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@GroupieParabola Thank you so much. When I joined Twitter to #SaveLodge49, I never imagined that this community would be so loving & supportive ❤️

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@brainstem474 Oh shit. Well damn brother I meant to say Thank you obviously. Duh! What did you think I meant!? #SaveLodge49 #LynxForever #drynxwithLynx

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Another top ten list, this time #1 and this time not just 2019... But an entire network ... Let's get the word out about 12/13 Twitter campaign for @Lodge49. L. Thanks @redroompodcast For the recognition and support. #SaveLodge49

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Today I say goodbye to my beautiful cat Shadow. I adopted her when she was 14 & shared 6 years with her. She gave me so much love & I hope I’v been able to give her as much as she gave me. It’s agonizing, but I’m watching #Lodge49 to get through .Please #SaveLodge49.

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Join us Friday to #SaveLodge49!

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@brainstem474 I hope you know I'm trying to be funny. This is me being funny. #SaveLodge49 #LynxForever

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This needs to happen! #SaveLodge49

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@brainstem474 "People still use fax machines? Ooooh this must be a joke. Hahaha....wait..what?"
--That lady (probably)

#JoinLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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#SaveLodge49 #SaveLodge49
I really hope someone gives @Lodge49 a 3rd and 4th season too! @netflix , you can do this! This show is amazing. It's really special.
#SaveLodge49 #SaveLodge49
#SaveLodge49 #SaveLodge49
#SaveLodge49 #SaveLodge49
#SaveLodge49 #SaveLodge49

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Trying to #BanKpopAccounts is absurd, especially when that effort could be used productively to #saveLodge49! It just needs two more seasons to finish its tale. Care to help #Lodge49 out, K-Pop stans?

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@brainstem474 Why is the one evil bitch smiling? And faxes? We received the news via fax!? Might as well just email us or text us to break up with us--who cancelled the show my ex wife? #SaveLodge49 #LynxForever

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It's been a tough year in many ways for many people. I hope 2020 is a little gentler but who knows. We go on, and maybe try to be kind to each other. #VirtualLynxLodge #SaveLodge49

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@brainstem474 @BrawnBurgundy @notthetruelodge @darth_jeffR @EricAllanKramer Yeah shit gets real dicey real quick with like 3 misses.....😅
#SaveLodge49 #LynxForever

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@brainstem474 @BrawnBurgundy @notthetruelodge @darth_jeffR @EricAllanKramer @brainstem474 likes that one but @BrawnBurgundy was not a fan. Batting .500 would put me in the hall of fame so I'll take them odds....
#SaveLodge49 #LynxForever #JoinLodge49

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See @AMC_TV , #SaveLodge49 is winning awards! Do you want to give up on an award winner? @EricAllanKramer @LindaEmondNYC

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@BrawnBurgundy Me neither. This is all going to pan out and we'll be dancing at the Season 3 wrap party soon enough...
A boy can dream.
#SaveLodge49 #LynxForever #drynxwithLynx #samemeadonut

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Do you ever get that feeling that no matter what you do you’re going to lose? Me neither. Lodge 49 season 3 is going to be dope. #SaveLodge49 #Lodge49

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@BrawnBurgundy @brainstem474 @notthetruelodge @darth_jeffR @EricAllanKramer I do have to apologize to y'all, I did slack off a little today because Celtic beat Rangers to lift the Scottish League Cup and I've been absolutely mental. Talking shite to 'gers supporters is hard, dumbing myself down so they understand me and all.... #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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Urrbody hear that? THE BEST. Now #SaveLodge49!

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Great seeing @LindaEmondNYC on the @MadamSecretary finale. I wonder if a woman president could #SaveLodge49? Of course the Lynx would welcome her to #JoinLodge49. Equal opportunity bar tabs.

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I'm finally watching the Lodge 49 S2 Finale.

This show IS. A. TREASURE. I want more of it @AMC_TV


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First Twitter rant kinda: I hate most new TV shows. Most that get highly popular after a couple of seasons will drag the story until cancelled. There is a significant drop in quality once the main stories are told, and more seasons made just for money.

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@IrishinSocal How many virtual lodge members can fit on a couch cushion? 😃 #SaveLodge49

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Aslo, I hope Paul Giamatti gets some Emmy love for #Lodge49 and I REALLY hope Sonya and Wyatt get Emmy love.

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@pikachuevie @EricAllanKramer There it is. Making sure the ubiquitous 'prevents you from winning' was here....... #SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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@brainstem474 To be fair, when I smash the keyboard I use my giant forehead. My fingers are way too pretty and my face is not, soooooo.....
#SaveLodge49 #LynxForever #drynxwithLynx

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@BrawnBurgundy @brainstem474 @notthetruelodge @darth_jeffR I have to bring something to this damn table. All you guys can draw and paint and music good, I've always been the beef with the badge and gun (@EricAllanKramer knows what's up.)
Tired of just being the muscle (and extremely good looks) so I'm trying something new. #SaveLodge49

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Lodge 49 was one of the comfiest shows I've seen in years and it's portrayals of grief, anxiety and depression really struck a cord with me. I'd absolutely recommend checking it out if you get the chance!

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24. Lodge 49: Kinda like The Big Lebowski, if you swapped out bowling and profanity for swimming pools and fantastical elements, then added some late-capitalism satire. An oddball, amiable hangout show with a big heart and bigger ambitions.

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We thank you and promise not to let Gil sit next to you in the Tavern...

#SaveLodge49 #JoinLodge49

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The accolades keep rolling in, and yet @AMC_TV let this great show slip out of their portfolio. Hoping someone picks @Lodge49 up for 3rd and 4th season. #SaveLodge49

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A very big congratulations to @Lodge49 for winning our #1 TV Show That Premiered This Decade! Delivering hope for the future of human friendships in a post-capitalism world has earned our gratitude to @jimatdeltaco and all the artists who made this gem!

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