I've gone down a black hole of the latest DeepFakes and this mashup of Steve Buscemi and Jennifer Lawrence is a sight to behold

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@MikaelThalen @Sethrogen This was tough to jerk off to

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 1 year ago

@theWillSource @MikaelThalen One point of hope to suggest that's not as big a threat as it might otherwise be: making a really convincing DeepFake apparently requires a lot of high-res/def images and (especially) video of a person. So, easy in the case of actors, harder for grassroots activists, eg.

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@MikaelThalen So my question is--how tech savvy do you have to be to make these? Is it relatively easy? Or is it time-consuming and require loads of skill? Because I'm likely to base my panic levels on that.

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As some have pointed out, the potential for this to be used against everyday people as a form of blackmail is probably, at least in some ways, much more worrisome than a video involving a well-known politician.

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@MikaelThalen I don't think this will be used against huge national figures, such as politicians / celebs. I think this will be used against those whom it'll be difficult to disprove: the unknown activist, the grassroots fighters. I can see that.

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Many feel the issue is more hype than substance though. People already believe in outlandish conspiracies based on far, far less. This take feels pretty spot on:

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Speaking of DeepFakes, lawmakers are currently sounding the alarm over concerns that such techniques will be used during the 2020 election

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 1 year ago

I do not understand the hype around “deep fakes” — the age of conspiracy is doing just fine already. The most concerning aspect is, *possibly*, “deep denials,” the ability to dispute previously uncontested evidence, even when the denial flies in the face of forensic artefacts.

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