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Exciting week in Somerset ahead of us, kicking off at @StDunstansSch and @BucklersMead tomorrow - looking forward to hearing what they have to say on the issue of safety in the modern world #youthvoice #collaboration #makingitreal #mediaworkshops #registeryourschool #free

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Are you under the age of 25? Got opinions of knife crime? We want as many young people as possible to complete our survey and help us establish specific areas of concern. Can you help us take on knife crime? @leicspolice

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#MatrixChallenge2020 !
Do you know someone 11-17 who wants to put their cyber skills to the test?
Head to for more info - signup is open until 14 Feb!

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"Project-based learning is about doing something; it's about active learning It's about getting involved in the subject. It's not learning about math or about government, but how can I be someone in those fields" @MikeGwaltney @Kschwart #pblchat

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Drum roll please - organisations will be sharing how they are committing to offering person-centred care with #makingitreal shortly. They'll be added to the directory here. @1adass @NCAG17 @Pers_Care @LGAcomms @SianCommCats @ARCEngland @ManorCommunity

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Today saw the launch of the ‘my right to healthcare’ cards – helping people experiencing homelessness access healthcare in Greater Manchester. #HomelessHealthGM

Find out more👇

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It was a privilege today to speak at Lytham Rotary about my role @lancspolice @LancsPolFed @BlackpoolPolice including issues on Hate Crime & Community Cohesion with a personal insight shared #makingitreal

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Thank you @CommCats
@SianCommCats for practising #makingitreal. It is a pleasure to read about your commitments and experience
@incontrolorg @Co4CC

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@Kathy_CEO_CE @simonjduffy Good grief. I thought it was only family carers who got horrendous letters like this 😉 ‘I can get information... provided in a way that I can understand’ #MakingitReal @TLAP1

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@StephenPunwasi @OhDoughnuts How is this news!!?? With all that is wrong who the hell cares about #donutgate???? Get it together Canada and stop fighting for the sake of fighting. #makingitreal

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#Care2030 @NWADASS @TLAP1 @NCAG17 Getting ready for conversations about the future of Adult Social Care in the NW - using our fab #MakingitReal cards to inspire.

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Speaking of #MakingItReal... THIS is why you should attend the March CUE Center for #MissingPersons #Conference!
1) ;

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Youth representatives from across the region taking part in a workshop on crime with @WestYorksPolice. This links closely with our campaign to tackle knife and hate crime. #Yorkshire

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This term we are looking at the story We're going on a bear hunt by @MichaelRosenYes. We have enjoyed lots of activities influenced by the book. @HumberEdTrust @Booktrust @Talk4Writing #engaging #reading #makingitreal #continuousprovision #EYFS

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Direct payment workshop days with @ShropCouncil who are one of the #makingitreal exemplars talking about jargon. @clentonF @CatDRees @CarolineSpeirs @martindavidwal2

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I’ve got Alpha’s back 🤫🧟‍♀️ Catch me again in the new @walkingdead_amc trailer 🤗 #TeamWhisperer #Whisperer #TWDFamily #Actress #Actor #DreamChaser #MakingItReal @ Woodbury, Georgia

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Just been speaking with @TLAP1 about updating our #MakingitReal commitments in the Directory. Updates coming very shortly with a little help from the lovely Emily.

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"I want to make a change to the world and tell them what's real and things people don't see" Student feedback from @OATChadwick from our @CheshireSSYP Knife Crime Media Challenge Finalists' Day 2019 #youthvoice #makingitreal #prevention

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Sport isn't the only way to engage young people, our interactive media workshops give students the opportunity to collaborate, analyse and discuss important social issues in a open and honest way through creativity and critical thinking #youthvoice #makingitreal #teamwork

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Educating and raising awareness of staying safe and the consequences of crime #makingitreal #youthvoice #interactivemediaworkshops Has your school registered to take part in Safer Somerset Partnership's Media Challenge? @Chilton_Trinity @SwanmeadSchool

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"The I and We format is really helpful, as it will help front line staff translate principles into practice in a very tangible way" Jane Lawson @LGAcomms Take a look at #Makingitreal workforce section
@CarolReeves7 @CPA_SocialCare @NHSEngland

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How great is this, creativity, performance and teamwork to look at the consequences of carrying a knife #makingitreal #youthvoice #Peer2Peer

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Today we have started filming our knife crime awareness short film. This has been funded by the VRU @WYP_ChrisGibson utilising our police cadets to highlight the dangers of carrying knives. @DavinaFlaherty #stopknifecrime #droptheknifeforabetterlife #earlyintervention 🎞📽🎥🎬

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Feeling very humble having attended the @WarksYC #youngadultcarers group tonight. What a group of amazing #youngpeople #youngcarers Had a great time having some thought provoking conversations #makingitreal thank you for sharing 😊

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Signed up and ready to roll at the @TauntonAcademy for our Safer Somerset Partnership Media Challenge - looking forward to hearing what their pupils think can be done to keep young people safe in the modern day #youthvoice #makingitreal #prevention #VRU

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#smcdsb_FSL Authentic learning... that’s what it’s all about! #makingitreal

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Hey @CurryMallet, welcome aboard the Safer Somerset Partnership's Media Challenge - @AandSPCC @ASPolice and @SomersetCouncil want to encourage young people to explore ways of staying safe in the modern world and we want to hear what your pupils think #youthvoice #makingitreal

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Aged 11-18 & want to help tackle climate change? We want yr views on plans for Somerset. …
Get involved & help save the planet (& maybe win £25😃)
@UKYP @richuish @BTC_Coll @UCSomerset @StrodeCollege @YeovilCollege
@MendipCouncil @SedgemoorDC @SWTCouncil

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Mme. Perron's class getting ready to order their fast food en francais 🇫🇷.

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Every video I watch is amazing - thank you ⁦@tweetsomemoore
for making these analogies - #UDL #allstudents #makingitreal

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Today in #PSHCE
Year 7- Esafety talk with Martin from @cheshirepolice
Year 8- Period poverty (8N had First aid with nurse)
Year 9- Options
Year 10- Mental health (10C had a money talk from Carol from the @TheMoneyCharity
Year 11- Self esteem
#educate #equip #empower

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Machines play a part in our loneliness | Letters #loneliness #connections #networks #makingitreal

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Sometimes you just have to wake up and forget all the bad moments in your life just. Like a newborn

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Preventative engagement for young people through interactive creative media workshops; lesson plans, resources and videos provided -that's how we roll. Our approach challenges young people to put themselves at the centre of their own learning #makingitreal

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