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@AMC_TV Elf of course, but maybe a Dud or Liz figure would be better. #SaveLodge49 #blammo #renewlodge49 #lodge49forever

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I mean, c'mon! In the words of @djkhaled "Anotha One..Anotha One!" #saveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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Please save this perfect fucking show. #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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Give us a home! @hulu, you’re already hosting us. How about we still awhile and invite more episodes to stop by? #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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"You reach for the stars, and then you watch a dude get piked by a narwhal." #blammo #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #lodge49

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Dud, we’re trying to find a way to save you. Because “it’s different” in #Lodge49 & with everyone’s help, we can #SaveLodge49. See you Friday nite. #Lodge49Forever

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@jimatdeltaco Love you and all the cast and crew of #Lodge49! #lodge49forever

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@caramantella You, the cast and the writers all did a great job. I hope we can one day see what she did next #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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@jimatdeltaco @RollingStone @TheAVClub Thank you Jim for creating this brilliant world. Lodge 49 will rank as one of the best and most beloved shows of all-time. Seasons 3 and 4 need to happen and we will keep spreading the word for as long as it takes. All the best! #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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@caramantella not sure if anyone told you yet but that episode where we see how badass your character really is was awesome. It was really cool to see you play a woman stepping out of the shadows and taking care of business #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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#SaveLodge49 don't let our dream go up in flames

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@jimatdeltaco @_AndrewRoe @RollingStone @TheAVClub I have loved @Lodge49 so much and hope another outlet picks up Season 3. Was bummed when I saw the news that it was canceled. #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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#SaveLodge49 All these Top of the Year lists can't be wrong #Lodge49Forever

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@jimatdeltaco @RollingStone @TheAVClub Hopefully there is more @Lodge49 to come, this time with a lot more promotion. #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49Forever

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ATTN LYNX: So LODGE 49 continues showing up on top ten lists. Today: @RollingStone ( #7) and @TheAVClub ( #8). We're up there with big budget shows that got tons of promotion. It makes me so fucking proud of everyone who put their heart & soul into the lodge. #lodge49forever

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So happy to see #Lodge49 on the list ♥️♥️ #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49
#lodge49forever #LynxForLife ♥️🍋🍩☕🌊🦈🍺

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#SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #Lodge49

If you haven't seen it, binge it now. Guaranteed you will become a Lynx and help us save this gem.

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Pretty damn good company...

Another top TV list, another shake of my head that this show can't seem to find another home...

#SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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I hope my fellow #Lynx had a wonderful weekend. #savelodge49 #lodge49forever #joinlodge49

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YES!!!! I didn't think it was possible to want to #SaveLodge49 anymore than I already do. I stand corrected.

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@JaimeBranch19 @BrawnBurgundy @PatchyBites @RealPatchette The push from Reddit was enough to get me psyched, but the outpouring of support & love from you all has made me want to continue to fight to #SaveLodge49 for Shadow & Teenie & the lost loved ones of our fellow Lynx

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Join us Friday!! 😀♥️🍋☕🌊🦈🍺 #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #LynxForLife

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@notthetruelodge @BrawnBurgundy @darth_jeffR YES!! These are so much fun. Each time, the more #Lodge49 converts we're finding the more loud & fun it will get.
I really do believe our positivity & persistence will get this done 😀♥️🍋🍩☕🌊🦈🍺 #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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Happy coffee break!! Enjoy & #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49 #lodge49forever #LynxForLife ♥️🍋🍩☕🌊🦈🍺

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@AbduliaBardwell I studied black comedy (dark humor) as part of my Literature degree; as tempting as it is to make light of this situation, I have stopped laughing and just feel stupefied ... #SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever

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@NaturesEverglow @Lodge49 Join the fight this Friday to help #SaveLodge49 Details here:

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@LegendaryEnergy If you look at this with 2019 lens, yes. Otherwise, nah.. It was the 60s. Everyone was more stiff back then. More reserved. I should know. The blowhards at @OrbisAerospace had no idea what they were doing.

#SaveLodge49 #lodge49forever #Lodge49

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A very big congratulations to @Lodge49 for winning our #1 TV Show That Premiered This Decade! Delivering hope for the future of human friendships in a post-capitalism world has earned our gratitude to @jimatdeltaco and all the artists who made this gem!

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The punk rock turtle has a bright green Mohawk made of algae growing on its head. This is used for camouflage.

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