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@onetracklit @Taragel Hey, Tara! Thanks again for requesting from me during #kisspitch. I will get it to you this week. I had to do a bunch of travel last week due to a family emergency. I look forward to sending you the files.

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Finally, a new blog post forms me: Adventures in #KissPitch Land. Check it out:

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#ValentinesDay #FridayThoughts #MSDStrong #KissPitch #powertrip #StrangerThings4 #Parkland #CheapFlights

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So, I just did #KissPitch here on Twitter, & #SweetheartPitch through @SavvyAuthors for my novel.

You guys... I got TWO requests thru SP for a query & 1st 3 chapters. I am so, so beyond excited.

Thank you #WritingCommunity for your ongoing support & encouragement! #AuthorLife

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Thank you kiss-pitchers! I appreciate you RT-ing my projects ! Hope my RTs helped your projects

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Between #pitchwars, #kisspitch, Savvy Authors, SoCal Writers Conference, and WriteOnCon, I've been VERY busy the past week. Please be patient as I try to wade through all these fabulous pitches and queries in my box. #amagenting

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For #KissPitch, please follow the instructions at Looking forward to reading! #MSWL RomCom, Historical Rom, Romantic Suspense, Inspirational Rom, Cozy Mysteries, Amish Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Historical Mysteries, True Crime, MG Mysteries, Cookbooks

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Sending out my #KissPitch requests in an hour or so!

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Anyone else waiting to hear back from agents today on a manuscript submission from #kisspitch? #amwriting #writerscommunity

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be around for #KissPitch for @CityOwlPress
as I was supposed to, but will be looking through the pitches today and tomorrow, so if I fave, pls feel free to send me the query via QueryManager.

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I love the community of writers that are always there to cheer each other on. It helps.

Being a writer has highs and lows, and I was feeling low, but after requests during #KissPitch (and a few before it), I am feeling pretty high and am hoping others have that same feeling.😊

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Chief librarian of a secret federal agency that keeps the occult and alien at bay thinks she has to choose between her archaeologist husband and secret agent lover. When they team up to save her from the Undine, she realises she can have both. #kissPitch

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I'm so encouraged by the response to my #KissPitch yesterday! ❤️ Queries have been sent! #amquerying #WritingCommunity #Romance

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Hope y'all got lots of likes during #KissPitch 😘 Here's some upcoming Pitch Parties! Get those pitches ready!
Feb 20 --  #PBPitch
Feb 27 -  #FaithPitch
Mar 5 --  #PitMad
#WIP #writingcommmunity #writingcommunity #WritingLife #amwriting

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How did #kisspitch go for you yesterday?

I didn’t pitch because my first #RomCom needs a rewrite and my second needs 10k more words & 5k is edits, but it looks like some of you had some luck. If you didn’t, don’t give up. #amwriting #amwritingromance #WritingCommunity

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@kimhornsby I’ve done pitmad. I woke up yesterday to see #KissPitch happening and I’d seen no info leading up to it. I’m assuming it’s a romance pitch event which isn’t my genre anyway, but i was hoping someone is compiling the events in one place to make it easy lol

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A BIG thank you to all those great folks who retweeted my pitch for #KissPitch and offered support. It's a tremendous feeling to know that so many other writers support you, and together, we are striving towards the same goal.

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Thank you to everyone who retweeted me, helped with pitches, or left a kind comment yesterday. I'm blown away by the supportive #WritingCommunity and #romancelandia pals and hope I can pay it forward.

Sending good luck vibes to everyone who participated in #KissPitch yesterday!

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Thanks to all who retweeted me during #kisspitch! Overwhelmed with the support!

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Thanks to everyone who Retweeted my scheduled #KissPitch entries. I wasn't around much because of sleep and seminar but it was lovely to have your support.

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Whether or not you got a ❤ in #Kisspitch yesterday, keep fighting for your book! A good place to start slush querying is the list of participating agents, as you know they're looking. Just make sure to check their websites for MSWL and submission info.

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#kisspitch didn't land me any interest, but I'm okay with that. I have more time to polish this manuscript. I'm going to pitch a publisher trilogy IN PERSON! So thank you #WritingCommnunity for all your continued support!

#amwriting #amwritingromance #writinglife

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I want to thank everyone who RTed and/or commented on my pitches for Dead Heat during #Kisspitch yesterday. Much appreciated and much obliged. 😘☺️

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Thanks so much to everyone who supported #KissPitch 💋 and RTed.
I really enjoyed reading other pitches and I hope many people are closer to getting published. Keep going on your journey!
#romance #amquerying #WritingCommunity

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thanks so much to everyone who helped me with the RT's on this years #KissPitch Happy to have been apart of this!!!

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Our heroine is gifted a typewriter from her grandmother. Anything she types seems to come true. But love has some surprises with who she falls for. #kisspitch

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Thanks so much to everyone who retweeted my #KissPitch tweets today! Every show of support like that, which shows people are interested in the stories I create, helps keep me writing. 💕

#authorlife #amwriting

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Thank you to those you RT'd my pitches today. I wish you much success with your novels! #KissPitch

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Anesthesiologist and conflict zone doctor, Cole Fox leads a very private life. When he falls for his insomniac new neighbor, his exes begin to turn up dead. Fueled by obsession and panic, The Sandman tells the sinister and romantic story of Cole’s urge to cure. #kisspitch

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#KissPitch Skylar used to believe everyone deserves love, now she’s not so sure. With siren blood coursing through her veins, she doubts herself and if she is even capable of what she wants most. Love. #YA

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A young man discovers that he can fly, but only while maintaining an erection. I have no idea what these hashtags are for btw. #KissPitch #CR #OwnVoices

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