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Since I wasn’t able to attend the protests (due to asthma/ high risk), I’ve been re-reading "12 years" as well as two other amazing books!!! (As a gig fan of "Rising" I can’t wait to read this one). #risingstories #thehill #populistsguideto2020 #krystalball #saagarenjeti

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1. In Delaware County, Pa., where I live, the police union VP posted to FB: "If you choose to speak out against the police or our members, we will do everything in our power to not support your business."

People protested and his borough has suspended him

The cop then posted...

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Today, I’m joining my colleagues of color at the @PhillyInquirer and calling in sick and tired.

Things need to change. We call on The Inquirer to do better. To be better.

Here is the open letter we sent our newsroom leadership yesterday:

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Police cornered hundreds of protesters in a neighborhood of DC. Neighbors took them into their homes but police are refusing to let them leave. @jlaaazo is streaming live on Instagram. Police have made several excuses up to try and gain access to the house. Dozens of ppl inside.

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As if we needed more proof he's NOT going to move left.

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Scoop: When @JoeBiden recently said there are “major” Rs forming “Republicans for Biden" no one noticed at the time.

Turns out, he wasn't lying. There's indeed a brewing effort behind-the-scenes to get something tangible off the ground.

w/ @HunterMw

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WTF: yesterday learned that one of the parents in my kid's daycare had #COVID, was in a coma in ICU for a week on ventilation. Home now, still recovering, but have already been hit with $500k in medical bills, 20k due IMMEDIATELY. This is what #coronavirus will do to US economy.

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My sister’s friend in early 20s:
Worked 2018 independently for cash
Had a baby in Dec 2018
Started new job in May 2019
Ineligible for unemployment during a depression in Missouri 2020
Denied bc hasn’t worked 12-18 months
Please don’t tell me she deserves this


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I feel so proud 🥰
Now the state has flattened its curve, with 3 news cases yesterday and 2 the day before.

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@krystalball @esaagar 57 y/o husband has been gig worker since his 20 yr employer left town in 2012. COVID-19 has dried up gigs & TN Dept of Labor has no means to process CARES Act claims for gig workers. How do we stay afloat on just my contractor's income? 🤬 #risingstories

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@krystalball @esaagar #risingstories My husband is a respiratory therapist at a local hospital who is per diem (non-benefitted position) but works full time. He recently got sick with COVID-19 and had to stay home from work almost two weeks without sick pay. Our front line

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#risingstories. It's time for the progressive movement to stand up to the Gov't of Corp. How much is enough. Voters are lost in my opinion that they couldn't see Bernies value. Now stuck with two pieces of work. Holding back my four letter description. Progressives United!

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@AOC Spoke to a friend who had #covid & was refused a test. The staff knew they had it but tested for everything else.

“I feel like your sending me home to die alone.”

“Every time I send someone in here I am putting my whole staff in danger.”


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I'm a seasonal Irrigation Technician, at a landscape company. I Always draw unemploy thru off-season, now that my workplace is ordered closed in MT after hundreds of calls to UI, they tell me that I'm ineligible as I've exhausted normal benefits, prior to Covid-19

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My 19 yo daughter was let go 3 weeks ago and denied unemployment today. They used her 4 lowest-earning quarters, which were from when she was working part time as a junior in high school. @dougducey how can this be right? # #TooPoorForUnemployment #Arizona #CoronaVillains

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@krystalball @esaagar Saagar, you called it. Our entire adult lives have been steeped in corruption. This display of the hijacking of democracy is the final straw. #GenExodus #RisingStories

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@krystalball @esaagar #RisingStories Quarantined? Take time to examine the best-case scenario (i.e. Joe Biden overcomes/stops faking senility) the DNC wants to foist on the People. #GenExodus #AmericanPeasantRefugees

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#risingstories NYS unemployment is a joke. Have been unemployed for almost a month. Have called an (estimated) 100,000 times. I’m in Buffalo, competing with millions in NYC. No stimulus check yet. All bills still due. Too bad I need to eat, it’s cutting into my $ for bills

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"@KrystalBall and @ESaagar discuss @JoeRogan decision to vote for Trump, and share #Risingstories from a viewer stuck with over $1000 in medical bills for basic temperature, pulse tests." - @HillTVLive

#AWAKEN #News #Truth #Coronavirus

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@esaagar Figured I'd provide an update... Server and bartender from NH on unemployment. Still have not seen a bump in payments from CARES act. It's been almost 2 weeks and 2 payments since the bill has passed. By the time we see a bump, its going to be way late #RisingStories

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@krystalball @esaagar #RisingStories Unemployment office used the wrong job to determine my wages, so I’m now getting $0. Can’t apply again online because that site is down. Can’t appeal online because that site is down. Can’t get through on the phone because the lines are busy.

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Krystal and Saagar: Joe Rogan says he CAN'T vote for Biden, Establishment Dems MELTDOWN
=Krystal and Saagar discuss Joe Rogan's decision to vote for Trump, and share #Risingstories from a viewer stuck with over $1000 in medical bills for basic temperature, pulse tests.

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#RisingStories Thank you .@krystalball. & .@esaagar for sharing my story. What makes me sick is I'm just one person out of millions. I can't wrap my brain around how people think #MedicareForAll is a bad thing! Makes no damn sense 😞

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#risingstories @krystalball @esaagar Unemployment benefits ( in Va) may not reach many effected people in need as the existing systems for filing for unemployment have not changed to accommodate those effected. Applications are being rejected and phones lines are clogged.

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#RisingStories I'm a freelance stagehand who can't afford insurance who went to the ER on day 12 (out of 21) of flu-like symptoms including a low grade fever. All they did was take my vitals & send me home. No flu test- no test of any kind. Here's my ER bill. I'm in the US 😞

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12/ Healthcare should not be tied to our job. It should be a right to everyone. This is why we need Medicare For All. This is why we need federal paid leave. This is why we need competent legislators!

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#risingstories From our apartments.

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Why I Think I Have to Keep Driving Lyft During The Pandemic

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Thank you to @GrubWriters for your support in helping to make this happen! #RisingStories

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Dispatches from the Edge: "What helps is feeling like you’re not going it alone."

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I had no idea I was on #RisingStories.

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#risingstories Don't ask about the lollipops!

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@krystalball & @esaagar #risingstories : my #WestLA neighborhood has been without power for almost 24hrs. (Plus 3 times the day B4) #LADWP keeps changing the restoration time, & nothing from @MayorOfLA either! Food is spoiled, can’t cook, it’s a mess!

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@krystalball Alright now Jeremy and Medhi have said it too!! It’s not just a retired chemist!!!! The map tells it all. The DNC and Biden lied . Now cases are up ticking like crazy #risingstories

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@krystalball #risingstories
So the Sanders Campaign Said in the Fireside chat you Read the CDC guide lines. They didn’t push the way the other camp did. Now in every state that primaried . Old people especially older black folks are dying in droves .

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