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God forbid guidelines should be so tough they actually help keep our children safe. It's much more important that the guidelines meet Trump's requirements which are...don't piss of his supporters! #VoteTrumpOut

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@realDonaldTrump Got time to address your cult but not the Russian bounties on our soldiers, nor the fact that over 130,000 Americans died due to your failed pandemic response. Abhorrent!!!!
#TrumpKillsUs #VoteTrumpOut 🌊🌊

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@tribelaw @rgoodlaw @GOP are all your heads buried in the sand! Why are you all not with @ProjectLincoln & their movement to #VoteTrumpOut

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Disturbing we allowed this goon to serve 1 term. Let's stop it before it becomes 2. #CreepyTrump #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 #VoteTrumpOut2020 #VoteTrumpOut #thursdaymorning #thursdayvibes #ThursdayThoughts

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@natasha9541 We all knew he was cuckoo for cocoa puffs years ago. What a complete stab in the back he is, to not only people of color and minorities but to every American's interests and well being. #VoteTrumpOut #VoteBlue2020 #VoteOutTheGOP #VoteGOPOut #GOPCowards

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As socialists, we prioritize the people. Therefore, voting against #Trump is a short term strategic move to overthrow the current state of affairs and bring back whatever unity is left. We cannot afford another 4 years of destruction. This is about humanity! #VoteTrumpOut

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@grantkirkhope @gonzalezed98 @realDonaldTrump "I am The Great Mighty Trumpoo and I'm going to throw my Tweets at you!!!" #GreatMightyTrumpoo #VoteTrumpOut

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Best description of the situation in US... ever!! 👍👍 thank you Matt. #VoteTrumpOut

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Officers in the narcotics unit of the Springfield, MA, Police likely engaged in a practice of excessive force, the Justice said. @HuffPostPol Barr found ONLY one police brutality? #VoteTrumpOut #VOTEOutHate #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VOTE

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@larryherrer NO NO NO!!!Too many variables!Too many ways to spread #TrumpVirus !Too many unnecessary #CoronaVirusDeaths !Why throw children and adults into the fire when there are other alternatives?!Teachers go to school and children stay home and #distancelearning ! #VoteTrumpOut #WeWantJoe

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Looks like it’s ‘uh, oh, #spaghettiOs!’ For dinner @WhiteHouse tonight. From the looks of this, @realDonaldTrump might just be #DrainingTheSwamp after all. Thanks #MAGATS who #voted for him - this is officially #YourOwnfault and it’s on you now


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Dear 53 percent of white women who voted for him, was it worth it? #voteblue #votetrumpout #votethemallout #womensrightsarehumanrights #mybodymychoice

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#VoteTrumpOut Vote this corrupt traitor out!

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@Jim_Jordan Things that should happen..you should go to Parler!!!
You should be arrested for protecting pedophiles!!!

#GymJordan #GymJordan #VoteOutHate #VoteTrumpOut #VoteOutTheGOP

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Keeping kids in cages; secretly moving them around in the middle of the night, is a national disgrace. America has been reduced to a country guilty of crimes against humanity, under the mad rule of the malignant bigot in our WH.

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Check out RJ's video! ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ is trying to banned Tik Tok in the US because we have a voice and is trying to change the world, it’s time for change. #TikTok #saveourvoice #TikTokBanned #GenZ #VoteTrumpOut2020 #VoteTrumpOut #TimeForChange

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This👇🏼From a June 2017 cartoon! So on point...

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@realDonaldTrump You really don’t GAS about our children blatant disrespect #VoteTrumpOut

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Let’s get #CreepyTrump back to the #1 trend in the US again. You know what to do!

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.@JoeBiden still doesn’t support Medicare for All. He still doesn’t support a Green New Deal. He still doesn’t support UBI. He still doesn’t support the legalization of marijuana. So he still isn’t getting my vote. And no amount of voter shaming by neoliberals will change that.

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Wow. Just about 2 million views in under 4 hours. You guys must really think @realDonaldTrump is a creep. Keep it going. Let the world know about #CreepyTrump.

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Learn. Their. Names.

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if people today were on the titanic

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The key takeaway from today: Pres attacked CDC's virus guidelines so new ones are now coming next week.

VP Pence: "The president said today, we just don’t want the guidance to be too tough. That’s the reason why next week, the C.D.C. is going to be issuing a new set of tools."

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Today I officially requested retirement from the US Army, an organization I love. My family and I look forward to the next chapter of our lives.

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If you don’t support Biden, you’re supporting Trump. Whether you realize it or not.

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Exclusive: Donald Trump's holiday message to women voters

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