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@hakique Thank you for being an ally Dr Virani. Your support is greatly appreciated. #BlackLivesMatter #MedEd #medtwitter #EDI

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⬇️An important read on impact #EDI work has. TY @DrRobSellers Some days it’s exhausting & this resonated: “I owe it to those who came before me, those who fought and died to make this country just a little bit better for those who came after them. They fought for me...”

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@SaharaReporters Dem don collect bribe from winch. #Edi and #Asasi

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STEM folks: Now it’s not the time to share your latest article or a pic of your baked goods. If you think your TL “needs a break,” sit down and revisit your privilege.

Unlike your “problem,” the issues faced daily by the Black community cannot be ignored by avoiding their phone.

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Goede instructie is een krachtig middel om gedragsproblemen te voorkomen. Klinkt logisch maar is dat ook uit onderzoek bewezen? @Onderwijsgek #EDI

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An excellent thread and a must read! 👇

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@Onderwijsgek Keihard aan het werk om een nieuwe verzameling beurtstokjes aan te leggen. #edi

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I'm in pain and yes "we tired" but I'm not out. Seen too many George Floyd's die this way. Seen and experienced too much structural racism. @rdlankes says he is taking responsibility. Are you?

Libraries, info centres, info pro's, friends of libraries we can create change. #EDI

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We’re delighted to feature here @Stopgapdance, a group ‘committed to making discoveries about integrating disabled and non-disabled people through dance’. You can view their award-winning dance film, ‘Artificial Things’, here:

#CultureConnectsUs #EDI

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My Responsibility to Fight Racism

“As a director, professor, and scholar I must instill radical empathy in my students and information institutions and equip them to directly fight racism.”

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#ŚredniaTemperatura. Średnia temperatura maja na stacji do 30.05.2020 wyniosła 1⃣1⃣,0⃣°C, przy średniej z wielolecia 1981-2010 dla miesiąca maja, dla Będzina wynoszącej 13,9°C (źródło: #IMGWmeteo), odchylenie od normy -2,9°C 🧊📉 -0,1°C. #KapryśnyMaj wskaźnik #EDI+-0,0 #PoSuszy

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In deze Coronatijd is het super handig om met #wisbordjes te controleren of leerlingen de instructie begrepen hebben. #Edi

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Today I wanted to share a preprint describing our labs work on #SARSCoV2 antibodies, work that I’ve spent many long days and nights to get done the last three weeks, but the joy I should have in sharing my work is gone, it’s been sucked out of me, given what’s going on...

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Replying to @DataMasons: Watch: #DynamicsAX user AROP was able to handle a large contract with Audi thanks to Data Masons #EDI . #ERP #MSDynAX #EDIMadeSimple

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We recognize that representation matters.

At @uoftmedicine, we’ve been working to change a problematic history when it comes to the number of Black doctors in training.

We know that we have to do better. 1/7

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@DocSandyB @DennisKendel @Dr_ChrisSimpson @Dr_Gerin_Lajoie @jblackmerMD @KatharineSmart @drgigiosler @DrAnnCollins @marcoux_laurent @AndreasLaupacis @NightShiftMD Congrats #MDClass2020!! You have come so far! You are strong leaders and advocates. Continue to use your power, privilege and experiences to affect positive change for others wherever you can. We are lifelong learners! MD 1994 @UAlberta_FoMD , CAC 2019 @FamPhysCan #EDI

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#ŚredniaTemperatura. Średnia temperatura maja na stacji do 29.05.2020 wyniosła 1⃣1⃣,1⃣°C, przy średniej z wielolecia 1981-2010 dla miesiąca maja, dla Będzina wynoszącej 13,9°C (źródło: #IMGWmeteo), odchylenie od normy -2,8°C 🧊📈 +0,1°C. #KapryśnyMaj wskaźnik #EDI+-0,0 #PoSuszy

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@NupuraBakshiMD Ditto! And it is so great that you are leading the #EDI work in Opthalmology @uoftmedicine @UofTDOVS.

