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Hey @newnancy123, Lawd can’t help us! If Lawd could, there wouldn’t be #CorruptAndComplicitGOP, #CorruptTrump, #TrumpSwamp, #GOPTaxScam, #EmolumentsClauseViolations, #American #Taxpayers robbed to pay 4 #Trumps golf outings & his rallies and Lawd know what else. #FairFight2020!

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Trump puts housing crash foxes in henhouse via @HITribuneHerald #TrumpSwamp #GlassSteagall #Congress

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Goodbye US. The transformation from democratic republic to dictatorship is all but complete. Sad. #TrumpSwamp

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Trump's new intel chief makes immediate changes, ousts top official

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@BorisEP @CNN @andersoncooper Cause selling your soul to @realDonaldTrump is a much better moral high ground to tweet from! 🙄

you are a 🤡 @BorisEP

#TrumpSupporters #TrumpsCESSPOOL #TrumpSwamp

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@tribelaw anyone in the stinking #Trumpswamp should be at the bottom #WhoFundsDevinsLawsuits

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tRump Impotus Swamp. Lock him up! #IMPOTUS #impeached #trumpswamp

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@RepAdamSchiff #CrookedTrump ’s #TrumpSwamp gives you a criminal society. It may be that you like it now, but one hour later you will hate it, THINK NOW.

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@GoldenKnights @JimCraigUSA @MERUZIONE @OC_JACKOC @silkinetics @usahockey @NHLNetwork To us, this is not about politics or choosing sides. This is about proudly representing the United States of America. Whether your beliefs are Democratic, Republican, Independent, etc. we support that and are proud to represent the USA. It is an honor and privilege! 🏒🏅🇺🇸

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President Trump made 56 false claims last week -- repeating one of his conspiracy theories about the 2016 election, promoting new fiction about impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and inflating his accomplishments and his standing in the polls

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The Pentagon Is Sitting on a Chunk of Valuable Airwaves. Why? #TrumpSwamp
via @politico

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@BuckSexton @realDonaldTrump He would rather have a sycophant like Trump who on the world stage continues to deny that Russia interfered with the elections. #Helsinki #ilovethepoorlyeducated #TrumpLies #TrumpObstructed #TrumpRussia #TrumpColluded #BernieKnew #TrumpSwamp

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@AC360 @andersoncooper Awesome job Anderson!!! Honestly the best journalist of our time! YES Blagoevich spoke nothing but #BullshitBlago & You we’re right to put him in his spot #TrumpSwamp

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Trump's new acting Intel Director, Richard Grenell, previously worked for a corrupt foreign oligarch banned from entering the US.

He also failed to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act, just like Flynn. #DemCast

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Anderson Cooper challenges Blagojevich claims in heated interview
- Watch this. Bravo ⁦@AC360⁩ so much respect for challenging this utter scumbag and liar. To think so many deserve clemency. What an utter disgrace. #TrumpSwamp #VoteBlueNoMatterWho

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ICYMI: BE SMART ABOUT Paul Watkins - Worked at a #LGBTQ Hate-Group, Now @CFPB’s Director of Innovation. LINK: #SmartDissent #EqualityForAll #TrumpSwamp

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@GOP @senatemajldr: Your appeasement of Emperor @realDonaldTrump has now drained what little moral authority and good “Christian” values you once professed to represent and defend.

GOP = Gutted Of Patriotism

#TrumpsPurge #RussianInterference #TrumpSwamp #GuttedOfPatriotism

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‘It is now a cesspool of lying and ideological corruption where politicians use it as a legitimate political weapon. They just, in Trumpish fashion, brush aside their lies, and tell another one or repeat the same one.’


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@neal_katyal His ethics are in the stinking #Trumpswamp

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@CarolLeonnig @jdawsey1 @thamburger There is some definite karma in #MadKingDonald’s desperate attempt to classify the truth. And @AmbJohnBolton will spend more of his advance on legal fees which should win on First Amendment rights and help every other #TrumpSwamp corruption that will come out in the next year.

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@McFaul I second that!
One of his peeps is trying to dump the judge that gave him a break!
Go to:

and click on #TrumpSwamp for the latest tricks from our
Supreme Führer King Emperor President is up to!

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ICYMI: #TrumpSwamp - Leaked Trump Transition Vetting Documents Scream #Corruption. LINK: #SmartDissent #TrumpLies #DrainTheSwamp? #GOPLies

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Richard Grenell didn't disclose payments for work on behalf of a Moldovan oligarch the US accused of corruption & barred from entry.

His office’s policy says it could leave him open to blackmail.

And he shouldn't have a security clearance.


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#TrumpSwamp Where are Christians protests? If you belong with her, you belong in jail. Shame on you.

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Gee, another swell buddy of Fat Stupid Baby gets to go home every night now. The #trumpswamp is gutter trash clotted with feces.

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Anderson Cooper is a legend.

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Really big, important story: Richard Grenell was hired by Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and didn't disclose it:

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Thanks so much for the shoutout ⁦@gbrockell⁩: “White women’s role in slavery has taken center stage recently with the release of historian Stephanie E. Jones-Rogers’s book ‘They Were Her Property: White Women as Slave Owners in the American South.’”

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Ex-NSC aide Kash Patel, a former staffer for Devin Nunes who played a key role in helping Republicans discredit the Russia probe, is now a senior adviser for new acting DNI Richard Grenell.

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@WayneDupreeShow Lawd help us! #StaceyAbrams is as #corrupt as they come!

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As reported by @smencimer, here is presidential spiritual adviser Paula White telling congregants they need to give to the church before paying their mortgage or electric bill.

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"We weren't sent to Washington to work for the big banks." @SenWarren #GlassSteagall Now @BankingGOP @stevenmnuchin1

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