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We have to stand up against racism, transphobia and predatory sexual behavior of all kinds regardless of political party. @MinnesotaDFL #MeToo

It’s NO joke!

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@grisasexual Has visto la nueva de Cadenet, Heard y Johnny Depp? Es pa echarle un vistazo. Resumen = Feminista del #Metoo le da total soporte a supuesta "maltratada" por J.Depp, se demuestra que no, así que la feminista le deja de dar soporte. Nadie la cancela ni la insulta. 0 escandalo

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Вот и до нашей оппозиции докатилась волна #MeToo

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Women need to speak up and support each other, it is about creating a real change in our country for us and for the coming generations. #Metoo

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#GhislaineMaxwell to appear in court via video feed for arraignment in trafficking case | Ghislaine Maxwell

Wondering if video will be shown in news. 🌎 The world is watching. #MeToo 💕⁦@anniefarmer⁩ ⁦@ArtisticBlower⁩ ⁦@VRSVirginia

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@muramatsu_0318 たしかどっかの大統領にセクハラされたとか
、それによって各業界の女性達が一斉に立ち上がって『 #metoo』を掲げた

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#MeToo】セクハラ告発でソウル市長が自殺か…背景に韓国の#MeToo運動?| #アベプラ《アベマで放送中》

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#Epstein #Nice06 #Iwascorsica @fbi why is the french incenstagation beeing coverd up? @gouvernementFR ? @E_DupondM ⬅️ minister of justice maybe instead of critising the #metoo movement openly you could just prove us wrong by mifting the coverup and OMERTA @BenWeiserNYT

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As the #MeToo movement inspired women to speak out against rampant sexual harassment, the Black Lives Matter movement is motivating Black workers to demand workplaces no longer allow improper or unjust behavior just because it’s common:

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تحتاج النساء إلى التحدث ودعم بعضهن البعض، الأمر يتعلق بإحداث تغيير حقيقي في بلدنا لحماية المرأة والأجيال القادمة. #أنا_أيضا #MeToo

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#metoo 運動に引っ掛けたシャレじゃないかなあ。違うか……。

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@spacelordrock А вот и #metoo подьехало. Не поздно ли, сейчас в моде черное.

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Photographer Jack Stafford admits to being ‘abuser’ after Jaguar Jonze posts #MeToo accusations

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Strauch-Bonart - De #MeToo à Black Lives Matter, une religion qui s'ignore, via @LePoint

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#MeToo по-русски: сотрудников Сбербанка и "МБХ медиа" обвинили в изнасиловании и домогательствах

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@robotbum @DR0048 @JoshBBornstein You missed the Dyson Heydon #MeToo "thing" ?

ok, I know 2 weeks ago is a long time, but still

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Посмотрев на вчерашние и сегодняшние публикации в СМИ, думаю, что нам повезло, что сейчас в России СМИ не имеют такого влияния, как на западе, а вся эта cancel культура - модная новинка для избранных сжв. #metoo

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Half of Americans want Prince Andrew to be extradited | News | The Times

Half of Americans and ALL OF UK, ⁦@VRSVirginia,⁩ apart from those elites (setiles) who would protect their own. Don’t worry. We’re standing with you! 👊🌟
#MeToo 💕


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We are facing the 'decriminalisation of #rape', warns victims' commissioner. And if recent ugly rhetoric on #Twitter is indicative of more widespread attitudes, I can see why. #MeToo

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La Justice les veut-elle vraiment, les pièces du dossier ??? J’en doute...
Affaire Epstein : où en est l’enquête française ? - Le Parisien

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Strauch-Bonart - De #MeToo à Black Lives Matter, une religion qui s'ignore

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Le bûcher #metoo

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@nickwallis will be giving live updates on The Sun - Johnny Depp libel case. Today is the day for the infamous “poopgate”.

#metoo #timesup #believewomen #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

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@orangelays @Chinmayi My friend said you molested her
Be ready to get into #metoo

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Thank you for speaking up @JaguarJonze. Let's get these creeps out of the scene. #SpeakingOut #MeToo

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@murpharoo it's a process, we are battling a few hundred years of conditioning. It's always difficult to go up against the forces lined up against you. It is large leaps forward such as #MeToo Julia's speech, Dyson Heydon etc but the momentum has to be sustained. That's hard.

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Strauch-Bonart - De #MeToo à Black Lives Matter, une religion qui s'ignore #Débats via @LePoint

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@Richard_Scorer Far too busy ‘touching their tillers’, eh, @BorisJohnson?
Not next century. Boris and his government need to get behind the global #Epstein & #MeToo movement for change. Accountability for elite CSA/E Sex Trafficking and Rape. No one is above the law!

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China court upholds landmark #MeToo sexual harassment verdict

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hi تحتاج النساء إلى التحدث ودعم بعضهن البعض، الأمر يتعلق بإحداث تغيير حقيقي في بلدنا لحماية المرأة والأجيال القادمة. #أنا_أيضا #MeToo

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RIMA ELKOURI - Le bûcher #metoo #lapresseplus

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Welcome to court 38 of the Royal Courts of Justice for Day 6 of the Johnny Depp v NGN libel trial at the UK. He is suing the publisher of the The Sun newspaper for libel after it claimed he was a “wife-beater”

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Проходивший практику на ТВ канале "Дождь" молодой человек, рассказал, что ведущий Павел Лобков лез к нему целоваться и предлагал приехать к нему домой.
Хорошо же рвануло. Совестливые журналисты, возмущавшиеся харрасментом, сами оказались домогателями и насильниками.

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"GO TO トラベル"、数ある問題の中一つ思うのが、誰も文法指摘する人いなかったの…?"GOトラベル"でしょ。

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None of us did enough to call this insidious crap out. That's the truth. Won't make that mistake again #auspol

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I won't wear a mask under any circumstances, I am not willing to harm my health, look stupid or play into their psycho op.

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Three years ago, #MaheshMurthy dragged me into a bogus defamation case at Delhi High Court first & then took a gag order on me & 18 more defendants to stop anyone from speaking about his misdemeanor. I was dragged even tho I made no public comment. Gag is lifted


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@LastOfDeST You're being publicly called out and asked to step back from politics for being a predator and commiting sexual assault, racism, and transphobia... And you got on Twitter to make a joke about the election?

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