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More than just one call. Also put our National Interests at risk -for the benefit of his own. The near definition of a leader that should be thrown out.


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@LindseyGrahamSC Why don't you have Trump testify thenWB is mute? Oh I forgot the man who always tells the truth is not to be trusted opening his mouth under oath? Turns out even his written answers to #MuellerReport have now been determined perjurious.

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So if Trump hired a prostitute, and was caught in the act before the “transaction” occurred, @GOP would be like, all good. Move along. Awww, too bad that’s not how reality works. #ExtortionistTrump #TrumpBribed #ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW

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@RickLangel @AngelaR33734347 @thehill @DevinNunes sure Vlad.

That evidence presented today?
#TrumpExtorted #TrumpBribed?

I guess you're thinking about when donny claimed to be a democrat.

Sorry Vlad...he's all yours.

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@CSmith4535 @KevinlyFather @Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump @RepAdamSchiff @PeterWelch Republicans have become the dirtiest SWAMP under Trump leadership. Corruption, liars, deep state conspiracy extortion & bribery. All for a 6x bankrupt money launderer con artist loyal only 2 Putin #PutinsPuppets #DonTheConTrump #GymJordan #TrumpBribed

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Here is another terrible journalistic take on the hearings. F**k off Reuters.

"Unlike the best reality TV shows - not to mention the Trump presidency itself - fireworks and explosive moments were scarce, however."


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#VoteForOurLives #VoteForOthersLives

Ukrainians died fighting the Russians as #Trump held up our taxpayer military aid: #TrumpBribed #UkraineExtortion


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Writers like Jonathan Allen helped build the terrible political universe we live in:

"the first round felt more like the dress rehearsal for a serious one-act play than opening night for a hit Broadway musical."

Fuck this. #TrumpBribed

via @nbcnews

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I don’t usually care which Tweets of mine carry across the world, but I’m glad this one is.

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@StevenBeschloss Bill Taylor and George Kent:



So refreshing after nearly 3 years with Trump and today’s GOP. Thank you.


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@B52Malmet I hear he gets quite loud when he's throwing one of his tantrums. #TrumpExtorted #TrumpBribed #ImpeachmentIsComing #JusticeIsComing

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@Jim_Jordan The aid was appropriated by Congress. Your "minor" 55 day delay cost 63 soldiers lives. Zelensky is the real deal, he did not play into your corrupt great orange leaders hand. #TrumpBribed

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@jeffmason1 not a sports game, not show, not a movie, this is our national security, democracy, and country becoming like third world countries with corrupt and dangerous and mental leaders like #extortionistTrump #Trumpbribed. Reuters gets funded by Russia/Putin?

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@KatieHill4CA Love it!

Hate that you left, but glad you now have the new found freedom to make some serious noise.

And, shhhh, I know it’s a secret, but #TrumpBribed


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If you believe Trump is innocent, perhaps you're beyond help.

#TrumpBribed for personal gain.

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Who is watching the scheming corrupt amibiguously gay duo - #MoscowMitch and #TrumpBribed today?
You know that they have planned and pushed through some laws without all of our best!
Who's Watching The Criminals?

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Wow how much dope you been smoking up there on the hill. Man you fuckers can’t remember shit. My God!!!!

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@Jim_Jordan @realDonaldTrump It's still extortion and bribery, you traitors. #TrumpBribed #ImpeachTrump #tOSUGymScandal

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The first day of impeachment hearings looked like trials where the prosecution has the defendant on tape admitting to a crime.

Republicans tried to distract and confuse the issues because Democrats have the goods on Trump.

My column in @POLITICOMag:

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Trump Breached US Security With Unsecured Cell Phone Call In Ukraine Scheme

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@RobAnderson2018 @joannalampert1 Amen #Enough we must flip the Senate and keep the House and win the Presidency #BlueWave2020 #VoteForOurLives #StrengthInNumbers onward #ForThePeople

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‘Attorney General William Barr told reporters Wednesday that he does not remember whether President Trump asked him to publicly declare that he did nothing illegal in his July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president’

‘Does not remember’ 🙄

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REP. JIM JORDAN (R): Congress will never get a chance to question the one "who started it all."


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This testimony is already damning enough for Trump that he should resign, and damning enough against Giuliani that he should be arrested. #TrumpBribery

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I take no joy in Trump getting impeached. But I do take pride in us holding a criminal responsible for high crimes they’ve committed while in office. Especially for the #TrumpBribery plot surrounding Ukraine aid money. Trump deserves to be impeached and removed. #ImpeachmentDay

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