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It is #NOT the #Left that is/was in power. It is not the #Right that is/was in #Power. It is the #Oligarchy/ #Plutocracy that is and has been in #Power since forever. #The #GoldenCalf is the #1 #Religious #Faith - everywhere. Believing in #Democracy is believing in #SantaClaus.

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The left have been in power - the right have been in power - they have changed nothing - natural world that we depend on to survive is dying - Earth is heating up to levels not fit for life on Earth - we need to prioritize nature - not growth and development or there is no future

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@3shawna3 @99freemind Hollywood, celebrities, professional sports... are a nothing but a #GoldenCalf

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Roberto Saavedra Walker Art
"The golden calf" "El becerro de oro" simbolo de la decadencia de unos sistemas carentes de humanidad.
#goldencalf #revisited #idol #worldsystems #globaldisease #art #compromise #symbol

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Would u choose to worship the #GoldenCalf over God? #Think

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Or remind him to focus on the message from God and worship the creator and not the human vessel being used. #goldencalf

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I wish I could go back to 16yr old me and let him know that all his favorite Christian bands would have de-conversions, so just go ahead and listen to good secular music.

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I'm not black. However, I am not OK with "kids in cages" and etc.

I am not OK with #Pathocracy or worshiping a false god.

Matthew 7:15 - NIV: "Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." #goldencalf

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@marcorubio Have you no spine? #goldencalf

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oh look the rich are getting richer over our deaths....all hail the #Dow


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@Heritage @gtconway3d Now they worship the #GoldenCalf
(Putin's #TrojanHorseTrump)
Now, they hate their neighbors
Now, they are radicalized angry, fearful fingerpointers
Now they let a child to in a cage
Now they allow evil to triumph
@Heritage misled misinformed manipulated mindfucked their followers

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@LevineJonathan Why would the Never Trump Republicans want friends who've already abandoned them to worship at the feet of the @GOP's #GoldenCalf?

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@taradublinrocks Three tweets, and I'm blocked too.

It ended w
Melt down the #GoldenCalf

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To be fair, Trump never said he considered church an essential service for him personally. He's busy hitting the links on Sunday mornings. Some people say golf is his personal #goldencalf. #Priorities

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Even though @realDonaldTrump called for churches to be opened and deemed an “essential service” despite them being a hot spot for #coronavirus during this pandemic; President Two Corinthians didn’t go to church today - he went golfing! #COVID19 #church

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@WajahatAli I kept looking for the #GoldenCalf, but then I realized that @realDonaldTrump is the calf and he's in their hearts.

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@godmoringmm @MatthewJshow @realDonaldTrump Which God is that: the one who teaches love & compassion, & to help those less fortunate than you, or the white, upper middle class, gun-toting, anthem standing, gay hating, racist, xenophobic God you, evilgelicals & the @GOP have made in your own image? #GoldenCalf

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Came across this #goldencalf at a museum today in St. Augustine.

I immediately thought of Exodus 32 and agreed with God that we are certainly a stiff neck people

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#DonTheCon is a proven $25M #FRAUD! #wakeup America!
#ComeTogether and #Firetrump.
Stop praying to the #GoldenCalf while he and his #nepotiSONinLaw prey on US!

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#wakeup #MAGA
The proven $25M #FRAUD, #DonTheCon, is stealing US blind!
You are praying to the #GoldenCalf while he and his #elite #cronies prey on US!

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In Dec 2015, candidate Trump criticized Obama for playing "250 rounds of golf" in 7 years.

Today, 3.5yrs into his presidency, during a pandemic that has killed almost 100,000 Americans, Trump is making his 271st taxpayer-funded visit to a golf club he still profits from

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The President and his GOP confederacy have chosen to sacrifice tens of thousands of your lives for this thing.

Exodus 32:8

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@mitchellvii Beliefs, as strong as they can be, are weak.
Beliefs are not knowledge.
Beliefs are not Truth
Beliefs are not facts.

Your particular belief is hysterical if you think anyone would actually follow the #FalseLight
Your #GoldenCalf embodies the 7 deadly sins you seem to enjoy.

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Donald Trump - a con man - attracts other charlatans and fraudsters, who use him as an instrument to prey on innocent people, stealing from others to fund their lavish lifestyles.

(This @ProjectLincoln clip never gets old.)

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@WhiteHouse If anyone thinks Trump cares about this... only sucki g up to his base...
Only thing he worships is #Goldencalf

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@Mcphie00 @QArmy1973 Ahh I see...the man who knows absolutely NOTHING about me assumes I"bear nothing" because I point out hypocrisy in your political leanings. I am neither R or D.I am American,and I find your attempts at using religion to justify your bias disgusting and without grace. #goldencalf

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@piersmorgan @BorisJohnson This is the first time I've agreed with @piersmorgan since he (Piers) became Pharaoh of the NHS during COVID19 hysteria season.


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the Bible says in Revelations that Christians will worship the anti-Christ, and a plague will come.... #GoldenCalf

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Doing REALLY well, medically, on solving the CoronaVirus situation (Plague!). It will happen!

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Survey: ”Poorly educated” #fakechristians and #fakepatriots pray to a proven $25M #FRAUD #GoldenCalf while he and his scummy #elite prosperity gospel grifters prey on US. #NoHonor #NoIntegrity

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Survey: White Evangelicals See Trump As 'Honest' And 'Morally Upstanding'

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@Pajjr2016 @politicalwire With one exception.....no #GoldenCalf this time. this time His message is being sent with a #GoldenAss !

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@Cernovich @GOP The Bible is supposed to be about
loving the stranger
Loving the downtrodden
Loving the lonely
God made all men in his image
We are an expression of God
Man created hate jealousy envy greed
God gave freewill
but Jesus Christ man!
He told you to watch out #FalseLight

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@waltshaub @cindyceemerson Whitesis: US Pale Jihadists
CultGOPs white Jesus & church of bigotry crowd-
Been given green light to act out white noise orders from the asshole of inhumanity.

Intimidation by weak links.
#CultGOP has sold democracy & constitutional law out. They grovel on knees to #GoldenCalf

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