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@IanSams A lot less angry in his #AndrewMcCabe interview.
@andersoncooper @ac360 in an 8 min interview blamed #FoxNews for calling McCabe a liar, didn't mention the @fbi's IG report once.
He's become a partisan hack.
But he has a lot of company @cnn @brianstelter @oliverdarcy @acosta etc

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#DeepStateCorruption The failure to prosecute #AndrewMcCabe shows the @FBI @ALT_DOJ Cant Police itself. Bunch of Self-righteous Hypocrites. I hope the #DurhamInvestigation changes things. @SaraCarterDC

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What is the difference between someone like @Snowden , Reality Winner or Other staff who leak vs Vindman, #andrewmccabe or @Comey ? Why do they get off free? It makes no sense. #RussianCollusion #TrumpPence2020

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@charliekirk11 Charlie, you should review the spiritual evidence surrounding the firing of #AndrewMcCabe. Now the @FBI desperately needs sound legal counsel due to mounting evidence that #Scientology has claimed + derailed the organization. McCabe could have been there to rescue + redeem them.

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@paulsperry_ Lying weasel #AndrewMcCabe...”Yep. Yep I did.” Then “Yeah I’m sorry”. #TheSwamp #TheFixIsALWAYSIn

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Leaking classified information to journalists is a crime.

Yet read this report to see how #DOJ applies two sets of rules, for:

- Unlucky leaker: a DIA employee faces up to 10yrs of jail time

- Lucky leaker: #McCabe and #Comey walk free


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@TomFitton @realDonaldTrump It's because people aren't going to jail for it. They see that the abuse goes unpunished. Look at #LisaPage congratulating #AndrewMcCabe right in our faces on Twitter. They are emboldened & that's the reason why they'll never stop. You guys need to start prosecuting. #RussiaHoax

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Too close to home? Revelations on closed #AndrewMcCabe case irk Subversive @EricHolder, tells reporter @paulsperry_ : ‘Shut the hell up’ via BIZPACReview

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The father of the Obama Democrat-donating prosecutor who let admitted perjurer Andrew McCabe off the hook happens to be partners with Eric Holder at the DC law firm of Covington & Burling. Did the former AG have something to do with McCabe getting off?

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@JohnBrennan How the he!! do you, @HillaryClinton @Comey @NatSecLisa #AndrewMcCabe and many others continue to get away with bloody murder?

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Months in Prison:
@HillaryClinton = 0
Destroying Evidence and Interfering in Elections
#AndrewMcCabe = 0
Interfering in Presidential Election, and Treason
@RepAdamSchiff = 0
Lying to Congress and Treason


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#EricHolder tells reporter #PaulSperry to 'shut the hell up' about one of #AndrewMcCabe federal prosecutors | Daily Mail Online Why so testy Eric??

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#AGBarr @POTUS we the people demand justice Prosecute @Comey & #AndrewMcCabe

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New Prosecutor
J.P. Cooney, the head of Fraud & Public Corruption In #RogerStone Case Also Authored #DOJ @TheJusticeDept Letter Not To Prosecute #AndrewMcCabe !!!

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Andrew McCabe—0 months in prison

Hillary Clinton—0 months in prison

James Comey—0 months in prison

John Brennan—0 months in prison

Strzok & Page—0 months in prison

But Roger Stone—40 months in prison

Is this what "Justice" looks like in America?


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A little @realdonaldtrump humor at #AGBarr's expense – totally reasonable given no #DOJ charges against proven #FBI liar & criminal #AndrewMcCabe & #RogerStone's day in #Partisan Kangaroo Court

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His request for a new trial will get circular-filed. I'm sure @realDonaldTrump's daily dosage was re-upped to match #AndrewMcCabe 's no-bill date.

Judge Jackson: "..sentenced for COVERING UP FOR Trump."

#RogerStone sentenced to 40 months in prison...

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Why does #BruceOhr still have a job? Is #BillBarr doing what needs to be done? So far has dropped #ClintonFoundation , did not charge #JamesComey or #AndrewMcCabe. #RogerStone , #PaulManafort and #MikeFlynn in same positions. No #grandjury from #JohnDurham. #Trusttheplan?

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What the actual.....? #RogerStone #AndrewMcCabe #DOJ

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#RogerStone is a political prisoner.

How does politicians like #AdamSchiff, former #Obama white house staff like Susan Rice, FBI executives like Comey and #AndrewMcCabe, and CIA officials like #Clapper and #Brennan avoid indictments?

#DemocratsTheEnemyWithin #MAGA2020

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Upside down world?...New Prosecutor In Roger Stone Case Also Authored DOJ Letter Not To Prosecute McCabe
via @SaraCarterDC

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Name a person that actually violated a more serious crime than Roger Stone yet got less of a sentence or no indictment at all? Name the verified crime and sentence. #RogerStone #AnthonyWeiner #JussieSmollett #AndrewMcCabe #JamesComey #HillaryClinton

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@SenSchumer That seems to be the case with all those that lied and covered up during the #hillaryemails and #RussiaHoax investigations.

#DeepStatecoup group has gotten away scott free
@Comey @HillaryClinton @JohnBrennan #AndrewMcCabe @NatSecLisa #peterstrzok.


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he's naming names


DAYAM Savage! @realDonaldTrump

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Y’all want proof that McCabe is innocent? @POTUS said he’s the chief police officer in America, owns the entire @TheJusticeDept, and openly wipes his ass with the constitution. In spite of all of this, @realDonaldTrump won’t prosecute #McCabe.

#AndrewMcCabe #IMPOTUS45 #DOJ

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Our justice system is a fucking joke! @Comey @JohnBrennan #AndrewMcCabe @petestrzok @NatSecLisa should've ALL faced charges and put behind bars. McCabe was caught lying to the FBI & leaking for fuck sake! MOST Americans know this is a one sided BS system in favor for the corrupt!

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@realDonaldTrump @Judgenap @HARRISFAULKNER @FoxNews ? I'll explain it- #AndrewMcCabe is innocent & you are
full of it. As with your #PAB whining this AM re: McCabe, #HRC, @Comey not being indicted, in contrast to #RogerStone's 40 months, you, at the very least, are the #BeBest incompetent chief law enforcement officer in history.

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Breaking! NOT

"NY Times Opinion faces backlash for piece written by deputy leader of the Taliban"

For decades, racist, treasonous, antiSemite,AntiChristian #NYT has been using Intel mules like #JamesComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #JohnBrennan to sabotage Trump

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??? I'll do it- #AndrewMcCabe is innocent and you are proven full of it. It begs the question as to whether #AndyMcCabe was actually "less than candid" per the IG- they sure didn't want to take it to the mat.

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“The decision not to prosecute Andy McCabe is utterly inexplicable.” @Judgenap @HARRISFAULKNER @FoxNews

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#Breaking Roger Stone has been sentenced to 40 months in prison. But what about Andy McCabe lying 3 times under oath? Former CIA Director John Brennan lying to Congress - former DNI James Clapper lying to Congress under oath.
#TwoTieredJustice will @realDonaldTrump pardon?

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- 40 months for Roger Stone, a private citizen with no public authority

- ZERO for Comey and McCabe who committed the exact same offenses while running the nation's premier LE agency

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“They say Roger Stone lied to Congress.” @CNN OH, I see, but so did Comey (and he also leaked classified information, for which almost everyone, other than Crooked Hillary Clinton, goes to jail for a long time), and so did Andy McCabe, who also lied to the FBI! FAIRNESS?

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