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Foggy mornings are tremendous for composing a photograph where a subject and scene ooze a sense of #simplicity. This lone black hawthorn stands gaunt and subtle with mist-shrouded cottonwoods in the distance frame the scene.
#foggy #morning #montana

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Transform a can of whole peeled tomatoes into a flavorful sauce for pizza or pasta, simply by adding garlic, red pepper flakes, and fresh oregano.

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"The most rewarding accomplishments are those that lift all those around us." #AndyKoerner #simplicity #businessmindset

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Check out Simplicity Sewing Book Vintage 1970's #SIMPLICITY via @eBay

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मै पीड़ाओं की गायक हू
शब्दों का व्यापार नहीं
जहां सभी चीजें बिक जाए
मै ऐसा बाज़ार नहीं

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simplicity is beauty #unfiltered #simplicity

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Selected Simplicity patterns are half price and just waiting for you to create a perfect outfit. #simplicity #sewing #makeitdontbuyit #Hobbycraft

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#simplicity of Mr Narayana murthy

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Forget #Caturday, the real fun starts on #FundaySunday with Timmy propelling the @KelloggsUK Cornflakes box around the kitchen at speed!
#Simplicity 😻😻😻😻

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That’s it! Turn Learning into Action #simplicity

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You know that greed, hatred, money, or selfishness is not going to take you anywhere. You know that #simplicity is always the ultimate, you know that you need to preserve the #history, and tell a lot of #stories... A lot! 5/5

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Had a top day yesterday with potential @missionorder explorers. Reaffirming again the 'charism' of our order & delighting in stories off what God is up to. #hopeforthechurch #newmonastic #simplicity #purity #accountability

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Transformative Learning in Action -- 4 Steps
1. Notice the experience
2. Interpret it
3. Own it
4. Experiment

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@AndrewYang Poverty is a lack of cash.

The reasons for not having cash are many. The solution is the same.


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