What’s up folks! So, when you’re starting in life journey you have no idea what you should be doing. You then get stressed because you have no idea what job you should take if college is the best choice or what the heck you should be doing. Then, you wonder how your life will change after college or where your life is going ahead ten years from now.But one of the first things you need to tell yourself is that no one has all the answers they need before they start the life journey. Even when Bill Gates and Steve Jobs established their companies, they heavily relied on books to guide them through their hardship. Everybody starts off a question, no matter where they begin at and they read books to find those answers. Perhaps you have a problem with negativity or maybe you like some imagination or motivation… Either way, reading books give you the possible ideas to become the best version of yourself. It saves you months and years of trying to find yourself because you’re reading the experience of those who already suffered what you’re going through right now and rather than blindly searching for books to determine which ones will help you at the start of your journey, I’m gonna give you five popular self-development books to read in your early 20s.#1 “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem” – Written by Nathaniel BrandenThis book is great for anyone who wants to increase their self-esteem after a sympathy rejection or just a love failure. The author introduces a six-action-based method to practice it daily, that’s gonna help you build your self-esteem. And for anyone wondering, those six pillars are living consciously, self-acceptance, self-responsibility, self-assertiveness, living purposefully and business integrity. Also, Arthur talks about the five years that are important for achieving self-esteem which includes the workplace, parenting, education, psychotherapy, and the culture at large. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for the best way to build yourself up in all ways, you should start with this book.#2 “Use Your Body To Heal Your Mind” – Written by Henry GraysonMaybe your self-esteem is already good. This book is meant to help anyone who’s dealing with a troubled mind. Using a ton of research he collected over the years, dr. Grayson talks about how you can prevent your body from freaking out by controlling your mind and making you do something stupid. Maybe you keep hitting yourself with a shovel cause of the mistakes made in the past, which you wish you didn’t, or just dealing with depression and you’re in the process of taking a ton of medication just to keep you going. If are, stop for a moment, and before taking those next pills, you might wanna pick this book first. Through years of research and help in his private clients, the doctor has developed a step-by-step formula to help identify the reasons that put people in trouble and make them repeat the same non-productive activities. He teaches you how to become more aware of your conscious thoughts to prevent yourself from doing anything unproductive or rash. In other words, this book teaches you how to hack your brain.  #3 “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma” – Written by Peter A. LevineI’m not sure about you, but I’m sometimes haunted by my past traumas. Nothing like remembering the last time that women rejected you in front of the entire world, but this book teaches you how to handle any traumatic events in the past. The author belief for traumas still living in the past, it’s more important to attack them like a bear. For example, I can remember myself fell into the candy business that I started years ago, but it isn’t gonna do anything for me. Instead, I need to become like a tiger and face the fact that I failed my business because I marketed it to the wrong audience, …and I got caught by the teachers in school… Oops… Levine knows what he’s talking about when he goes about letting your instincts go and take over and beat your old mistakes with your claws. You learn from your mistakes, you don’t draw about them and Peter did a great job at teaching you how to bring out your inner beasts.#4 “Zero limits” – Written by Joe VitaleIf you’re looking for a marketing guru, Joe is your guy cause he teaches you how these ancient Hawaiian Hillen systems, known as a Ho’oponopono, or whatever… Anyway, this book is great if you’re looking for a way to transform your life and find that gold nugget you’re looking for and he first starts by explaining that you have to take responsibility for everything in your life, and I mean, everything buddy… Well, there’s your girlfriend, husband, family, your job… everything that is connected in your life has been influenced in some way or another. If someone’s in your life, you can make a big impact upon them. Like me. I can get my friend something as small as a sandwich and that could make them happy for the rest of the day and let them do great things or maybe I can step on my friend’s show instead and make them feel super pissed off. In this book, Joe explains the method that removes those irritating mental obstacles that give you doubt and freezes your mind to find new and unexpected ways to get what you want out of life. #5 “The Road Less Traveled” – Written by M. Scott PeckSo, do you think you have a bad life? Who knows, maybe you do… maybe you stumped your foot against the coffee table this morning or maybe you lost your money on the way to work. To give you a basic idea of what this book is about, it’s meant to help anyone who’s dealing with some kind of real crap in their life right now and it first thought off but haven’t you admit that life is pretty difficult and that life isn’t like the Disney movies where you could sing your problems away and find animals who will come to your rescue. I’m not saying that this book is depressing, but it covers some pretty sad topics, like having a sucky romance life, dealing with some pretty evil stuff, or even dealing with some mental illnesses. But once you see past the gloomy part, you have no other choice but to see the light. Self-control is one of the main things he talked about in his book. After all, if you don’t have self-control and you can’t control those bad habits, you might end up giving yourself more problems in the future and like someone once said: “I have 99 problems, but self-discipline isn’t one.”. Anyway, this book is meant to help you explore the very nature, of loving relationships and lead you toward peace and happiness. You’ll learn how to love yourself, become a more sensitive parent and understand who you are as a human being. Hope these books can be helpful to you. But remember, the key to business development is to put what you have learned into practice. It is called self-help because no one can do it for you!