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I just want to thank @mdoenews for meeting with @laurajohns and myself today. We appreciate that @CSTAMaine and Maine’s CS teachers have had the opportunity to work with you to develop the K-12 Computer Science framework. Let’s make it happen! #CS4Maine #EdTech207 #EdChatME

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I’m running for President of @CSTAMaine. My goals are to work with all educators and our supporters to bring excellent K-16 Computer Science education to the students of #Maine. I would appreciate your vote. #CS4Maine #CS4ME #EdTech207 #EdChatME

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So this is happening Wednesday in Newport, ME, down the road a piece from Camp Etna. I won’t lie. I’m really excited for the program and to meet author @MiraPtacin.

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Excellent opportunity for educators to learn from experts and practitioners about the various #publichealth challenges facing schools & communities. #edchatme #wholechild #dtk12chat #edchat #sblchat

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Matt & Matt are off, so no new podcast this week. We’ll be back next week w/ more previews, testimony reviews, committee votes, & plenty of nonsense. Plus: the IMMUNIZATION Referendum. #itsbaaaaack #herewegoagain #pertussis 🤷‍♂️ #edchatme #borgnine

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This is the week! Sign up here: to join us for @DrCHHuntley's Public Health Consulting and Entrepreneurship EXPO.

Can't participate live? Register and you will gain access to all the presentations.

Meet the panelists:

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2020 Election Ballots are being emailed to all @CSTAMaine members that have registered on the @csteachersorg website. President and Secretary positions (2 year terms) are open. Best of luck to the candidates! #CS4Maine #CS4ME #EdTech207 #EdChatME

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Looking for the "what now?" of Collective Efficacy? Join us for our Intro To PLC 2.0 webinar #edchatme #edleaders #learnercentered

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Announcing MCLA Spring-Summer 2020 Professional Learning Events #edchatme #edleaders #edleadership #learnercenetered #Mainecoaches

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@madisonteacher and @MrShaneGower could you use your considerable influence to remind our #socstudme colleagues to get their Ss to register to vote when we all get back from break?

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Got some Valentines to share from this week's @CSPANClassroom Monday! Students loved this part of the assignment and really showed off some creativity! Check out the lesson: #GoMessoEagles #WeAreRSU18 #Cspan #sschat #socstudme #edchatme

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Who is excited for this year's Maine App Challenge? #EdChatME

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Yes. One great explanation of educational equity #edchatme #edleaders #learnercentered

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“Whenever you make a decision or take a key decision, write down what you expect will happen. Nine or 12 months later, compare the results with what you expected.” #edchatme #edleaders #learnercentered

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A big must for building structures to support #learnercentered education: uncoupling resources and materials from grade levels #edchatme #edleaders

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Self-awareness is one of the most important leadership qualities. But what exactly does it involve? Read on to find out.

#selfawareness #leadership #qualities

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51% of schools and #edleaders report that they are making updating curriculum to get students ready for the jobs of the future a top priority. #futureofwork #CTEmonth

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Materials do not have to be 100% aligned to grade level standards, but they must be aligned to the standards you intend them to support in order to provide benefit to the students who will use them. #differentiation #educoach #curriculum #k12 #edleadership

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Today we preview #LD1857 (Protecting Ts from Punitive/Retaliatory Transfers), review testimony on CTE funding ( #LD1947, #LD2022) & review recent committee votes on several bills. Plus: Matt & Matt discuss "FebUary" vs "FebRUary". #edchatme #borgnine

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''Educational equity means that all students receive whatever they need every day to develop to their full academic and social potential and thrive.'' @brightmorningtm #LearnFwdTLP via @LearningForward

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The @codeorg @TeachCode CSF workshop is so damn good. If you want to create amazing opportunities for your students, you should go to this workshop! #CS4Maine #CS4ME #EdTech207 #EdChatME

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This is a fantastic story! Congratulations @CSforLPS @alison_somers @BiggTechTeacher! Thank you for what you do for kids! @mdoenews @projectlogin @mmsa_org @EducateMaine @MaineEA @CS4Maine #CS4Maine #CS4ME #EdTech207 #EdChatME

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Two first grade students started a kindness movement, and a non-profit! #bethekindkid #edchatme #edleaders #learnercentered

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Sign up for a CS Fundamentals intro course on 2/29 in Augusta! It's free! And you'll get free breakfast and lunch and free code swag! Who doesn't love free professional development? Learn to #teachcode.

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New blog post from @juliesmyth33 today! Boost culture with this idea for spreading kindness. #edchatme #edleaders #learnercentered

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Shout out to @LewistonMS teacher @alison_somers for her feature on @WGME this morning!

Lewiston students learn about coding

#CS4Maine #CSforALL #EdTech207

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Wonderful game of the Dexter Regional High School and Nokomis High School UNIFIED Basketball teams! #edchatme #meschools #AOS94ME

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My heart was full of song the entire time I watched. It made me so happy and proud to see people cheering for PEOPLE instead of their own team. An example of humanity, civility, and togetherness at its PEAK. #tigerpride #edchatme

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It was a wonderful afternoon watching the Unified Basketball teams of Dexter Regional High School & Nokomis High School play each other. The crowd supported BOTH teams every step of the game. Way to go! cc @mdoenews #edchatme

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This is such hard work for both student and teachers. But it is great practical experience for our students. Our community is amazing. ❤️ @actecareertech #acte #macte #cte #edchatme #culinaryarts

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Some days your job is easy, some days it may not be, but your job is important EVERY DAY. #MondayMotivation #Edu

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Teachers in & around Maine, need some free, participant-driven PD hours?

Need inspiration?

Join us at #edcamp207 on 3/14/20 in Readfield for an energizing day of learning & sharing, a bit of swag (& awesome door prizes!).

Please share!


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