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Exercise bike not included. #AviationGin

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That's a wrap for our first week of the Safer Somerset Partnership Media Challenge - big thank you to our host schools for their full on involvement and commitment. #youthvoice #makingitreal #collaboration

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After fantastic engagement in the #MakingitREAL project, this parent has now trained to become a trainer! We can’t wait to run workshops for more of our parents #ParentalEngagement #REAL #ORIM #SharingREALWithParents

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Today I visited a very special little girl’s house for a @REALOldham home visit. I was blown away with the engagement and interactions between all the family. A very heartwarming morning 💜✨💜 #REALoldham #REALhomevisits #ORIM @ncbtweets #powerofREAL #improvingliteracy #EYFS

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Gr4/5 Ss exploring the similarities and differences between water use, access and conservation during ancient time periods, as compared to modern societies. #socialstudies #collaboration #makingitreal @ManyGifts@StMikesRCCDSB⁩ ⁦@RCCDSB

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@WhippleMuseum #Cambridge for #MakingitReal conference Thinking about historical authenticity in #UK #Germany #Europe Museums #coldweather

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Cant think of a better bunch of people to spend the day with... @NCAG17 away day. #makingitreal #coproduction #bemorepirate @TLAP1 @AlexandraBarke1 @BeMorePirate

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I like this activity, it makes the consequences of an injury real and relatable. #MakingItReal #StealThisIdeaUPS

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Injury Prevention: PB&J
Today’s challenge was to make a sandwich with one hand 🖐 not as easy as it looks . Some even had to resort to two hands. One small injury can make something small so difficult! @RayRoche7 @KellyDeblaere @JMarquesUPS @itlnbuc @tcole2121

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Fantastic wellbeing prescription from @Alvanleyfp (copyrighted so if you are interested in finding out more contact @grandaddavec @KayFKeane)

@TLAP1 @NCAG17 #makingitreal


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@LondonSDSForum now talking about the difference when pple can decide how thet spend their money... 'its not in the care plan' is not a good enough reason to say no. #makingitreal @TLAP1 @NCAG17

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Stop focussing on what we cant do and take notice of what we can do. From a talented young photographer with some need of support to live life in her way. #peopledoingitforthemselves @TLAP1 @NCAG17 #makingitreal

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Great examples of community capacity building from @CommCats and Macintyre and Rory! People doing it for themselves!! @SarahBurslem #communitycapacity #makingitreal @TLAP1

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Rory is telling us his plans to lead a cycling group inspired by Ciaran and the success of film club. When he is not working @Debenhams @meetmacintyre @CommCats @TLAP1 @NCAG17 #makingitreal

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#peopledoingitforthemselves some fab developments is the film club is broadening out to include older pple who r bringing snacks and drinks to share... amazing #makingitreal. Rory tells us why he likes film club. (Ciaran has got a job so couldnt come today) @TLAP1 @NCAG17

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@CommCats giving a shout out to some amazing leaders like @carterjenny16 @buckinghamv7 @isaac13 @AnnaSeverwright @clentonF @m55sal and more... 'people doing it for themselves' or equally importantly working alongside others doing it together. @TLAP1 @NCAG17 #makingitreal

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You're the champion inspirer @patmcardle51 Walking the talk 👍 Always so reinvigorating and life affirming to hear about the work of @MaydayTrust #makingitreal

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Lovely to be at the @TLAP event in Manchester, great to see @CarolineSpeirs & other inspirers of all things personalised! #systemchange

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Some incredible stories of lives transformed via the Alvanley - much more than medicine- approach #communitycapacity @TLAP1 @Tashsli3 #makingitreal

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Top mind mapping for a County Lines podcast at Selwood Academy this morning #Frome - has your school registered to take part in our Safer Somerset Partnership Media Challenge in partnership with @SomersetCouncil and @ASPolice @MaidenBeechAcad #youthvoice #makingitreal

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Year 5 have had a fantastic day @Bramall_Hall thank you so much to the staff for looking after us so well!! We had a great time (1/2) #inspirecurriculum #makingitreal

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We are delighted to be part of the preventative approach to violence reduction in Somerset through our collaboration with the Safer Somerset Partnership #VRU Schools should look out for their invitation to be part of our exciting Media Challenge #makingitreal #youthvoice

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@neilmcrowther @socfuture Yes... this is the kind of approach @NCAG17 are developing. 😁 #makingitreal @TLAP1 @NCAG17

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Looking forward to working alongside @WestYorksPolice as a result of the @WestYorksOPCC Safer Communities Fund Awards #youthvoice #collaboration #makingitreal #knifecrime #nowletsgettowork

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"The workshops proved really successful and were a great opportunity for us to work alongside our partners and young people" Superintendent Juliette Everett @bedspolice #activeengagement #earlyintervention #collaboration #YouthVoice #makingitreal #FridayFeedback

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@juestanny @neilmcrowther @clentonF @incontrolorg @AnnaSeverwright Gutted 2 miss this. but in other news fab workshop with @LondonADASS @AdultPSWNetwork colleagues exploring through our own feelings & actions what it means 2 're-humanise' systems. #makingitreal @TLAP1 @NCAG17 @JenniferPearl16 @CoProNorfolk and seeing @MaggieKuf was a bonus 💖

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The one about innovations & pirates. Enews is out with a report, webinar, jargon buster & piracy @KateTerroni @socfuture
@clentonF @DavidJ_Brindle @Heavy_Load @mroutled
@SCIE_socialcare @alexsharedlives #makingitreal

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How did @Celonis as #startup develop from 3 people to more than 800? It took 5 years to go from 3 to 130 employees. Now #Celonis is hiring 130 people every 3 months - Bastian Nominacher, Co-Founder & CEO at #SuperfluidWorldTour #Video

#FrictionlessFuture #ML #RPA #BigData #AI

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Welcome aboard @westfieldacad! Looking forward to hearing what your pupils want to say about staying safe in the modern world #youthvoice #collaboration #makingitreal Time to register your school to take part in The Safer Somerset Partnership Media Challenge @GryphonSchool

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Have a listen to the pupils of Nottinghamshire school Derrymount and what they had to say on the subject of consent #youthvoice #makingitreal #collaboration

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Used my work day to complete the Google Certified Educator Level 1 Exam. Passed it with 10 minutes to spare of the 2 hours. One step closer to completing my professional goal for the year. #CarverAcad #oneccps #MakingitREAL

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The first thing we talk about in our interactive media workshops on knife crime is, the fact that the majority of young
people don’t carry a knife #makingitreal #youthvoice #mediafightingknifecrime #earlyintervation #prevention

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Lots of love for this year's consent campaign as part of our #unhealthyrelationships priority! If you want to find out what else we got up to in 2019 find out:
#HantsYC #YCconf19

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@TheTodayShow #makingitreal; the real reason I watch the Today show is because you are not afraid to show us your personal sides. I love that Craig can shed a tear and Hoda can get engaged and Debra can call Al on air.

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Signed up and ready to roll @BucklersMead, Yeovil for our Safer Somerset Partnership Media Challenge - looking forward to hearing what their pupils think can be done to keep young people safe in the modern day #youthvoice #makingitreal #prevention #VRU

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