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I have a super smart sister💗 #proud

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Happy Presidents’ Day! -

#trump #proud #presidentsday #realdonaldtrump #donaldtrump #palmbeach milliondollarlistingny @people

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Insecure as hell but I’m down 40lbs since last year, so I’m finna brag about it #proud

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🚀 SOOOOO much AWESOMENESS @NISDGlenn today! Inspiring🙌🏼collaboration during CIP Data📈review, exciting VISION unveil via @breakoutEDU, incredible @nisdpbis & ELAR presentations, & establishment of Team Norms! Thank you all for making today a success❤️ #SoaringToNewHeights #Proud

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i got a scholarship to cal baptist university today 🙇🏽‍♂️

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My man @brandon_k3 getting the start 😍 #proud

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So proud of my boy

Great day at the FOX 40 combine

Next up is the game in April

William was also invited today to the CFC Youth Game Selection Camp in March

Keep hustling and dream big kid
#godson #myboy #proud #godfather #familyday #hustle #dream #football

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Congratulations Phillip Shemyakin on committing to NCAA D III Lebanon Valley College! @LVCathletics ! @USPHL @The_DanKShow #proud #playeradvancement

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Czar.J handing the enlistments like a pro! #Proud #7Cav #IMO

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Now this is amazing, more people should talk about this <3 Way to go kiddos! #greenkids #greenliving #itstartsinschool #ClimateAwareness #proud #Iftheycandoitwecantoo

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@Kurto2021 @tayloreldridge @Moneymaker441 If so it’s definitely because that’s when it’s passed to him. Any way, Hard Work pays off and he is consistently putting the work in! #Proud!!

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Made my first salad! 😐 #NoShame #proud #salad it's so beautiful 😭

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Introduced our Youngest Son, 15 aY/O to 5 Minutes of @USMC Sandiego IT. He broke at the 4:24 Mark... #getsome

He celebrated by hitting the gym!

#proud Dad #getsome

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@DrSJaishankar @MEAIndia @narendramodi thats a new Indian government with daring spine... #proud

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John Farnham - Your The Voice - Firefight Australia 2020

#Proud 🦘🇦🇺🌏

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When I think of #RandomActsOfKindnessDay I think of Hanan, the secret ingredient of my #SEO team back in Israel. Every year he & his friend collect donations & organise a fun activity to give back to Holocaust survivers. Here's Purim last year. Their smile is😭 #Proud @mishurinh

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@whatupcal you’re the greatest. SO hyped for all the things you’re doing and putting out! CONGRATS, man! #proud

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What is there 2B " #proud"abt? Parents R not particularly proud of heterosexual offspring--that's just 99% normal. Ppl who R confused,rebellious,abused or misdirected+become aberrant R nothing 2crow abt but praps given therapy/treatmt,no? So B whatever, but "proud"?No accomplshmt.

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According to @RecruitingDaily "TalentLyft is one of the most compelling best-of-breed recruitment solutions out there"!
Wooo-hooo! 🏆🎉💪☺️

#wearethechampions #thankyou #recruitingdaily #happy #proud

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Just home from work been a long hard day

Training went well been told I'm going to make a good leader

#proud heading to bed soon #TeamLegitD

Much love! Willing to be little spoon

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So proud of @TESSeagulls Battle of the Books teams. The Rising Readers and The Movers worked hard to read, practice and compete. #teamwork #readingisfun #proud @cziggy1 @JoshRingling @SarahPayneNBCT

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Admiren el papasito que tengo por mejor amigo!!! ♥️ #proud

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Taking on #ClimateChanges #FamilyDay Incredible #TotallyYouRockDude🤗 #JeffBezos $10 Billion. We are so #Proud 🤝 with #gratitude and Love for our planet. 🌍🌏🌎

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Look at you you're tired but you ain't giving up I'm so proud of you ....

#loveyourself #proud

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@DestineeAnneJ 👀

Will we see double digits this year?
So tough on the field or court.

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21 today! Legal! Am I getting any closer to retirement from #motherhood? I hope so. #love this dude. #proud #unique #autism does not define him. Awesome #human

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@B_Fernandes8 @ManUtd Great performance today @B_Fernandes8
keep your chin up and know we are all behind you. We trust and support you till the end. In love with your t-shirt my new legend. Always red #MUFC #Proud

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update: she got intramural MVP #proud #grind

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Jeff Bezos pledges $10 billion to help stamp out climate change

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por los ex-flaquitos 🥂

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Tigers Face Southern at 5 p.m. Tuesday at The Box!

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We are excited to announce the addition of our fourth captain Sophomore Jacie Clifton ⚫️🔴

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‘Circles' Spends Historic 10th Week at No. 1 on Pop Songs Chart!

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We all need to wake up and speak up like this! Well said! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I was a tomboy! Played with boys. Dresssed like a boy. Got to a certain age and mama put a stop to it quick!

Children can't make these decisions!!! 😡

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A British MP critical of the govt's decisions on Kashmir said that she had been denied entry into India and was "waiting to be deported" upon her arrival at the Delhi airport . She said that she was "treated like a criminal" and taken to the deportee cell.

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WLAX | Johnson Nets Six Goals To Cap Perfect Opening Weekend for @BonniesWLAX With 10-9 Win at CCSU


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good luck @rileyy102 on your season opening rec game today 😼🤫 #thereturn

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