By the way, legal loophole here: if you commit a crime during the fall-back hour, you can’t be prosecuted for it.

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@ByKateDwyer Hacienda couldn’t undo a lifetime of crime in one hour, lovey, nor would she want to tarnish her reputation by trying.

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@ByKateDwyer Profile picture Kate Dwyer


 4 days ago

@duchessgoldblat Bet Hacienda wishes she took advantage of it

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@AzBookquilter I would miss changing the clocks if we didn’t do it in Crooked Path. I love a fiction both light and dark that we all agree to buy into.

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@granitelb Doctors will advise against sugary, high fat foods in the middle of the night, but some people find fault with everything.

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@granitelb Profile picture Lauren Granite


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat How ‘bout ice cream? If you eat ice cream during the fall back hour do the calories count? Or, perhaps they appear when the clocks are turned forward in the Spring...?

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@Carolcdt Profile picture carol 🍁🍂


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat It was probably wise to
not give us more notice,
Your Grace.

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@AzBookquilter Profile picture Robin M


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat Are there extra charges if you commit a crime during the fall-forward hour? Just asking for a friend. I live in Arizona we are exempt from all of this wibbly wobbly timey wimey Daylight Savings time.

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@michael_qld Profile picture Michael🎲


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat This is because as you are moved back in time you must be beside your past self and so it is impossible to tell beyond a reasonable doubt which one of you performed the act. 🤔

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@michael_qld Profile picture Michael🎲


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat I think there is a song about it.
“I'm gonna wait 'till the fall-back hour
That's when my love come tumbling down”

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