #Broxtowe to take the SoS for Housing, Communities & Local Govt and fellow Notts MP @RobertJenrick around #Stapleford today where the #TownsFund bid will be implemented - Damian McGrath made us all (including Poppy) feel very welcome at the Horse & Jockey

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Researching for #TownsFund and came across this appealing round-up of family things to do in #Mablethorpe #LincsCoast #Lincolnshire
Great ideas - thank you @BucketListLives

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Pleased that last week,@mhclg Minister @RobertJenrick announced steps to help boost towns across #England - including £3.6 billion for a #TownsFund and a new national #TownoftheYear competition, celebrating towns’ achievements in areas like community, enterprise and integration

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At least Darren understands the different possible funding streams with Stapleford in the pot for the #TownsFund, not the much smaller High Street initiative. Do NOT listen to the local lefty politicians, they do not get it.

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I have been asked by some of my constituents about the #TownsFund. #Stapleford has definitely been chosen to bid for this, and we have already started the process.

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Outside the Carnegie Civic & Community Centre where I attended the Stapleford Towns Fund Meeting this afternoon.
#Stapleford #TownsFund

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Tory minister's car crash interview after ' #TownoftheYear' announced in a city

"The criteria for our #townsfund is not as crude as just whether one is a city or a town."

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After voting, I’m back in the office with some of my ever hard working team preparing for the inaugural #Stapleford #TownsFund meeting tomorrow back home in #Broxtowe. Exciting things are going to be happening there, thanks to @RobertJenrick!

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16 Things To Do In MABLETHORPE – Lincolnshire Seaside – Family Friendly #familytravel #seaside #mablethorpe #lincs

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Like @stianwestlake, @TheEconomist also has some interesting ideas about the way to make #TownsFund policies work. Word to the wise, though: ‘left-behind towns’ is a clunking cliche. And the problem isn’t confined to the north.

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Great to see so many of our ambassadors in the town hall today, contributing to the discussions on the regeneration of #StHelens town centre as part of the government’s #TownsFund

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Local businesses, ambassadors and partners came to the town hall today to talk about plans for the regeneration of #StHelens town centre as part of the government’s #TownsFund to help grow our economy, connect communities and improve skills 💪🏻

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