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@realDonaldTrump Why would we thank you for leaking classified info? When is the Oval office meeting for Putin. PLEASE tell us and troll us with that. PLEASE! You control the AG, #Barr the #complicitGOP senate & the WH. Surely this is on your TA DAH list. #treasonweasel

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@Residue2020 @justicedems Free speech applies to deep stare hacks as well. No said fire him when he lied about trump #hypocrite #hypocrisy #MAGA #BernieWinsNevada #CNNisFakeNews #MSNBC #TreasonWeasel

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A true scholar's work is never done... #treasonweasel #TrumpForPrison2020

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@candies2639 @MailOnline If only her daddy wasn’t a #TreasonWeasel, her family wouldn’t be going through this.

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@Blue_Green_77 Functioning on the level of a #treasonweasel #trumptoady 😡
I know about IQ45 just know a President is supposed to use diplomacy. He dishonors the office, the 🇺🇸

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Ever thus. Why this is even news to anyone paying attention, puzzling.

#PutinsPuppet #TreasonWeasel #MobstersAreGoverningAmerica

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@thehill Someone should ask that #TreasonWeasel @VP Mike Pence if - when he finally gets served justice & gets sentenced to life in prison for election fraud, obstruction of justice & treason - if he'll mind when "Mother" changes her nickname to "Available".

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"Trump has made clear that he will not tolerate any discussion of Russia’s meddling in American politics, no matter how compelling the evidence. He is sending a very public message: In this White House, protecting Donald Trump’s interests is what matters."

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This week's #TreasonWeasel sighting....

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Nunes: “We don’t care about the arson. We need to know who keeps pullin’ the fire alarm!”

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Still, I couldn't help laughing at @middleageriot's Putin parody of that #SwampdonkeyDonald quote.

#PutinsPuppet #TreasonWeasel

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Truth be told...Trump is pretty much an "asset" for anyone who pays. Saudi's, Emiratis and AIPAC pay a lot more than Putin.

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I would ask what @MarshaBlackburn #MoscowMarsha is going to do about this but since that asskissing #treasonweasel has already blocked THREE ELECTION SECURITY BILLS there's really no point.
Cc: @TheTNHoller

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@ABC Why do you put this #treasonweasel on at all? @TheRickWilson @ABC all he does is lie, pardon criminals and screw over the American people.

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A video for @realDonaldTrump - a true American #treasonweasel

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@SethN12 @cag1sports @richsignorelli @SpiroAgnewGhost @JohnMTalmadgeMD @BandyXLee1 @narceducator 💯 Axis I is speculation but there's more than sufficient evidence to describe Axis II/Personality Disorder pathology.

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Run. Run very fast. Bernie’s team is parroting #TreasonWeasel’s claim that Russia didn’t do the hacking. Is there any questions Bernie and Trump are two sides of the same coin? #PutinsPuppet

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@PressSec @realDonaldTrump Wrong lady. I can tell you that my family has never been worse off than we are right now. And we know many others that feel the same. So stop with the #Propaganda #FakeNews #LiesLiesLies
#VoteHimOut #CORRUPTION #TreasonWeasel #PutinsPuppets #PutinsGOP

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#IsAMajorRedFlag When alleged 'billionaire' @realDonaldTrump won't release his taxes. Probably because he's broke...and a #treasonweasel

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@Mike_Pence @NASA_Langley Hopefully someone will ask you this, #TreasonWeasel - When you finally get sentenced to life in federal prison (for election fraud, obstruction of justice & treason), will you object when "Mother" changes her nickname to "Available"?

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#Treasonweasel Strike 2 for Pramila Jayapal

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#Treasonweasel Strike 1 for Pramila Jayapal

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@mattgaetz Says Trump's drunk frat boy #TreasonWeasel.

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@SassyKadiK I like #Impotus #TraitorInChief #SCROTUS #CriminalinTheOval #TreasonWeasel If you follow @chipfranklin and watch a few of his videos, he has a *ton* of great nicknames for him.

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Oh hell look. A poll that didn’t come from Alabama.



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IMO @SenTomCotton has shown himself to be nothing more than a half baked #treasonweasel Who the eff is this man's audience?

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@SenatorCollins Is that how they do it in Russia? #treasonweasel

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.@SenTomCotton is still pushing conspiracies about the coronavirus, noting the location of a Chinese lab "a few miles away" from Wuhan. Multiple experts have made clear that this connection has no basis in reality.


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.@BernieSanders is broadly liked because he is trustworthy, authentic and people believe he will fight for them. He has the courage to take on the biggest industries that have flipped our country on its head, and to make our economy work for working people again.

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@mattgaetz Hush now, you drunk-driving #TreasonWeasel. The only 'god' you bow down to is money. You wouldn't know Jesus if you stopped mid-way through nailing him to a cross to spit in his eye - which you absolutely would.

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2020 head-to-heads via new NPR/PBS/Marist polls out today:

Biden 50%, Trump 44%
Bloomberg 48%, Trump 44%
Sanders 48%, Trump 45%
Buttigieg 47%, Trump 45%
Klobuchar 47%, Trump 45%
Warren 47%, Trump 46%

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BREAKING: At a @BernieSanders rally in Iowa tonight, a leading Sanders’ surrogate @RashidaTlaib led the crowd in booing @HillaryClinton.

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@realDonaldTrump is right. The dems pushed the "Russia did the hacking" angle b/c it was politically advantageous for them. #debatenight

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