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Episode #101 Podcast/Post: Making a Difference in the Lives of Every Student w/ @Shapiro_WTHS, our awesome host of #teachpos

I hope you enjoy Craig's story as much as I did:

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I often tell Ts not to look at OSRs too early - you should take the time to get to know them on your own terms w/o any preconceived notions #etfoaq @etfoaq @ChrisQuinn64 @nadine1osborne @WhitneyMarie_F @awfrench1 @MarkChubb3 @CarolCampbell4 #tlap #leadlap #rethink_learning

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This is an amazing list, Ariel! All about wellness. I love “how you speak to yourself and your mindset!” They drive most other parts. Post I recently did on wellness. #teachpos #rethink_learning #masterychat #crazypln #champforkids @ChristineBemis2

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This list can change your mindset. ❤️ #lawofattraction #powerofpositivity

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Guest Post: Developing Learner Agency by the Team Teaching Sisters. Follow @MichaelaMLoo & @triciapettis10

An awesome journey taking the #personalizedlearning theory to practice. Pls RT, tag friends!
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@Rdene915 Am I doing something wrong? I haven’t seen any tweets from #rethink_learning. I am new to this.

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How do you think we develop equity with technology with the budget cuts?
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Hi! I am Melissa Hargis from Missouri. #rethink_learning

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Great course for getting ready for the fall! So honored to have been asked to help with it! @cescaarturi is amazing to work with for sure! #SEL #Buncee #MicrosoftEDU #4OCFPLN #tlap #formativechat #LearnLAP #rethink_learning

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NEW - @MicrosoftEDU @Buncee course on #SEL


Thank you @SteinbrinkLaura for your collaboration with @cescaarturi on this important and timely topic.

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Excited: #SmallBites on YouTube just hit 500 subscribers! #equity

Thanks for watching, for doing the work.

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#WordsOfWisdom from Maya Angelou. Thank you @bbray27 💕 Our diversity is what makes us beautiful & powerful at the same time. #rethink_learning

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"We all should know diversity makes for a rich tapestry & we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color." Maya Angelou

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Hey #CrazyPLN #Rethink_Learning #educationneverdies and #masterychat peeps, today's #edchateu bonus q is a gratitude prompt, coming in about 3 hours.

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And look for a bonus slow chat question coming your way in 3 hours! #EdChatEU

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I wanted to get this out one more time since #SchoolDistricts are trying to determine how to enter the upcoming #schoolsreopening. This is also a great opportunity to #rethink_learning

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.@Sporty313 I'm super excited that you will be reading my book, #DefineYourWhy. I look forward to your feedback. #rethink_learning Thanks for sharing!!

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Guess what I’ll be reading this week?Super excited! @bbray27 #rethink_learning #edchat

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Why do schools still have a "Most likely to succeed" category in their yearbooks? Isn't the opposite of what educators are trying to do? What a ridiculous way to think that only TWO kids are going to make it. #rethink_learning #school #education @NMSchools_NJ

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Next steps? RETHINK Reentry, Criminal Justice; REBUILD communities through economically self-sustaining and violence-free Reentry Zones; RENEW hope for the future through mentoring at-risk youths-transforming them into tomorrow's Leaders..

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A4. Revolution is about a chain reaction of individuals who passionately, relentlessly and continuously take personal action. If each of us works toward making an impact--not only when it's easy or comfortable-- we just might see real fixes. #rethink_learning

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A3. An upcoming #SmallBites talks of how we'll handle the racially motivated Zoom bombs, MAGA vs. #BLM culture wars etc. We have to do personal work to be able to teach the 'other side' with the same passion that we teach those whose beliefs align with our own. #rethink_learning

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A1. It occurs to me that we're concentrating on putting masks on our ss w/o 1st putting them on ourselves. As we focus on what trauma informed practice looks like for ss, we have to begin to realize our personal mental health needs. I know I do. #rethink_learning #JoyfulLeaders

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@bethhill2829 @bbray27 thanks so much for guest hosting Bethany!! #rethink_learning

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@MusicAtMaude yup! I've been saying this for years - we need more global connections to learn together & make a difference. We also need more cross class and cross grade collaboration! #rethink_learning

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@JillDuBois22 Yes! We all have our biases and assumptions based on our experiences!

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Q3. The pandemic has exposed inequities and structural racism that has always been here.

What Heartwork can educators do to promote equity & strengthen a culture of inclusion so the school experience is more authentic for students?

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Q1. Students, families, & staff have some trauma, anxiety, or sadness because of the pandemic & in uncertain times.

How do we support social, emotional, and mental health for individuals and collectively for everyone in the school community?

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Is your school district wondering where to start when planning around returning students and staff to your facilities? This is a resource that might be of some assistance. If you have questions please feel free to contact me. #ReturnToSchool #Education #COVID19

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