Precision screwdriver set from Banggood

Here’s the link and official description – XIAOMI Mijia 350mAh 200rpm Electric Precision Screwdriver Type-C Rechargeable – 2 Gears Repair Tool with Magnetic Storage Case & 24pcs S2 Steel Bits

Sometime in April 2022 this USB-C rechargeable screwdriver and bits set is/were on special offer, that might be dead by the time you read this but as this is the neatest miniature electric I’ve come across to date, probably worth a quick peek anyway. Next time my specs need fixing I reckon this’ll be ideal.

In case it’s not obvious, even the case is sturdy metal. The kit (model MJDDLSDOO3QW by the look of the instruction leaflet) came complete with Chinese-only instructions but as they weren’t needed, no big deal. The screwdriver has forward and reverse as well as 2-speed and off controls and the whole thing looks well constructed. Weight 353gm and produced by

Not ENTIRELY sure about the fine quality finish – very good to be sure but will that last in a rough-and-tumble workshop?

The USB-C lead is standard, it would have been nice had it fit in the pretty case – but then one could always leave the lead hanging off the wall… I like the bits, some being extra long and all being magnetic. Overall, not bad given the obvious quality.