Friends, I don’t have any ARCs to give out. Hacienda took them all and I thought she’d share with you, but she’s apparently using them as currency inside.

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@ByKateDwyer Why, thank you, my loveliest of lovelies.

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 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat @duchessgoldblat you’ve outdone yourself. It’s a masterpiece.

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@nyfado It’s an advance reader’s copy sent to reviewers prior to a book’s release.

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 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Pardon my ignorance, but what pray tell is an ARC?

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 6 months ago

@ChristinaHolz @duchessgoldblat Somebody is scalping them. I was quoted a price of $781.95.

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 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Oh, Hacienda and her hijinks.

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@MissLiberty You’re so kind, Miss Liberty. Thank you.

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@KateSpritz I can’t pretend I’m not proud of her ingenuity.

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 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat Feather in your cap, no?

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 6 months ago

@duchessgoldblat It’s so goooooooooooood. Not that you need me to tell you that, since you wrote it.

I will be sure to also tell this to all the commoners.

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