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And please don't forget those little girls, who have been forgotten by their parents as well as the press - and even most of the people advocating for Tara. Their wrong is just as great, but they have been even more invisible.


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Let us unite together as people to empower survivors who have been dehumanized by powerful leaders.

The survivor is Tara Reade.

Accused is Fmr. VP of U.S. Joe Biden

He has not spoken publicly against these allegations as of today.

#InvestigateJoe #MSMCoverTara

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Tara Reade explains why she waited decades to reveal sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

“Fear of retaliation, when I attempted to bring forward the claims in 93’ I faced a lot of retaliation.” -Reade

“I lost my job” -Reade


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And as Bernie's self-declared surrogate, I endorse this position entirely. Biden is NOT my friend. He is NOT a "decent" guy. He is a liar, war-monger and groper of children. He should be investigated an arrested. #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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She held the truth since 1993.

She contemplated + 25 yrs.

Should I speak? or live with it?

Now, Tara Reade breaks her silence to share her encounter with Joe Biden.

& we’re here to amplify her voice.

#InvestigateJoe #JusticeforTara #MSMCoverTara

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And more than voter corruption, which Bernie has ALSO not attacked, these will be the reasons he loses, and THEY'RE ALL HIS FAULT. He's throwing the election.

And HIS silence on the score of Tara is, like the snake's, also deafening. And #dontforgetthegirls - cause Bernie has.

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@LovesTheBern This is why Bernie will keep losing.

Someone says Biden is corrupt... Bernie says he's not.

Someone asks if Biden can beat Trump...
Bernie says yes.

People says #NeverBiden...
Surrogates attack them and say #OfCourseBiden while Bernie is still running.


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On your own with this. As a campaign strategy, it sucks. NOTHING could persuade me to vote for Biden. Never going to happen. #OfcourseNOTBiden #dontforgetthegirls. Maybe instead of posts like this the campaign COULD EVER CONFRONT BIDEN. Instead of figuring out ways to lose.

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I’m a @BernieSanders surrogate. You all know that.

But anyone tweeting #NeverBiden is getting played.

That’s a Pro-Trump troll tweet.

Fight for @BernieSanders with all your heart.
Every moment.
Every day.

But if he doesn’t win - #OfCourseBiden.

Duh. #NeverTrump

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And #dontforgetthegirls Biden has molested. I've been after Bernie and his campaign to do this for months now. Never one single response from a single one of them.

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@BernieSanders We need you stop speak up about #TaraReade Bernie

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It was pretty craven. Maybe he looked at some of the videos of Biden groping little girls, molesting them right in public? Too much to hope for a condemnation of that sort of perversion and criminality? We'll see. #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls This is #NotGoingAway

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This isn't quite the sign you think, I think. He'll pick up the "vote woman no matter how bad" crowd when he names his VP. #ArrestJoeBiden #dontforgetthegirls

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#dontforgetthegirls Don't forget the little girls he constantly fondles and molests. The sex abusers' biggest friend is INVISIBLE VICTIMS. Biden has mastered that. Please see it.

#IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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When Biden has even less enthusiasm behind him than Clinton, then that's a tremendously bad sign for a presidential candidate

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Nothing but molestation. Look at the expression on those girls' faces. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING PARENTS WHO LET THEIR CHILDREN DOWN SO BADLY??? You're still doing it. Come out and make the bastard who molested your girls pay. #dontforgetthegirls #IBelieveTara

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And there it is in a nutshell. Why every reasonable woman believes Tara.

#IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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These videos never fail to infuriate me. And maybe the most infuriating thing is the parents, who are so busy ass-kissing that they sacrifice their daughters to the monster. Total abdication of responsibility. And NOT ONE has joined with me to call this out. #dontforgetthegirls

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1. If that girl was my kid I'd be furious
2. It shows total disregard for physical autonomy
3. It's footage that he lies about his respect for women's position in this world

No more talk abt Trump & disregard Biden's *many* violations. This malarky makes me 🤢.

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They're trying to salvage him without ever addressing his molestation or dementia. #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls #ArrestJoeBiden

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Biden could reportedly soon embrace 'key planks' of more progressive agenda


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This is the way it starts! Next it'll be drugs, orgies, and a complete breakdown of social order.

Just don't vote for Biden. There have to be some limits, and child molesters don't belong in office.


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WHY is Biden being allowed to physically assault this young woman in front of her parents and the world? Not only brushing his knuckles on her breast but putting his hand on her waist for many seconds, ostensibly for photographs.

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And exactly the same with Biden and those little girls.

Which I suppose was your point.


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@autarken @dragoaslise @justa_gurl_ @steveinmerida Everybody knew about Harvey Weinstein. For 25 years. Everybody. I'm not "in the Biz" and *I* knew the motherfucker was a rapist. It didn't matter. Everybody kept doing business with him, deferring to him. No wonder he thought he could get away with forever. He kinda did.

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Exactly. That hand creep - is there a woman in the world who doesn't know EXACTLY what he's doing?

And no man does it by accident, either.

He's a disgusting pervert. #dontforgetthegirls

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If you’re worried about putting on a few pounds during this time I have a GREAT tip for you. Ready? Okay:

Stop worrying about that, you’re living through a pandemic. You can have a cookie.