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@ShahadKhalladi So true Shahad ! We need to stop having certitudes about ourselves in a way and keep on challenging if what we do reflect what we say about ourselves or what we want to say about ourselves #edi

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Bollinger Bands Dont Lie $EDI #Edi
Let it Rest & Let it Dip !! 📉 🔽 🔻 it is ok!!
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Interesting thread re #EDI & #REF

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Watch: #DynamicsAX user AROP was able to handle a large contract with Audi thanks to Data Masons #EDI . #ERP #MSDynAX #EDIMadeSimple

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Some useful resources to take a systematic & embedded approach to #EDI bespoke for King’s but easily adaptable for other orgs!

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I am extremely heavy-hearted by the events happening in our neighbor country, and fighting internally to regain #hope in humanity

Every action each of us do, should be to work for and reclaim #JUSTICE👇 at all levels.

Graph credits: Tony Ruth

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This morning, I woke up very tired. Not your normal tired. I woke up with a kind of tired that can only be found on the other side of loss, anger, frustration, sadness, and despair. #georgefloyd #AhmaudArbery

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@WebRetailer mentions @TrueCommerce in #EDI and #Amazon integration story.

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@UA_magazine @uOttawa @jetkerr Thank you! We have a tough job ahead of us! None (few!) of us is optimally equipped for the job, educators or students.

Grateful for a community where we can support and learn from each other.

We also need #studentsaspartners in all this.

#remotelearning #EDI

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Very important paper by Caroline Hodes on how free speech promoted by the far-right in universities silences and increases the unpaid labour of students and staff who are forced to educate while simultaneously resisting their own marginalisation #LSA2020 Rethinking #EDI

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@swtorista #scorpio - the less emotional #EDI , who really would forget to recycle the air (because she don't care)

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#ŚredniaTemperatura. Średnia temperatura maja na stacji do 28.05.2020 wyniosła 1⃣1⃣,0⃣°C, przy średniej z wielolecia 1981-2010 dla miesiąca maja, dla Będzina wynoszącej 13,9°C (źródło: #IMGWmeteo), odchylenie od normy -2,9°C 🧊 #KapryśnyMaj wskaźnik #EDI+0,7 #PoSuszy

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#NOTICIAS Lenin Moreno #Ecuador 3 años de desgobierno en 10 minutos #Edi... a través de @YouTube

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Thanks for vote of confidence & appreciate your contributions to the success of our meetings - hope to see you there virtually to share & dialogue about healthcare #LeadershipDevelopment. We need this more than ever during #covid19. Navigating #change, using the lens of #EDI etc

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One of our @nuact_NCL fellows is organising this international webinar for @mcaauk on balancing research and family life. Open to all researchers-just sign up! #ECRchat #EDI

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A superb #EDI and #ResearchCulture event open to all, hosted by the excellent @mcaauk . A great line up of speakers including @CandyRowe_ 👍 #researchers #families

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Delighted to be invited to talk at this event to reflect on my personal experiences and some of the initiatives we have @UniofNewcastle to support researchers with families. Open to all-please RT. @nuact_NCL @fms_postdoccomm @FMSDiversityNCL @EqualityNCLUni @NU_Women #ForFamilies

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An excellent conference- highly recommend!

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4th June 2.30pm webinar on balancing research and family planning.
Prof. Candy Rowe, Newcastle University
Dr Maurice O’Brien, Cardiff University
Dr Tania Romacho, German Diabetes Center/MCAA GEDI Working Group

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In week when I’ve heard overwhelmingly from female colleagues about how lack of childcare is impacting on them & there’s extensive coverage in the press about this & other gender & equality issues, it seems #REF21 will have shortest possible extension

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As part of our work in supporting the response to Coronavirus we have updated our EDI webpages. The Coronavirus and EDI page provides equality, diversity and inclusion guidance and resources to support King’s in making informed decisions at this time.

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