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Solutions are not in repeating failed systems, but within interdependent
empathic relationships. E.g. should economics be dependent on
unequal distribution; politics be based on re-election;
climate problems be denied.. and so on and on?

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#systemschange ? It is now or never!
#mission2030 #Agenda2030
Lets GO for it! #staysafe

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Incredible presentations from @SkollFoundation virtual event. Great ideas and insights using debt for natural Capital:
& Sustainavistas Debt For Nature Systems Change Hackathon #skollgoesvirtual #systemschange #debtfornature #naturalcapital #innovativefin

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And so many of our #systemschange partners are people we met through being a @SchwabFound fellow! The power of the network is critical for #socent impact at scale. Go, @Catalyst_2030!

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Hosted a space for close to 300 people to brainstorm how to co-create a #systemschange evaluation methodology, with wonderful examples from Claire Naylor-Trein from Women LEAD Nepal, @PaulineWanja from Future First Kenya, and Indhi…

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"Michael Valpy and Frank Graves: What we are witnessing from Canadians is seismic shift in collective behaviour, leading to a fundamental transformation of the role of the state and a re-balancing of societal power"

#SystemsChange #COVIDCanada #Ecosystem

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You seek new ways to tackle complex issues, such as #COVID19, #ClimateChange and the #SDGs? We explore the #2030Agenda through the lens of #SystemsChange, helping you on your journey as you navigate complexity, uncertainty and chaos. More info here:

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Join us today for & Sustainavistas Debt For Nature Systems Change Hackathon finale, , and see our symposium from Wednesday on the same topic here: . #skollgoesvirtual #systemschange #debtfornature.

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Good news: yesterday @schwabfound Fellow
@JimFruchterman launched a new #TechForGood nonprofit @TechMattersOrg to support #socents #SocialImpact and further #systemschange @Catalyst_2030 . Learn more:

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Sign up to our mailing list to #seethefullpicture on facing homelessness and substance misuse by reading Louisa's full story:

Listen to our latest podcast here:

#nationallottery #comicstrip #animation #systemschange Vol5

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The Hackney Changemakers & Social Enterprise tour was a kind of rehearsal for now: community resilience & inclusivity, food security, energy sustainability etc. We've a window to reassess what's important. Time for #systemschange and new paradigms?

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So awesome to see the Aussie capability but also to know that this is a genuinely global collaboration where nation-state boundaries and public/private divisions are being put aside for the greater good. Truly a #systemschange and a new way of working.

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& Sustainavistas Debt For Nature Systems Change Hackathon #skollgoesvirtual #systemschange #debtfornature . via @YouTube

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New nonprofit tech co. @TechMattersOrg solidifies so much of what @JimFruchterman has done for the #socent community for many yrs. #NerdAdvisor to partners working on #SystemsChange efforts where #tech can help multiple organizations rather than a single org. #SkollGoesVirtual

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Systems change can be overwhelming. Let’s go over the systems change model presented in The Water of Systems Change. Watch this to get a brief overview of the six conditions / levers of systems change. #SystemsChange #data #evaluation #Eval

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The mammoth US unemployment claims in their historical context.

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@antlerboy @sannepelgrom @EmiolaBanwo @Sys_innovation @mikaelseppala @LouisKlein @dmvdesign @tobyjlowe @Jacq_Lim @DarziDessent @Roeland @AHieronymi @SharonZivkovic We all made funny faces for you @sannepelgrom @SharonZivkovic😜. But for real, thanks for the call today. Got my brain firing in good ways + it felt very human😌 Big takeaway was about the relational / psychological things missed in #systemschange - see

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We've been running #SystemsChange test & learn, & team #coaching sessions this wk #virtually with the amazing #disruptingexploitation teams in Manc & Lon (next week Brum!) Feeling v lucky to be working with such empathetic & creative systems change advocates in @childrensociety

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“The social good sector is decades behind [using shared platforms]. Too many nonprofits assume their programmatic needs are unique and (over)pay to get custom solutions.”
@JimFruchterman@TechMattersOrg#systemschange #nonprofits

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Tough need for reflections for Western philanthropy promoting #systemschange - changing the systems of other countries. #COVID19 exposes that our own #HealthSystems don't work: Need for local templates and ownership for change! @StanfordPACS @SSIReview

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Today @JimFruchterman announced the launch of his new @TechMattersOrg to bring the power of tech to support social innovators and advance #systemschange. #socent #socialimpact

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How should Africa best respond to the wider impacts of Covid-19?
#wasafiri #wasafirihub #purposefuloptimism #disruptivethinking #adaptivecapacity #leadership #systemschange

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The press release announcing the launch of my new #TechforGood nonprofit, Tech Matters, has just hit the wires!

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#SystemsChange requires a long time and #Funding in #Complexity should reflect that. 💯



Embracing Complexity: Toward a shared understanding of funding systems change

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Sign up to our mailing list to #seethefullpicture on facing homelessness and substance misuse by reading Louisa's full story:

Listen to our latest podcast here:

#nationallottery #comicstrip #animation #systemschange Vol4

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Expanding their approach to understand a systems approach opened minds @Skateistan Rhianon Bader shares about how they started collaborating with similar organisations through @thegoodpush #SkollGoesVirtual #skateboarding #systemschange

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Today @CSIRO begins vaccine candidate testing to fight COVID-19, collaborating both within Australia and across the globe. Our researchers are working around-the-clock to combat this disease and we will keep working until this viral enemy is defeated

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A FREE RESOURCES package of handouts and activities to aid your networks and collaborative projects.

#Networks #NetworkWeaving #SocialChange #Transformation #Governance #Mapping #Leadership #SystemsShifting #SystemsChange #Equity #Collaboration

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Survey results reveal a bit of a disconnect between donors and doers as to why donors are reluctant to support #systemschange @Catalyst_2030 #SkollGoesVirtual

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Yesterday, 150+ participants from 17 countries joined us for a discussion around the role of funders in responding to COVID-19. Thanks to all for your thoughtful insights on how we can best support our partners at this time. Recording here: #systemschange

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132 people online to hear about SIGNAL - a collaborative initiative to foster #systemschange leadership with fellow facilitators @laurachaosmilk @russgaskin #SkollGoesVirtual

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A poll has just been launched!!!

Doers vs donors, what do you think about the results? Do you agree? We really want to listen to your opinion!!!

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* We talk about systems leaders as individuals. But it’s not done by ‘somebody’, it’s an emergent process

* Are we drawing on frameworks of the past?

* How can we get coherence around where system leaders lead from?

Group reflections from #skollgoesvirtual #systemschange

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"What is it you expect from donors? What is the code of conduct we expect from donors coming in?" @RootChange.

* Critical to shift funding decision making power
* Big question on being inclusive esp. when funded by philanthropy

#skollgoesvirtual #systemschange

Cc @FundCovid

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We can choose to rethink social security fit for a new era. COVID-19 hits the most economically precarious hardest, unleashing the harshest consequences of inequality. #COVID19justice #SystemsChange #HumanRights

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COVID-19: Building resilience for a changing world @forumforthefuture #localgov #systemschange

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Next call for #SkollGoesVirtual is with the SIGNAL Collaborative - many familiar #systemschange faces with me there. Love phrase "being a signal of hope" as & with #systemleaders. Hearing from @russgaskin
@laurachaosmilk @florianrutsch @joshuacubista @AshokaAfrica team et al.

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a call for us to work together in new ways. How will we respond? @louise_a and Sean Andrew look at how Forum is changing and what is needed to thrive in uncertainty. #COVID19 #Covid_19 #coronavirus #worktogether

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