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@chansey_a @ewarren How long will it take for you to realize that a)the #DNCisCorrupt b)it's all #Rigged c)we have no democracy d)Biden is just #BlueTrump e)Biden is going to get his ass handed to him by Trump f) #NeverBiden g) #IBelieveTaraReade h) #Bernie2020 i) #VoterSuppression j) #BernieGoGreen

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@Alyssa_Milano We need a rapist?

Bernie is legit; haters keep grasping at straws and spreading bullshit and lies.

All for a rapist who's just the #BlueTrump

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Wisconsin! It's horrible you have to vote today. Remember that GOP is forcing this. You could be voting from home. Keep that in mind when voting. #VoteForBernie #FuckBiden #BidenisaRapist #BlueTrump

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@TheKurtster @DoctorKropotkin So it's too bad you're trying to foist #BlueTrump on us--all that is on you.

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@tmungs11 @skohayes @davidsirota I just checked, and Biden is indeed ahead in most, but not all, polls. That's good for Biden, though not for the future of mankind. He's #BlueTrump – a shitty, shitty candidate, quite similar to Trump.

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@jbrofford1 @Fox_Mulder_8 @WilkersonConnie @WezyJey @JasonWSchaver @JonWalkerDC @SocialistPhelan @dario4america You don't beat Trump by trying to run #BlueTrump against him. Biden literally is responsible for Trump's rise to power. He's far less popular than Hillary who lost, he's to the right if Hillary, & he has more baggage than Hillary.

Trump will smoke Biden like a joint.

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@5000Pith @ArletteSaenz @ryanobles @JoeBiden I'm voting for Bernie in November whether he's the nominee or not. I'm not voting for Trump or #BlueTrump . #BernieOrBust

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@blankslate2017 @dltsbradford @BWestbrookAZ8 You don't believe what you don't want to believe, because you're literally no better than a Trump voter. That's why people call Biden #BlueTrump, and boy, that is not a compliment.

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@TheDemocrats Hey, Biden has issues, Mental health, Sexual assault allegations, Neoliberal policies, A record of racism.

Biden is #BlueTrump

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I was thinking to myself, at least Biden won't use his position to enrich his family but then I remembered that whole Hunter Biden thing... #blueTrump

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@tomwatson He's also the reason NYS covid infections are nearing Italy/Spain levels, because his response was abysmally slow despite starting after CA.

But because he's compared to Trump, many democrats are saying they want him as President. He's literally #BlueTrump

Policies Matter


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@Hargess2 @Alyssa_Milano @BernieSanders #BlueTrump supporters still don't get it. The Left is not on their team. We don't give a shit about your party politics.

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@ldj8811 @davidsirota Biden is #BlueTrump. We’ll have a fascist either way 🤷🏻‍♀️

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@MagzBlue @FilialOfJah It says this ---

We'd rather have 4 more years of Trump than 8 years of #BlueTrump. We don't owe your party any allegiance because policies and issues are important than party. Many Bernie supporters are swing voters. I am. I'm not a Dem but a Green. I'll vote for my own party.

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@RantsByDesign I know exactly what agreement you're talking about: the one the DNC put through shredder
Bernie so "ethical" he'd campaign for a #BlueTrump #Rapist who obviously stole nom from him rather than try to beat both BlueTrump and RedTrump as GreenParty? That is messed up & unacceptable

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@RantsByDesign Is he going to be so groveling & w/o standards he'd even campaign for a senile #BlueTrump #Rapist who obviously stole the nomination from him???? BERNIE WOULD DO THAT instead of leading voters into the Green Party where he could beat both RedTrump and BlueTrump? Or at least TRY?

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You won't find me voting this fall if it isn't for #Bernie. @realDonaldTrump is the fault of the democratic establishment and @JoeBiden is the result of the democratic establishment. Rs found a tyrant king in Trump and they like it, Ds want a #BlueTrump and found it in Biden.

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@RHinSarata @gdigitalzsmooth Just look at #BlueTrump receipts, so important to vote for the Democrats version of Trump, Gosh, Biden sure is amazing

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@UDiddler @People4Bernie @DNC It’s YOUR job as a voting Citizen to say No to BS &stand for SOMETHING. Do your blessed Civics HW & DUTY. Biden’s a #BlueTrump. NO excusing it. Voting RAPIST is better than Progressive? #RUSane? +@DNC tried this in 2016.
I voted HRC w/90% of #Berners!
It didn’t fkn work anyway.

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#BlueTrump aka #WallStreetJoe is a Republican in disguise. Which should be obvious from all the love hes getting from @ananavarro, @MeghanMcCain, and a cast of @GOP voters.

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@josephsakata #BlueTrump #Joementia I would never support this asshat under any circumstances.

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My attempt at creating an image that captures the pure evil of the two-party stanglehold on our democracy

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@Allfourone22 @AnaKasparian So... #RedMAGA or #BLueMAGA. That's quite a choice.

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