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Howard Dean quietly deleted yesterday's craven attempt to discredit a rape survivor. #TimesUpBiden

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Everything about Tara Reade's claim rings true, and sad. I have no doubt of Biden's guilt in that. But if I did, I'd just look at the dozens of videos of him groping little girls. #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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Fair and thorough look at Tara’s claims against Joe Biden here from @Newsweek. Thank you for covering!

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#IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

(Just to keep them trending)

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Joe Biden Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Senate Aide In 1993

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I expect a lot of men won't, either.

And anyone who cares about children, since you ignored all the little girls the bastard has been feeling up for his entire career. #dontforgetthegirls

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Dont forget Check out budderball420's #dontforgetthegirls video! #TikTok

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Biden's number should read, at a minimum, 175+ if anyone would do justice to all the little girls he's groped. Why do so many pundits overlook this? #dontforgetthegirls - the most invisible victims RIGHT THERE IN PLAIN VIEW.

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I believe her story. I listened to the interview and found it completely believable. But I was already extremely concerned about the way Biden molests little girls every chance he gets. To me, THAT's the story that's going to explode. Look at the videos and #dontforgetthegirls

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All they have to do is look at the videos! the videos of all the little girls he's molested. No reason to investigate anything else at all. He's too demented to stand trial for his crimes. Not to deprive the women of their validation if they need it, though. #dontforgetthegirls

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The incredible arrogance of thinking everyone is as stupid and morally blind as you are. #ArrestJoeBiden #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls. The lame denials make his guilt more obvious than ever.

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Marianne Baker never watched Biden do anything and wore earplugs and eyeshades her entire career. Because if she ever saw him around some little girl, she HAD to see him molest them. He's incapable of leaving them alone. Look at the videos! #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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@womensmarch @PepperOceanna There must be a complete investigation into Joe Biden's congressional career for any records of sexual harassment or discrimination.

We must also apologize to women we ignored who said Biden inappropriately touched them.

#UnEndorseBiden #IBelieveTara

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We all know the accusations are true. Look at all the videos of Biden molesting little girls. The man is a monster. He should be in jail. #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls #ArrestJoeBiden

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UPDATE: Joe Biden's campaign denies sexual assault allegation made by Tara Reade. Advisor Kate Bedingfield says "these accusations are false” in statement to *Fox News.* Biden himself refuses to address the claims:

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Anybody who disagrees with the dnc line is "Russian." The new McCarthy party. That's a pretty disgusting corruption of democratic values. But then, they're sheltering a rapist, so what else would you expect? #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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No I’m not. I’m just a dude who believes people deserve a livable planet and quality healthcare just because they are people.

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Apparently the entire VBNMW crowd needs to hear it. #IBelieveTara And Biden might actually be worse. #dontforgetthegirls

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And now the question is, WHEN WILL THE PARENTS OF THOSE LITTLE GIRLS DO THEIR JOBS AND COME OUT AND DENOUNCE JOE BIDEN? You let them down when he molested them. You owe it to your girls to defend them now. #dontforgetthegirls

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@DavidAgStone Question is credibility. #TaraReade told brother & friend in 1993 about the @JoeBiden sexual assault. These r the same criteria used 2 convict #HarveyWeinstein as it was he said she said. @CNN & @MSNBC must believe its true as they won't report even the allegation. #TimesUpBiden

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They can try. But those videos of Biden molesting girls are everywhere, and Tara Reade's story is completely believable and persuasive. And then there's us.

#IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls #ArrestJoeBiden #unendorseBiden

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#TimesUpBiden. @voxdotcom is on the story. Tara Reade's allegations are blowing up. All of Biden's victims will have justice.
Now would be a good time to #UnendorseBiden, everyone who did. #IStandWithTara

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Kind of scary how much Howard Dean and liberals learned from Donald Trump

They are true #BlueMAGA

They learned that whenever accused of rape just yell FAKE NEWS and pretend it didn't happen


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Just watch the videos of him molesting all those girls, Hassan. If you think he's normal and not a criminal after that, then I know everything I would ever need to know about YOU. Look at the videos of Biden and all those little girls. #ArrestJoeBiden #dontforgetthegirls

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GTFOH. Are you seriously telling a survivor that repressed memories are not a thing and that it invalidates a claim? 😒

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Someone needs to deal Biden a "Go to Jail" card. No need to debate. Just go to jail.

#IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls #ArrestJoeBiden

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Biden must debate Bernie

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Just look at the videos of him molesting little girls. There's no debate at all. Reasonable minds could not differ. Biden is a child molester. #ArrestJoeBiden #IBelieveTara #dontforgetthegirls

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@GovHowardDean .@ggreenwald and @ryangrim are Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. It's telling that you dismiss their reporting because it shines a harsh spotlight on the truth about The Democrats. Women will not forget your refusal to hear our voices.

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#TimesUpBiden for forcing countless sexual assault survivors relive their trauma as you arrogantly stay in the race and revictimize them. #BelieveWomen #EndSexualViolence

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idk who needs to hear this, but "Donald Trump is worse" is not a good standard for what constitutes acceptable behavior towards women.

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@roleram @LovesTheBern @america_vest Fu¢k off. I reported my attacker. Nothing but character assassination happened to me. My attacker walked away free. The criminal justice system doesn't help sexual assault victims.

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Everyone who excused or danced around Biden sniffing women and stroking them and giving them little kisses, who treated that stuff as meh, knew that sooner or later, a far more explosive #MeToo allegation against him would come out.

Today, one has.

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@JoeBiden There was never a social norm that allowed men to touch little girls breasts.

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