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Thank you #crazyPLN for a wonderful chat! I definitely will be checking in with everyone in this wonderful chat and my friends who at #Agents4Agency and #rethink_learning. I am constantly learning from all of you!!

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The "2020 Invent It Challenge" has officially begun!

Have your students (ages 5-18) learn the "Process of Invention" to win this year's contest:

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@bbray27 A3: An AGENT naturally empowers students to succeed.

Generation Z
Every Child
New Ideas

Find out more here -

😊 #rethink_learning #Agents4Agency

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@bbray27 A2: Classroom with 'Open Agency' will be busy, loud, fun and collaborative. Students will be taking charge of their own learning, taking risks without worry, lots of smiley happy children. 😊 #rethink_learning #Agents4Agency

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@bbray27 A1: Agency allows our students to find their own path in their success, increasing creativity and removing predetermined outcomes which often frustrate and hinder our #GenZ students. #rethink_learning #Agents4Agency

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@bbray27 @henneld_edu @Kbahri5 Forgot to add @Kbahri5 that was an awesome chat. Thank you. I’ll definitely keep that time “open” as much as I can @bbray27 for #rethink_learning chats.

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TOPIC: "Project-Based Learning MEETS Passion-Based Learning"

Please join me THIS THURSDAY at 8pm Central for #GeniusHour!

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@Shapiro_WTHS Here is the link to the 12/2/19 #rethink_learning chat:

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@bbray27 @henneld_edu I just realized I forgot to add #rethink_learning hashtag to my comments!

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@henneld_edu @Kbahri5 Here is the link to the archive of the #rethink_learning 12/2/19 chat:

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Archive of the #rethink_learning 12/2/19 chat on "Empowering Student Agency" with guest host @Kbahri5, co-host @raspberryberet3 & me along with the most awesome educators.

Here is the URL for the archive -forgot to add it to the tweets I sent out earlier!

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Archive of the #rethink_learning chat on "Empowering Student Agency" with guest host @Kbahri5, co-host @raspberryberet3 & me along with awesome educators.

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Archive of the #rethink_learning chat on "Empowering Student Agency" with guest host @Kbahri5, co-host @raspberryberet3 & me along with awesome educators.

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@Kbahri5 Hello Kellie. Glad to hear from you 😊 #rethink_learning

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@bbray27 A2 Ss and their opinion are respected, involved and engrossed learner. Paradigm shift from teacher to ss centered. Above all a happy and excited learners enjoying their work #rethink_learning #agent4agency

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I love this video. I Stan miss honey. #MondayMood

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A4 - Assessment w/ choice built-in. 1-way is by offering Ss many ways to show what they are learning throughout the process (Flipgrid v. slide decks v. posters v. audio v. prototypes v. ????). Another fav = Peer to peer, giving feedback

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@bbray27 A1 student agency means when students take ownership of their learning. They make choices and their voice is heard #rethink_learning #Agents4Agency

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@raspberryberet3 Thank you!!! Such a great chat! #rethink_learning

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A4) provoke thinking: build a culture of thinking and stimulate curiosity - they’ll be asking questions and dying to find out and take action - carefully planned from structured (skills) to free inquiry create - document 👀 👂 . #rethink_learning #Agents4Agency #studentagency

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Thank you for the amazing learning experience tonight! One of our favourite topics as we are always trying to employ more students agency in our classrooms! Thank you @Kbahri5 for guest moderating! Looking forward to joining again in 2 weeks! #rethink_learning

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Where the extinguisher that chat was burning up, thank you to @Kbahri5 @laurabeess @bbray27 @PrincipalBallin @LindaEdwardsi @ChrisQuinn64 @StaffPodcast @ChristineBemis2. So lucky to be close with great educatos and people #rethink_learning #agents4agency

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Any kind of assessment that allows students to create, innovate, and collaborate will let the students discover how they learn best. In the beginning students can be given different options to let them explore #rethink_learning

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A4: Inspiring S’s to demonstrate proficiency using tools that highlight their strengths. Success has many different looks. #rethink_learning

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Kellie! That was an amazing #rethink_learning chat on 🔥. I loved your questions and how you kept the conversations going. Thank you sooooo much!! ❤️

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@bbray27 Thank you, Barbara and Shelly gor inviting new to cohost! It was on 🔥! I am looking forward to going to back to reading more! #rethink_learning

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