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Hey, you should register for The @GeneticsGSA Allied Genetics Conference #TAGC2020 April 22-25. It's virtual and free: Plus you can hear about how dense encoding of developmental regulatory information in a #Drosophila enhancer may constrain #evolvability

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"This Paulinella version of the endosymbiotic evolution hypothesis deserves further examination to test its generality in many evolutionary systems"
#Evolution #Evolvability #EvolutionaryTendencies

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"Web configurations are integral parts of the cognitive systems. Extended cognition helps to explain some puzzling features of spider behavior and promotes evolvability within the group, enhancing innovation through cognitive connectivity"
#Evolvability #Perception #Evolution

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Today @CloJosselin gave a great talk with the title " #Evolvability of predominantly selfing species: on the importance of residual allogamy, additivity and dominance" @CASOslo!

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David Houle gave a great talk at @CASOslo today, with the title " #Evolvability of sexual dimorphism under antagonistic and concordant selection". New and interesting theory!

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#DarwinDay Current debates over evolutionary theorizing are all in agreement with Darwin's theoretical breakthroughs. Our 2019 #EvoEvolving conference highlights the evolution of evobio itself while examining the evolution of evo processes ( #evolvability).

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Thanks to Øystein H. Opedal (@oysteinopedal) for his great talk "The #Evolvability of Flowers" and all the interesting discussions this week at @CASOslo.

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Carter Lab publication: Artificial selection reveals heritable variation for developmental instability.
Spoiler: selection changed fluctuating asymmetry.

#Carterlab #FA #fluctuatingasymmetry #evolution #drosophila #evolvability #artificialselection #wings

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Carter Lab publication: Evolution of variation and variability under fluctuating, stabilizing, and disruptive selection.

#Carterlab #DA #directionalasymmetry #FA #fluctuatingasymmetry #evolution #drosophila #evolvability #artificialselection #canalization

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New work on the #evolvability of chemical defences in #Heliconius butterflies led by @AnniinaMattila, now available on bioRxiv:

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Toxicity of a #Heliconius butterfly population may change up to 10% per y because of high evolutionary potential in this trait, demonstrated by our study highlighting the implications of chemical defense evolution for aposematic and mimetic species.

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Carter Lab publication: Heritability of directional asymmetry in Drosophila melanogaster.
Spoiler: DA unchanged by 15 generations of selection :)

#Carterlab #DA #directionalasymmetry #evolution #drosophila #evolvability #artificialselection #heritability

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Carter Lab publication: Evolution of genetic architecture under directional selection.
Using theory and simulations to model effects of epistasis on selection response.

#Carterlab #populationgenetics #popgen #epistasis #selection #evolution #evolvability

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Carter Lab publication: On adaptive accuracy and precision in natural populations.
FA data suggesting natural selection to improve developmental precision is important.

#Carterlab #FA #fluctuatingasymmetry #developmentalstability #evolution #evolvability

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Thanks to Fred Nijhout for his visit to @CASOslo. He gave two very interesting talks. One on "Robustness and #Evolvability" and the other on "The Control of Polyphenic Development in Insects".

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Carter Lab publication: The role of epistatic gene interactions in the response to selection and the evolution of evolvability.

#Carterlab #epistasis #theoreticalbiology #popgen #evolution #populationgenetics #evolvability #mathematicalbiology #math #TPB

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We ended the fall at @CASOslo with a great talk by one of our group leaders, Christope Pélabon, on " #Evolvability and Allometry - A special look at animal weapons". Looking forward to the spring semester, Happy Holidays!

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Thanks to Philipp Mitteröcker for his visit! Yesterday we enjoyed his talk on "Geometries of #Evolvability" at @CASOslo. Disclaimer: we verified that he didn't get attacked by the polar bear.

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Yesterday we had the pleasure of attending a talk by one of our group leaders Thomas F. Hansen about "Quantitative genetics, epistasis and #evolvability" at @CASOslo.

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Great talk by Joshua L. Payne (@joshualevipayne) on the “The #evolvability of transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation” at @CASOslo today! Nice illustrations of the adaptive landscapes as well.

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Once one becomes accustomed to a circumstance, it might become more difficult to adapt to sudden, unforeseen changes.”

(Koizumi Itsuki, in "The Dissociation of Suzumiya Haruhi")

#resilience #antifragility #evolvability

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Alan C. Love gave a great talk with the title " #Evolvability, Predictability, Reproducibility" for our Tuesday seminar series @CASOslo today.

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The @PhD_EBD Justine Le Vaillant from @ebdonana is giving an oral talk about the #evolvability of phenotypic plasticity of pied #flycatchers under environmental variation at the #CongresoOrnitologia2019 Nice talk!!! @SEO_BirdLife @spea_birdlife @inbetweenering

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Today we enjoyed both an interview and a journal club discussion with @RichardDawkins on the historical aspects of #evolvability at @CASOslo.

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Mihaela Pavlicev gave a talk during our lunch seminar at @CASOslo today about «The Evolution and #Evolvability of the Female Orgasm». Both entertaining and interesting!

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Enjoyed a great talk by Andreas Wagner (@WagnerEvolution) today at @CASOslo about "Cryptic variation and #evolvability in a simple molecular system".

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Great talk by Mihaela Pavlicev today about #Evolvability from the systems' perspective at @CASOslo. You can watch the talk here:

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My mind is blown reading this new paper about adaptation, #tradeoffs, and #evolvability (in yeast). Wrapping my head around the basic concepts seems as critical as their findings:

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Yesterday James Cheverud gave a talk on the #evolution of the phenotype-genotype map at @CASOslo. You can watch the talk here:

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Populations under strong selection evolve greater robustness to mutations, facilitating fitness valley bypasses with dual-role mutations that enhance both robustness & fitness.

External Prof @WagnerEvolution (@UZH_en) at SFI on #selection & #evolvability:

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What are the effects of selection on #evolvability? Does robustness lead to reservoirs of neutral genetic mutations that prepare an organism to adapt to new environments?

Today at SFI, External Professor @WagnerEvolution of @UZH_en on adaptive landscapes:

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so great to have been invited to this year long project on #evolvability @EvolvabilityCAS at the Center for Advanced Study in Oslo @CASOslo Good to have to just sit, think, and talk with so many excellent people, thanks @AgnesHolstad for the streaming management!

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@fred_guillaume gave a great talk on the limits to #adaption and the #evolution of pleiotropy at @CASOslo today. Check out the stream of the talk here:

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Enjoyed both the talk and the art by Johannes Jaeger (@yoginho) at @CASOslo today. #dynamicalmodels #morphogenetics #evolvability

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The talk by Jon Bråte(@___JonB___)on #Evolution and the development in single-celled eukaryotes @CASOslo today produced a fruitful discussion #Evolvability

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Antoine Frenoy: ' #evolvability is not #mutation rate' #eseb2019

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