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Those spoken word parts in Sam Smith’s new song are haunting #SamSmith #ToDieFor

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¡En una semana #ToDieFor de @samsmith ha sumado más de 11 millones de views en #YouTube!

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“Solo shadow on the sidewalk, just want somebody to die for. Sunshine living on a perfect day while my world’s crashing down. I just want somebody to die for.~” 🖤💜🤍 @samsmith This is LIT. aaaahhh. My feels. #ToDieFor

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When @samsmith says: I just want somebody to die for 💔💗😍😭


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#ToDieFor is one of @samsmith's best songs PERIODTTTTT

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@samsmith Sam, you fucking did it again😭😭😭 #ToDieFor 🎼

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Watch out Nessa! there's a new water type boss in the town
Sam Smith's league card 💙
Please help me tag Sam so maybe they can see it and i hope you guys like it #ToDieFor

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💔 si sentís que #ToDieFor de @samsmith representa tu situación sentimental actual. Mirá el video lyric en #YouTube

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@samsmith @AppleMusic I am truly in love with your beautiful song. Congrats!!

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A little preview 😊 I reaaaally love this song, can't strecht it enough
@samsmith @ytcreators @youtubemusic #samsmith #ToDieFor

#LikeForLikes #follo4folloback

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I love this song, I hope you enjoy 😝

What a way to start the weekend
@ytcreators @YTCreadores
#samsmith #ToDieFor

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Quieren que haga una version completa de #ToDieFor de @samsmith ?? Asi pa subir eso a YouTube y Spotify pronto 🤔🤔🤔

#luizoreim #music #musica #latinurban #Spotify #youtube #upcomingartist #unsignedartist #risingtalents #reggaeton #reggaetonsinger #followme #followback

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@samsmith @grant_singer Sam i'm so excited for may 1st if this #todiefor song is the quality music we can expect on the album i can't even imagine having a glorious whole album to obsess about i love you so much 😭😭😭😍❤

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Escuchado #ToDieFor de @samsmith 🎶

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.@samsmith - To Die For

16,992,669 total streams (+2,109,642)

#SamSmith #ToDieFor #LittleSailors

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The other night I dreamed about the girl I like being a beautiful couple.

Seeing how daily she gives a shit about my existence ...


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Today is Eyeliner Appreciation Day. It’s #ToDieFor.

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@samsmith hits me in the face with his new song, again #ToDieFor

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Now if only I could find someone #ToDieFor.

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#todiefor is everything in a song that describes and sings and connects with my soul. i love you so much @samsmith

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they are literately same person just living 2 different lifestyle
#ToDieFor #twins

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@samsmith @AppleMusic Love the lyrics #ToDieFor ❤️⚓️

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For anyone who'd like to sing along to #ToDieFor... @AppleMusic 🍎❤️

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a continuation from tmylm.. "it's possible we're not ready", "we're ready, i've never been more ready" #ImReady #ToDieFor

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#todiefor is @samsmith best song. Outdone themselves again. They just get better and better with every beautiful breath

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It is if everyone dies alone
Does that scare you?
I don't wanna be #alone 🙃
#ToDieFor #SamSmith

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I poured my heart and soul into this song. So happy #ToDieFor is yours now & I can’t express how excited I am to sing this live one day soon. You can watch the official video on @youtubemusic now, I hope you love it ❤️

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