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No, Woody Allen, denouncing you became socially acceptable after the #MeToo movement, until then it was 'fashionable' to keep our mouths shut. Sorry the times changed and we woke up to the monstrosity that you are. Not to mention to being able to say how terrible your movies are

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@YESSIRSKlll @EllieAnnThomas1 @PopCrave @guardian she WORKED with him and then she donated a million dollars to #metoo

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#おうちでOneVoice キャンペーン」にみんなで声を投稿しよう! 【一般社団法人 Spring】 @YouTubeより

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@judrill Ik zou de poll zelf onderverdelen in:
(Langdurig) Seksueel misbruikt
Dapper dat je dit aankaart. Taboe is nog steeds heel groot, zelfs na #MeToo

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👀👀Looking for all those #metoo protesters. At the end of the day we are fighting the same enemy! #riots2020

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@Alyssa_Milano Says the woman who killed 2 of her kids, kept silent about Weinstein and destroyed the #MeToo movement with her hypocrisy.

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👀👀Looking for all those #metoo protesters!! At the end of the day we are fighting the same enemy. #MeToo

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But best thing about this is how something that’s been kept as a top secret through decades has become the central topic of a TV series. Seriously, #MeToo? Sexual misconducts? Power imbalance? And they put two powerful female actors in the lead! Such a powerful show! 🙌🏻

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En una década, el pueblo de EE.UU. se alzó contra los 3 ejes de la dominación:

-Capitalismo, 2011: #OccupyWallStreet

-Patriarcado, 2017: #MeToo

-Colonialismo, 2013 y 2020: #BlackLivesMatter

Y ahora, viene la intersección.


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Woody Allen criticizes the actors who denounced him in new interview with @Guardian:

“The actors have no idea of the facts and they latch on to some self-serving, public, safe position. [Denouncing me] became the fashionable thing to do, like everybody suddenly eating kale.”

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Ambtenaren hebben vaak het adagium liever lui dan moe te zijn. Dat feit remt ze echter niet om vijftien procent van hun vrouwelijke collega's op ongewenst seksueel gedrag te tracteren. #MeToo

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@Alyssa_Milano @taylorswift13 @Politidope @realDonaldTrump I don't get it @Alyssa_Milano using her voice for good? Where did your #MeToo voice go? Was that for good only when it served you and your party's agenda? What a joke you are!

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A Liberal Uneasy in the World of #MeToo Feminism books literature

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@BDemocratsfor @FoxNewsSunday Tara Reade is dem filing no lawsuit, trashed by lib media to protect Biden and thrown under the bus by frauds like #metoo. Women against DT are armed with lawyers looking for $$$. He likely slept with a few then never called but he is no rapist and sexual pred like Bill Clinton.

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@Ryumoau_Juno I get you, and I agree with the basis of the movement that black lives matter I just think people have used it as a weapon to do pretty terrible things just like the #MeToo movement. I agree with the basis of both of these movements just not the actions the people in them take.

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I addressed it in mine. It took me years & much angst to write. One reviewer accused me of combining race, #MeToo, and the Dakota access pipeline because of the time. SMH. #writingcommunity

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If you're gonna say 'due process' when a Dalit activist leads a #MeToo movement but believe the second wave was more legit because 'screenshots', you're an Amy.

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Cc les coop’s ! Fred Molossi ! Cumulard car cons. départ.😋 avant adjoint au personnel mais y a eu une rumeur .. j’aurais fricoté avec #MeToo .... du coup je me retrouve au commerce/culte mais comme je ne sers à rien ça me va bien 🤡 et pis y’a fiston avec moi @TobiasMolossi

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brave coming from the verified checkmark that flipflopped on #metoo bc it was Biden

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Batao ye Kunal Kamra jaise log Jo raste me jate logo ko bullying karta hai Khud or carry ko Galat bol rhe hai #MeToo me nam ata hai iska koi akar ho na Kamra to ye video dekh lena tb kisi or pe bat karna Umar ke hisab se bat karo Dimag kaha hai

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@Alyssa_Milano Says the perpetual child of the crocheted mask.

Say what you want, it never goes well for you.

That whole #MeToo #believeallwomen thing really showed your true colors.

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@Actually_Tina This woke really great for #MeToo where you listen and believe rather than proceed with due process. The idea that because there's a societal misdeed means that the entire rule of law should be upended is some radicalism bullshit I'll hear from communist and anarchist circles.

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They put war on her after she told me
Never would I just give them my sperm, stupid.. jay z talkin bout they can get it when Im dead too

@FBI this is what yall into ?
@CIA @TheJusticeDept
can we get a check ? This Group is a structual integrity issue #Metoo

Abolish the FBI

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@uskaMon #metoo #WorldVapeDay #vapingisNOTtobacco I lost 2 brothers, my mom and 2 uncles only why they smoked and vaping wasn't marketed at that time.

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Bill Barr just blamed the "radical left" for the protests and riots.

I blame a white police officer who murdered an unarmed black man.

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“Trump closed the door behind me and threw me against the wall, banged my head, also was trying to press his lips against mine. It got very serious. He got my tights down. And there was a real struggle. I fought. And it was against my will.” @ejeancarroll

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Trump needs to be removed from office. He is unfit to be President.

There. I said it.

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Supreme Court upholds California's COVID-19 restrictions on churches while Roberts scolds Kavanaugh for misleading dissent.

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Which of you in the #writingcommunity have addressed race issues in your books? I tried to address interracial relationships in one of my books but got stuck. #amwriting

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If you do one thing today, watch this clip of Cornel West on CNN

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