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I feel like @AndrewYang and Joel Salatin would have a great conversation. Joel wants to get the boot off of Mother Nature’s neck .@AndrewYang wants to get the boot off of people’s necks. #YangGang Joe Rogan Experience #1478 - Joel Salatin via @YouTube

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@NewMutator @BlockingBurner @AndrewYang Did you read their profile?

"Also fuck #YangGang "

I would guess bernie or warren supporter.

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@BlockingBurner love your account :P #YangGang forever <3

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@HeidiBriones I think intuitively I would a prefer a 4-day workweek. Some good friends of mine over at @PodcastIndigo did an episode on what the scientific literature says on shorter workweeks and did a shoutout to the #YangGang since we were talking about it around the time of the ep. 😊

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@ZZachp51 I believe in #HumanityFirst which means (at least partly) that I am not going to spend my time arguing with you about religion (when we obviously disagree) and instead focus on policies that will put people over profits like UBI. #YangGang

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@khristvnx @Jo4liberty @LPNational @GovGaryJohnson @justinamash @RealSpikeCohen @beinlibertarian @AndrewYang If she endorsed UBI, even a temporary UBI until the pandemic is over, I would spend hours trying to get the #YangGang to support her. It could potentially get her over 5% if she got the #YangGang and @TulsiGabbard’s #AlohaGang on her side.

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#yanggang #YangGangForCongress I'm glad people are finally fighting us it's the first step in is winning I think @humanityfwd taking seats in congress is an inevitability given time and the UN ending energy of good people

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My whole family is #yanggang thanks to me and I believe my whole damn town is yangable the only people who aren't yangable are people who don't believe in democracy and people who don't have faith in society as a whole(aka not fun people)

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Okay #YangGang I'm gonna keep this basic but what were you before Yang vs now? (For other just comment. Sorry)

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@BlockingBurner Sorry you are so obsessed with us. Still going to send you that #YangGang love. Prepare to enjoy being ratio’d by the most intelligent, wholesome, most forward thinking and extremely caring group of politically involved individuals I’ve ever encountered!

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Maybe Americans aren’t so bright, @Zach_Graumann I’m OG #YangGang it puzzles me that this seems to be such a non-issue for most people, but I see the writing on the wall just is @AndrewYang does.

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@KnolesMichael @GlobalEcho_ @AndrewYang should have gotten more media coverage. He’s who you are looking for! #YangGang

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@_BarringtonII @HeidiBriones According to that scale Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are similar politically. Interesting. I like how the #YangGang is opposite of them.

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I have close friends of my family who are Trump supporters. I’ll never “cancel” them over that. I also know of Trump supporters within the #YangGang. Same deal.

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@AndrewYang Did he just call us wall street livestock? News for you Mr. Elitist, we're people. Do all the people at the "top" think the same thing?

See us #YangGang started a movement to correct the wrongs and give the power back to the people. You know like what our forefathers fought for.

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YES! Must. Have. One. #math #yanggang

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I spy an uptick in resistance to the overall #YangGangForCongress movement. Let’s show the haters everything we’ve got. Time to (re)activate anyone who needs a push-anyone who may be still recovering f/ @AndrewYang’s suspension-anyone Yang-curious & anyone whatsoever Yangable

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#YangGang here is another UBI YangGang candidate for Congress! Let's give @badrun_khan some support!
Donate here:

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@BlockingBurner Hey, it's ok to disagree with us. Even though I believe that the #YangGang's electoral optimism is more reasonable than you might think, I respect your opinion 👍🏻

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When @OriginalGoalie argues he rambles incoherently about stealing bicycle seats to sniff and resell on and then calls you uneducated. Its amazing. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Also: he might be #YangGang🤷

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"I just want you to know that the power to create a personalized and totally awesome educational experience is in your hands." #WritingCommunity #goodread #education #YangGang

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@maryamnayebyazd @MSMileenaa @HadahiiliYazhi @kittygomechan @shazaraelei @VisurantViz @KorraSatsuki @BoothSD @BotforYang @EaglesMan710 @presidentmanny #YangGang i made this a while back this was my first attempt at free verse poetry what do you think

Tristan Weber

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Jerry Nadler Must Debate Jonathan Herzog - Sign the Petition to support Jonathan Herzog's campaign for Congress in NY-10! via @Change

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@TheHFWarrior Finally in the meantime let’s vote for #YangGang who are running locally or running for Congress. I’m VOTING for Biden whether the #YangGang likes it or not, if no ones likes it then you can unfollow me.

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@TheHFWarrior the AMERICAN PEOPLE to go inject yourself with BLEACH, this is absurd and the #YangGang needs to chill out and start realizing that if don’t OUST this self declared KING then I don’t want to hear CRYING about the 45th POTUS how terrible he is handling the country.

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@TheHFWarrior Sir, don’t let the #YangGang decide for you. I’ll always be true to Andrew Yang but unfortunately he is no longer in the race and the entire #YangGang needs to understand that and if they don’t then don’t DISRESPECT ME because it’s making you look bad. I don’t give a SHIT!! If

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The “Yang Daily – Andrew Yang News” podcast is a 5-10 min, daily Yang news dump, designed to keep #YangGang organized and informed! Available on Apple/Spotify/PodBean/YouTube and everywhere else podcasts can be found.

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What a brilliant read - let's go #YangGang !! #BlueWave2020 @MikeForKY

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We are looking for a speakers to testify before Congress for a non-means tested Emergency UBI

You will be representing both yourself and your community as well as helping depolarize UBI and connect with people watching the news at home

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Too many Kentuckians are out of work, and out of hope.

#UBI wouldn't pay those Kentuckians do nothing.

It would pay them to do anything.

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I made my own non-traditional path within the traditional educational system I felt stuck in. I hope by sharing my story I inspire more young people to take control of their education.

Read about it here:

Please share if you think this would be useful :)

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We need a single-payer healthcare system to protect the next 100,000.

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A random guy literally ran for president, raised millions, and cracked the top 6 candidates on this issue - and we STILL aren’t freaking out about this smdh

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If you haven’t yet, take the time to read this article. Very inspiring and makes you want to go all in.

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Serious question for sane people only...Could you be close friends with a devout Trump supporter?

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My #MATH masks just arrived! 😀👍

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