There are podcasts for everything now nowadays, including UX design. These design podcasts provide incredible insights from leading UX experts from some of the biggest and most innovative companies. One problem–where do you find them, and which are the best design podcasts?Here are UXPin’s best design podcasts featuring many UX experts and innovators. While many of these podcasts focus on design topics, some episodes feature product, business, tech, engineering, career advice, and entrepreneurship.Change how you and your team design, prototype, test, and release products with UXPin, the world’s most advanced code-based design tool. Sign up for a free trial to explore all of UXPin’s exciting features.1. Design Detailsdesign details is one of the top design podcastsTopics: design process, culture, career, product, techHosts: Brian Lovin: Product designer at GitHub. Previously at Meta (Facebook), BufferMarshall Bock: Design Lead at YouTube Gaming. Previously at GoogleNotable episode: Twitter’s Follow ButtonListen on:Launched in 2014 and featuring over 400 episodes, Design Details is one of the oldest and most popular design podcasts. Hosts Brian Lovin and Marshall Bock have extensive experience working at the world’s biggest tech companies, which makes for fascinating listening. Design Details offers insightful and humorous takes on the latest UX, product, and engineering trends, including deep dives into random components, like our favorite episode on Twitter’s Follow Button.2. Re:Considering Podcastreconsidering is a great design podcastTopics: career, workplace, wellnessHosts:Meredith Black: Founder of DesignOps AssemblyBob Baxley: SVP Design at Thoughtspot. Previously at Apple, Pinterest, Yahoo!Aarron Walter: Director of Product, US COVID ResponseNotable episode: Resilience and career change with Maria GiudiceListen on:Reconsidering’s hosts are well-known design industry advocates and leaders with extensive knowledge and experience. The podcast goes beyond design to offer career, relationship, and workplace advice to become a better designer and human.3. The Rosenfeld Reviewrosenfeld review top design podcastTopics: career, design process, state of designHost Louis Rosenfeld: Publisher and Founder at Rosenfeld MediaNotable episode: Amplify, Not Optimize with Dave MaloufListen on:Lou Rosenfeld talks with many brilliant, interesting changemakers in the UX world and beyond. The podcast focuses on current UX and business trends, how these influence companies, and strategies for scaling design and processes.Rosenfeld also features four popular UX communities:4. Brave UX with Brendan Jarvisbrave ux best design podcastTopics: career, design process, user research, building design cultureHost Brendan Jarvis: Managing Founder of The Space InBetween agencyNotable episode: The importance of executive leadership staying connected to customers with Janelle EstesListen on:A passion project of New Zealand-based agency Space InBetween. The Brave UX podcast “Unpacks the stories, learnings, and expert advice of world-class UX, design, and product management professionals; Brendan Jarvis is on a mission to help you create better products.”5. UX Pathwaysbest design podcasts is ux pathwaysTopics: career, workplaceHost Marc Majers: Author and lead user experience researcher at Progressive Insurance.Notable episode: Jeff Sauro, Principal at MeasuringUListen on:UX Pathways offers advice to aspiring UX designers from industry leaders. These bite-sized episodes range from a few minutes to just under a half-hour featuring experts in UX, user research, web design, product design, and design leadership.6. UI Breakfastui breakfast best design podcastsTopics: design, product, marketingHost Jane Portman: Founder of UserlistNotable episode: Object-Oriented UX with Sophia PraterListen on:Behind Design Details, UI Breakfast is one of the most consistent and long-running design podcasts, with more than 200 episodes. Host Jane Portman releases a new episode every week featuring industry experts in UX, design, product, sales, marketing, customer service, entrepreneurship, business, and more.7. UX PodcastUX podcast best design podcastTopics: design, product, marketing, techHosts:James Royal-Lawson: Designer, digital analyst, and economistPer Axbom: Designer, coach, and visual explainerNotable episode: Creating a better society with Don Norman Part 1 & Part 2Listen on:Sweden-based designers James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom have been hosting the UX Podcast twice a month since 2011 with over 280 episodes. The duo chats to design experts from around the world, including a two-part episode featuring the legend Don Norman, NN Group Co-Founder, and Principal.8. UX Like UsUX Like usTopics: design, research, engineering, product, DesignOpsHosts:Roman Bercot: Product Innovation & Design LeaderLarry King (no, not that Larry King!): Product Design LeaderNotable episode: Designers in SpaceListen on:UX Like Us covers a range of UX, product, and engineering topics with global industry experts. Hosts Roman Bercot and Larry King look at thought-provoking topics many UX experts aren’t thinking about, like UX design for space products and the unique challenges facing designers in space!Code-Based Design With UXPinUXPin’s code-based design tool empowers UX designers to build prototypes that accurately represent the final product. Instead of “imagining” that a UI element does something, UXPin prototypes do it!One of the challenges UX designers face is replicating a code experience using image-based design tools. We’re still using visual design tools and techniques to design for user experience and coded products.UXPin is the next generation of user experience design tools–taking the familiar design tool UI and adapting it to render HTML, CSS, and Javascript instead of vector graphics.The result? A sophisticated design tool capable of creating prototypes that look, feel, and function like the final product. Designers can build and test:Fully functioning forms capable of capturing data to create dynamic user experiencesBuild a fully functioning end-to-end checkout experience capturing customer information, credit card details, and shipping informationValidate email and password fields with helpful, actional error messages to test with usability participantsCreate multiple states for a single component for buttons, dropdowns, accordions, and more, all in a single frameUse Conditional Interactions to add javascript-like functionality to prototypes, allowing you to replicate code-like experiencesConnect APIs to test integrations and triggers with external productsWith UXPin, the possibilities are endless, empowering design teams with high-fidelity prototypes that deliver meaningful results from usability testing and stakeholders.Join the code-based design revolution. Sign up for a free trial to explore all of UXPin’s advanced features today!