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@Alyssa_Milano toxic is #JoeBiden promoting war in Iraq (war for Oil and $$$) killing & displacing MiLLiONs of inocent people. Causing refugee crisis in Europe,massive destruction and rise of right wing extremism. Thats your #Joe. Please Alyssa see this:

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This language makes you an enemy to en entire group of voters that you feel don’t matter. Your needs don’t matter. Our voices don’t matter. If that’s how you feel, what makes you think we will give your candidate our votes that according to you don’t matter? #JoeBiden #NotMeUs

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#JoeBiden ''Nothing would fondamentally change'' is clearly not enough Only #Bernie can do this.

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@Alyssa_Milano Why can't #JoeBiden stand down in favour of #BernieSanders? Especially considering that even #AndrewCuomo is doing a better job than Biden over the #COVID19Pandemic.

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@cooluser51 LIARS!

#JoeBiden something wrong! #DementiaJoe
Then, #AlyssaMilano #MeToo movement protecting #Biden!


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I still stand with #BernieForPresident .. #JoeBiden 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ hard pass

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6.6 million filed for unemployment

This system needs to be burned down to the ground

& then the foundation it was built on, demolished

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Wher is #JoeBiden? Does anybody know?

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@lori_rencher @marwilliamson @Alyssa_Milano @WhoopiGoldberg I respect informed voters that make choices that don’t screw up the last chance for any real change in this country. We have millions losing insurance during a pandemic. Many will die. Many will lose everything. The answer isn’t a weak #JoeBiden. #RealityEndorsesBernie #Bernie

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Pro-Donald Trump Group Announces $10M Ad Buy: ‘It’s Time To Put Sleepy Joe Biden To Bed’ #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #Election2020

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@Alyssa_Milano It isn't a question of wanting you to be silent. I just want honesty. You and @SymoneDSanders were happy to believe victims when it was convenient. Not that it is #JoeBiden who is under the microscope, you're silent. I want you to speak on that.


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This is the part where #JoeBiden should say, "We Need #MedicareForAllnow"


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Howard, let me say it for you #JoeBiden cannot beat #Trump!!! He is noticeably senile. He can’t keep a thought much of the time. I know its the thing that must not be spoken by the Democratic elite as you’re making clear👇 #JoeBiden WILL NOT BEAT TRUMP

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@danielmarans Lol. The campaign that “rose and fell very quickly” is still going strong.

We’re not voting for creepy corporate #JoeBiden. We’re just not.

#BernieForPresident #WeNeedBernie #Bernie2020

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@Alyssa_Milano 30 Million UNINSURED under ACA
80 Million Under Insured-Deductibles $5000 & More
10 Million New Unemployed

#JoeBiden PROMISED to Veto #SinglePayer Healthcare that would provide healthcare to ALL Americans


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"Someday you will smile before you cry when you think about your husband" - #Cuomo sharing and paraphrasing a call from #JoeBiden on the death of his father.

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26 states have not #Voted Idnk what #Democrats are thinking wanting #BernieSanders to Drop Out ~ #COVID19 and #JoeBiden against #MedicareForAll #Cannabis our food in prohibition 1915 #Texas ~ NIH says if we can eat it the plant is antiviral anticancer and supports #ImmuneSystem

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With the addition of this weeks 6.6 million new unemployment claims, 10 million people no longer have insurance through their jobs. They, most likely, have zero insurance. Hey Joe, thought you could keep your insurance if you liked it? #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders #JoeBiden

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@kharyp @RonaldKlain Tell #ACLU Judges & #NancyPelosi
To Act & Force Resolution So Trump’s Acts On Health EMERGCY & DPA!

Our Basic Human Rights R being Violated by Trump & his Cronies!

#NancyPelosi #HouseDemocrats #JoeBiden

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#BernieSanders MUST stay in race. #JoeBiden isn't a viable candidate. He has cognitive impairment and is scandal-ridden. He can't beat Trump. And as #coronavirus continues, #Bernie2020 policies will become more and more obviously the right ones. #BernieSanders2020 #BernieOrBust

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@graybeard1959 @Jonathan_K_Cook We’ve been pushing that line since he bumbled into the race last year. Granted, a lot of us thought #JoeBiden was done and that democrats had learned from their epic failure in 2016...we should’ve never let up on him. He will lose to a nimbler, looser, incumbent bully.

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Vote #JoeBiden. Help Joe violate ALL the women in America, not just a couple here and there! #JusticeForTara #BernieSanders #Bernie2020 #BernieSanders2020

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.@WhoopiGoldberg This is what I would like you to get enraged about. 10 seconds in . #JoeBiden #SexualPredator

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@JoeBiden #JoeBiden has all the leadership charisma of a warm, flat soda.

#FeelTheBern or bust.

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6.6 Million Jobless Claims

To #JoeBiden
What's your plan to get these people Medical Coverage?


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#JoeBiden Searching to find an area of relevance, he attacks Trump on healthcare, but he believes & spews his own lies. You have healthcare options with Trump & he's working on it at the same time dealing with a crisis, the Wuhan Conornavirs. #Trump is great for the USA.

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#JoeBiden #Biden2020 #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #thedemocrats
Where TF is the outrage from the MSM on this story of Biden's Rape and abusing 8 women over the years??
How about the #METOO 'movement'?

Nothing? Crickets? Crickets??

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@thehill How’s this hot scoop? I’m a self-proclaimed ally of @BernieSanders, and I have spoken to many other Bernie allies who’d prefer @JoeBiden drop out sooner rather than later. #JoeBiden is lost, literally being told what to say thru an earpiece and/or via teleprompter. #IBelieveTara

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Starting a new #quarantine book! #joebiden

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Assuming #JoeBiden is the #Democratic nominee for president, do you think the #coronavirus pandemic has mostly helped or mostly hurt his chances of beating #Trump in November?

#poll #COVID19 #election2020 #biden2020 #trump2020

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@Alyssa_Milano 3 million people filed for Unemployment, most will lose their Healthcare insurance
Joe has promised to VETO #SinglePayer Healthcare
The US pays DOUBLE most countries with WORSE outcomes for Healthcare
#MedicareForAll Saves people $

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I just thought of the positive possibility... #AlyssaMilano trending with as many tweets as she is, is a great thing. She is helping us reveal just how stupid and insipid corporate Democrats are

If she wanted the Biden rape thing to go unnoticed, this is a funny way to see to it.

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I’m not your enemy. We are all fighting for the most vulnerable among us. I acknowledge that Sen. Sanders is an amazing public servent and we would be lucky to have him continue in any for of political office.

I don’t believe he can unite the country because his base is toxic.

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Come for @JoeBiden telling @jimmyfallon on @FallonTonight how much we need people like him lifting people’s spirits right now.

Stay for Joe Biden’s favorite @ladygaga song.

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Dr. Frank Gabrin had been treating coronavirus patients on the front lines. He died in his husband’s arms just days after showing symptoms.

His heartbroken husband honors his memory tonight on the show as a hero “who loved to help people."

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Excuse me Miss Woke Milano, but my wife and I would also like to exercise our rights as American Citizens by casting our vote for our preferred candidate. I mean, if that's okay with you and Whoopi. Thanks.

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Once and for all, I'm not saying @joebiden can't or won't beat @realDonaldTrump, assuming he gets to that contest. I'm saying that the way things are breaking right now, it's harder than it looked a month ago for Joe to shut down @BernieSanders and unify the party.

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Former VP Joe Biden has a quote he tells practically every girl he met during those taped confirmation hearings.

"No dating till you're 30."

In this clip, he asks a little girl if she remembers what he told her the last time they interacted together. What do you think he said?

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