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This is very powerful and moving~

Imagine a close knit, loving family in the WH again~

After 4 years of the dysfunctional, opportunistic
one we’ve had to endure~


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@CandyKa31956601 That had me furious too because #WeKnowJoe. Unlike many he was my pick from day one. We had many awesome choices but our allies need Joe right now so they can trust us again.
He can restore faith in America.
Dems for cleanup duty once more 🤬

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And we sure know trump now.

Go Joe!

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@56blackcat @MeidasTouch Here's my promise to you: If I have the honor of being elected president, I will take care of your family like I would my own.

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@avtramontano @Backstorymom1 @Benit4real @JoeBiden No. The Senate used to work collaboratively to pass legislation. Now all they do is approve unqualified Republican conservative judges and whatever else Mitch McConnell tells them they are going to do. #WeKnowJoe #JoeKnowsUs #JoeWillNotKillUs

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@TrumpWarRoom Joe Biden was VP for 8 years
You cannot make up scary stuff about what Joe will do

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"Donald Trump is not an outsider coming in trying to take down opponents by attacking them with pejorative names and identifying them to voters, really setting the agenda. He is the President of the United States" - @KimberlyEAtkins w/ @NicolleDWallace

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@JoeBiden Joe I hope it's true that you're sleepy, because Americans need a rest. If you end up boring and doing the job #WeKnowJoe can do, then #IGoJoe because America is tired of this 💩show.

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America knows Joe! Honor, integrity, empathy. He will take care of us, just like family. Joe has dedicated his entire life to public service. Joe is our best choice for President. 🇺🇸 #Vote #VoteBiden2020 #JoeBiden #BidenForPresident2020 #WeKnowJoe

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This is Wonderful!

These ads just keep
getting Better & Better!

#TakebackAmerica ❤️🇺🇸🌊

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Here's my promise to you: If I have the honor of being elected president, I will take care of your family like I would my own.

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#JoeBiden using #JustSayNo from #Reagan #DrugWar on #MedicareForAll ~ #Cannabis #Cannabinoids nutrients in prohibition 1915 El Paso, Texas food and medicine from creation becomes #Marijuana for #WhiteMan #JimCrow #DrugWar who wrote #CFRTitle21 #WeKnowJoe

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@chrislongview #WeKnowJoe Double Dog Dare the 45 team to show their guy living #FamilyValues loving his children and doing an HONEST days work. #TeamJoe #BuildBackBetter 🥁🥁🥁♥️⚾️💙🇺🇸

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@JoeBiden The American people also deserve to know what your family and @DNC are trying to pull with your dementia. #weknowjoe @realDonaldTrump and America knows

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This is absolutely disgusting stuff from Hogan Gidley, press secretary for the Trump campaign

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@thematthill @Morning_Joe @JoeBiden @DonnyDeutsch My tiny teacher donation are well spent. That ad is pure heart ♥️ and soul of America. #WeKnowJoe #LetsGoTeamJoe #BuildBackBetter

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@anatomymusicuk @lowetze1 @musdurken @VicBergerIV @TheRickWilson @ProjectLincoln They blamed #BlackLivesMatter on #Russian face book group to stop #HillaryClinton and allow #Trump to win ~ Like Democrats were following that group ~ I followed Black Lives Matter since they were kicked out of Fundraiser by Hillary

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"Release your tax returns or shut up"
Gotta love me some Joe!!!
Please follow & support #JoeBiden

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@EricTrump Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .......NO
Good thing #WeKnowJoe

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@JoeBiden Yes we do. And this is my favorite video.

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Sleepy Joe's not sleepy
& he's not hiding out in his basement
(nice try MAGAts)
He's speaking to the public - no lies, accusations, or conspiracy theories.
Just hope for a better America
#JoeBiden, our next President!

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Biden greets Anne Kearns, the current occupant of his childhood home on North Washington Ave in Scranton, from a distance.

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After hearing from @JoeBiden today who’s goal is to restore our 🇺🇸 soul.. it confirms #TrumpIsLosing. Pass it on. #GoJoe2020 #WeKnowJoe @electroboyusa @KBeds @PressSec @whca

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"Anybody that thinks this is hoax, they should come spend the day with me here."

United Memorial Medical Center in Houston has been on the frontline battling the COVID-19 pandemic, as Texas and other states are showing surges in cases since reopening.

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.@JoeBiden closed out his speech near his hometown Scranton, PA today reminding Americans that there is nothing we can't accomplish when we do it together — and that's what we're going to do to #BuildBackBetter.

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We are Behind You 150%

Can’t Wait To Get Out
The VOTE In November!


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Rodney King was brutally beaten by police.
It was captured on video.
How did the 2020 racist Democratic nominee respond?
S.1043 - 102nd Congress (1991-1992): Police Officers' Bill of Rights Act of 1991 | Library of Congress
Sponsor: Senator Joseph R. Biden

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@realDonaldTrump YOU got yourself "CAUGHT UP" you can fool some of the people sometimes, but can't fool God...you are absolute Evil, wicked, divider that's some Satan stuff...your Done! #Vote4Joe #WeknowJoe

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Release your tax returns @realDonaldTrump you fraudulent #MushroomDick
Biden is going to kick your ass.

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As I was saying.

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#IKnowJoe #YouKnowJoe #JoeKnowsUs

#WeKnowJoe será #DumpTrump2020 .

¿Dónde estará el día de la inauguración, 2021?

Joe irá a trabajar detrás del escritorio resuelto.

No puedo esperar a #VoteJoe y #EvictTrump .

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.@realDonaldTrump, you want to talk about corruption? I’ve released 21 years of my tax returns — release yours or shut up.

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