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@JuliansRum @Jane_Q_Patriot @JohnBrennan is going to Jail. He is hoping #trump2020 loses so he can RIM @JoeBiden butt hole. To get out

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@realDonaldTrump GREAT JOB- BEST POTUS IN HISTORY! #Trump2020

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@TorontoStar @davidvkiser bad corrupt cop vs Mafia don. I rather be mafia don than be bad corrupt cop. #Esper & #MattisSpeaks have shown what #Trump really is & #Trump2020 get ready for #TrumpOut2020 I bet #Floyd never thought he'd be national hero but today he is for uniting people.

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🇺🇸💙💛💙💛🇺🇸 #Trump2020 #DrainTheSwamp

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@RyanAFournier Tell that to the celebrity libtards who have been screaming it since 2016.

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Great job today during your briefing with those incompetent so called "journalists" who kept repeating the same questions. They're so obsessed with @potus going to that Church


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Patriots🇺🇸do your own research ask your own questions take nothing for granted trust but verify connect the dots come to your own conclusions... #FalseFlag

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@PaulMua13575363 @politico ..here’s an idea for you Mr “TwitterVet”.. impeach him....oh...wait.. #maga #Trump2020 #TwitterVet

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@aishasdior @realDonaldTrump that’s a real leader. Why sugar coat it, it’s the truth. It’s time to better yourself people. #trump2020 #maga #kag #goat

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@MariaBonanno9 Americanstake pictures, support all law enforcement nds a data base find these criminals&arrest get rid of liberal judges who rule over law enforcement #ChineseCommunistparty threat #Antifa trying to overthrow govt rule of law @JudicialWatch #Trump2020

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President Trump Needs To Take Stronger Command And End This Chaos via @TPInsidr #Trump2020

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@SaraCarterDC @HawleyMO Rosenstein was too far up the food chain and too close to the Flynn Frame-Up fire to not know what was going on.


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Let's remember that mattis resigned because trump was pulling out troops from Syria. Madus works for the industrial military complex. And he is mad You know what I mean

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@realDonaldTrump Please pickup the pace on this. Would be appreciated Thanks #WWG1WGA #TRUMP2020

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@itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump No, the entire country breathed as sigh of relief as the rioters were squashed last night. #LawAndOrder #Trump2020 #MAGA

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@JoeBiden When you say "this" you mean you right... Because that's the way I read it... If thats the case then yes I agree.


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@AmyShiraTeitel Excellent ad. NASA has a better budget and is not doing Muslim outreach because Trump is POTUS.
Maybe you think the world of Obama but what did he do for space exploration?

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@AP Matthis is a sleeper. Trump is the best President we EVER HAD in our life. TRump is protecting us. What do they have on Mattis? Book deal? He is old and washed up. What on earth do they have on him? Trump is our last hope. They are trying very hard to oust him #trump2020

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@realDonaldTrump You have the mentality of a five year old child in the school playground.
"Well, if he doesn't like me then I don't like him either! In fact, I've never liked him! I didn't want to be his friend anyway!"
#Trump2020 #Trump #childish

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Somebody make me feel better. Polls, pandemic, riots, I am getting a little worried about the elections. Please tell me #SleepyJoe is really gonna fumble bad or investigations are about to blow wide open! #Trump2020

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@realDonaldTrump We want you back as president #Trump2020 God bless you. #HarHarMahadev

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Lmao now we de stress for a minute.

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@vodaeau @PressSec @realDonaldTrump President Trump acted in JANUARY by restricting travel protecting Americans & saving hundreds of thousands of lives while Democrats & nitwits like you called him racist for doing so
#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #DemocratsAreEnemiesOfAmerica

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It's #Trump2020 or Xi & Communism & anarchy!!!!

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@JoeBiden He’s been working and offering a lot. Tell your brain to come back from out of space Creepy Joe #asianfortrump #maga #trump2020

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This is a disgraceful situation for our country.

These people must be held accountable!

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#TuckerCarlson might have the most important show ever on American television. Heather MacDonald says Western Civilization is at stake right now. That is not an overstatement. I fully agree. I was so depressed over that fact all day yesterday. #FoxNews

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@Acosta The President and his congressional enablers present a clear and present danger to the US Constitution and the United States that it formed.

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We need some fun now that the corona is magically erased from this reality......

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Breaking News: “He tries to divide us.” Jim Mattis, the defense secretary who resigned in 2018, issued his harshest criticism yet of President Trump’s leadership.

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No American, from any community, should ever feel unsafe on our streets—and that includes those who risk their lives to protect us.

The rule of law applies to everyone.

President @realDonaldTrump wants justice for all, with no exceptions.

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@JesseJames45LC @MspdcaliKag @Trump_Girl_USA @DallasJames428 @MICHAELFBROOKS2 @kay4Trump @west1fsu1 @Ecomemory1 @Tazmajick @ItoniLl @floweredog @Linda18319822 @sbnauman @RainBadass @Sundncefn Thank you, Jesse! What a fantastic train & the picture looked real! Thank you for the ride - great train. I enjoy seeing new conductors come into their own - congratulations! please FB some of these great Patriots & FB/RT @JesseJames45LC

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Apparently we now have to apologize for what color we were born...

I've about had enough of this BS, you?

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Yesterday, our monstrous, despicable president assaulted Americans engaged in peaceful protest for a photo op. He could be reelected.

I wrote a few mean texts four years ago and have been rained down with insults and attacks ever since. But I'm the fucking coup plotter.

Got it.

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‼️BREAKING IMPORTANT‼️ #MAGA I need your help. Please help & RT🙏


@POTUS needs you out voting on that date. Pls #VoteRedToSaveAmerica....

#DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica & it’s all up to you!

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