Honestly, if I had known how difficult it would be for you children to wait until July I wouldn’t have told you I was expecting.

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@readalltweets You can have my whole heart, cut open and bleeding for your inspection, in July. I hope that’s enough.

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@readalltweets Profile picture trz


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat If all your friends already have it, I don't see why we can't all have it. As if "galleys" are something we devoted wouldn't want. 🧐

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@AuthorKellyPiet Profile picture Kelly


 1 week ago

@lucidmonkeyfilm @duchessgoldblat (I bet ol @LyleLovett doesn’t have to wait.... #JustSayin) 🙄

(Oh, that was snarky of me. 😁I take it back.) 😀

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@duchessgoldblat What did you expect? We’re like children who know there is cake available to consume. Do you really think we want to wait until after dinner? We want the cake to be dinner.

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@Karendipitee Everything is revealed and also nothing is revealed.

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@duchessgoldblat Thank you for sparing us the gender reveal, YG.

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@karlasrobinson Alas nothing. Get cracking, my girl. Surely someone needs the pure premium Goldblattian goodness now available for preorder.

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@duchessgoldblat We are making our Christmas lists, Your Grace. We would be buying your book for those on the "Nice" list, but alas.....

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@grandmar11143 Profile picture KayRowe


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat If you think this is hard, wait for the obligatory world tour Your Grace.

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@KateSpritz Profile picture Kate


 1 week ago

@duchessgoldblat At least book jackets are easy to knit.

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